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    Darkenlame - Comedy Gold

    GM of Darkenbane steps down! 26‑05‑2004 07:44
    Posted by Grayrage

    As many folks know, there is considerble derision in the guild presently regarding several issues not the least of which is our decision on which faction to play in World of Warcraft! Blood has been splilled and civil war has threatened to break out. In the end, however, and old dog has gotten beaten down by a growing number of dissidents within the guild. No leader will survive with his closest allies turnng away and I am no exception. To make a long story short, my tenure as GM of Darkenbane comes to end effective today and the guild moves on.

    Some things you might already notice regarding my loss of control over the situation are the new ads which apparently are generating revenue for the guild website. Many folks have contributed funds directly to us for the website and the balance is somewhere in the neighborhood of $200. This money will be paid tot he ISP. No more contributions will be accepted by me and the upkeep of the site will be maintained by those involved now....even if it means some ugly banners are popping on our beautiful Darkenbane logo.

    KAAOS could not defeat me. Ruin could not Defeat me. Rallos Zek (the entire server) could not defeat me. Discord (the entire server) could not defeat me. World of Warcraft's amazing game and the strong emotions and loyaties of the factions as crushed an old gaming dog. With that said, I bid you all adieu and good luck!

    Note: I will stay on as a member, but I will be playing Alliance in WoW. If DB choses Horde, I will play some to hang out a bit with the crew (mebe a mage or something easy to play), but my true character will be Alliance. Also, the new leadership structure and/or whatever happens from here on out will no longer be my responsibility so please don't bug me about it. They will tell yah everything when they decide or figure things out.

    Discuss this post HERE.

    LOL, what an oblivious turd. Hi, KAAOS did beat you, Gaygate....Counting 3 people left in your 'guild', you had to absorb Lords of Malevolance to keep your guild. You're LoM with a name-change, lol. I count Darkenbane 1.0's destruction as a highlight of my online gaming time. Rallos Zek did beat you. You were not permitted to raid any zone other than Fear and Hate, and you were eventually banned for being a tard.

    However, it's nice to know we're still the primary focus of your distaste after all these years. I guess that ass-stinging we handed you is still painful to this day. Good night sweet Gaygate.

    p.s. Isn't this like your 4th time 'stepping-down'? Good God man, just fucking do it once and save your dignity. LOL, what a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gayrage
    No leader will survive with his closest allies turnng away
    More like ONLY YOU can't survive you old Drama Queen you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malhavok
    p.s. Isn't this like your 4th time 'stepping-down'? Good God man, just fucking do it once and save your dignity. LOL, what a joke.
    The Drama Queen known as Gayrage is reborn for the FOURTH time.

    DarkenDrama is still the champion when it comes to being the biggest fucking joke in the online gaming community.

    Congrats you fucking loosers.

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    Demmit, was come'n here ta post this too ,p

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    Shadow Alliance 4 life!

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    Gay is the same old bitch I see. Good to see KAAOS going Night Elves..lets pray DB goes Allaince, as the Dead shall ride again. Gonna be good to spar with the Gods again.

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    The funniest thing about this is that he stated in another KAAOS worship post that it didn't matter which side we chose, DB was going the opposite to fight KAAOS. His post certainly didn't uphold that edict.
    WK, yer God


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