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    Of Gods and Goddesses
    Posted by Metron on October 15, 1998 at 14:22 from

    Journal Entry - Of Gods and Goddesses.

    I donít really know whut Iím doin here, stepping into a war that has no real meaning. Iíve never acknowledged the divinity of these so-called gods of KAAOS. Donít they die jest like anyone else? Leastwise, thatís whut Iíve always seen. Now, thereís a second cult of so-called Gods, an almost virtual clone of my own home grown megalomaniac godlings. Oh, I wonít deny that theyíre certainly powerful, powerful enough to keep well away from whenever they start to gather in one place with that look in their eyes. But actual divinity?

    I cannot and will not acknowledge that of them.

    Actually, thatís not quite true. There are two that even I might give a grudging acknowledgment of divinity to. Of all the powers in KAAOS, only Warknight have I never bested in combat, to my recollection, either in singles combat, or in the chaos of massive warfare. I give that grudging respect to him, because I cannot believe that there is a single mortal creature in this whole universe that I cannot beat down at one time or another. The other, whoís divinity almost bursts at the seems, is the Goddess Xylina. I can only attribute this belief of her divinity to her powerful charm, and perhaps to a glamour she must have placed on me.

    How could I not worship such as her? She came into the Masks with her youth and inexperience, and there was something about her that caught my fancy. I took personal interest in her upbringing, and watched as her talent blossomed. In time, she grew from my student, to my equal, but she was not finished with her growth yet. A time came when she came to me and asked me straight out of my opinion on her leaving the Masks and co-founding a new guild, the Evernight Citadel.

    I was shocked that sheíd want to leave the family, but I understood the thrill of starting over, of building something from nothing and watching it grow. After a bit of reflection, I knew that I could not and would not hold her back from what she wished to become. I was rather pleased that she came to me rather than the Guildmistress at that time, Silk Sable. I knew I could have stopped her from leaving (or perhaps thatís only my ego speaking. ), but I gave her my blessing and full support, and intervened on her behalf when our Guildmistress, in her rage, sought to send the hit squads after her.

    I was right in my decision, for she never could have reached the heights of power she eventually attained had she stayed with my beloved Nightmasks. Iíd taught her all I knew, and Neurosis expanded on that, creating one deadly, beautiful woman. The Evernight Citadel flourished for a good bit before finally disbanding at the height of their power. Better it was to go in the full of life then to spiral into the oblivion of obscurity, like many a guild hanging on long after their time is up.

    Just exactly when her and Neurosis joined the ranks of those who would be gods in KAAOS was never clear to me. But if ever a being deserved to be called a Goddess, it was she.

    Heh, this brings me to a rather funny thought. Whereas the pathetic guild of Merc was where the rejectís of KAAOS went, the opposite was true of the Masks. The Nightmasks, it seems, were a birthing ground of many of those who would be gods. Among these, some of our brighter talent ; Xylina, Mad Drunk, Sangdraxx, Weredrach, Macmordan, Sp1ral.

    I never understood the attraction myself, but then, Iím only a hired assassin. I donít relish the feel of gore drenching me from head to foot, or endless bouts of torture and brutality. Donít get me wrong, I can and will do what is necessary to get the job done...killing *is* an art, not just a job, and I like my art. But, I donít immerse my soul in it.

    But perhaps, that is the nature of those who would be gods. I am, after all, merely a mortal.

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