View Full Version : HH: The ArkFags - Tyo/Azmo/Krynal/Pike anyone have the rest?

06-10-2004, 04:33 PM
OnlineHost: *** You are in "Town Square - Lobby 601". ***
OnlineHost: *** You are in "Kaaos Hell Hole". ***
Neurosis: congrats ya pusses, ya lamed yer way in
Hedron: God damnit
Frytz Gryn: No way
NOQUAR: Yeah way.
Hedron: That's it, yer all fucking fired.
Neurosis: fuckin Rells is gettin soft
Frytz Gryn: Hedron, boot the arks
NOQUAR: I been in DGate since it opened.
Frytz Gryn: Hedron sucks goat dick
Hedron: This is like the fucking 4th hell hole in a row i've missed for fucking work
War Knight: yeah... congrats on making KAAOS by Pike bringing bitches
Hedron: And you Arks, you're all booted.
Neurosis: lol WK
Vic Ark: Heh ;>
Frytz Gryn: Well, its better than all the other text games Noq
Vic Ark: No wenches for you then Heddy ;>
NOQUAR: "Pikes wench got me in KGFS"
Hedron: <laughing> Is that a surname?
Vic Ark: LMFAO Noq ;>
NOQUAR: It is now.
Hedron: What's the surname?
Neurosis: shit, we'll keep the arks till chicago at least, if only for the strippers
NOQUAR: Thats your surname Vic
NOQUAR: We need one for Tyo, Hedron.
War Knight: "Pike got me into KAAOS"
Frytz Gryn: Hedron, to top it all off, I killed your girl friend 2 hours ago ;-(
Vic Ark: LOL
Vic Ark: That was already my surname WK ;>
NOQUAR: He aint KAAOS yet.
Neurosis: I still say Vic's should be "I drink ari's overflow"
Vic Ark: No problem Nuero ;>
Frytz Gryn: Neuro, you know ari never spills a drop
Vic Ark: Like I said, been there done that ;pp
NOQUAR: Frytz..
NOQUAR: nevermind.
War Knight: "Pike better bring those bitches"
NOQUAR: Ari is just scary.
Vic Ark: I'll talk to him tomorrow..
Vic Ark: He said he has this one bitch he's gonna bring..
Neurosis: Here's yer fuckin surname: "No strippers = boot"
NOQUAR: Alright..so..
Vic Ark: she's like a dominatrix..
NOQUAR: yep.
Vic Ark: If she backs out on him..
Frytz Gryn: Shes more like a slut vix
Vic Ark: he's got two twins he'll bring ;>
War Knight: rofl! Neu
Neurosis: find out which club he runs... prolly been there ;p
NOQUAR: I hope you and Tyo are paying attention Vic.
Vic Ark: Yea, I'll find out tomorrow night Neur ;>
Neurosis: if it is PT's, and i doubt it is... the chicks will be FINE
Neurosis: Prolly Showcase or some other fuckin hole in the wall
Hedron: Well shit, I didn't see the evil saying. How do I surname anybody
Frytz Gryn: I bet its goats
War Knight: make sure he brings the "working" girls
NOQUAR: Hedron
NOQUAR: It sucked.
NOQUAR: The only reason their KGFS..
NOQUAR: Is cause Pike has a strip club
Frytz Gryn: How about... their sayings are
Frytz Gryn: err surnames
Frytz Gryn: "My saying sucked"
Vic Ark: All I did was fuck a goat Heddy
Hedron: Well shit. That's like NW square shit
NOQUAR: They got all intellectual on us.
Vic Ark: Yea, that's where I cought the bastard
NOQUAR: "Twisted visions of my slow wet dream" etc
Neurosis: Legion was servin Lattes during the evil
Vic Ark: Fucking A, it was one hell of a wet dream ;>
NOQUAR: Goatee's and Barette's
Neurosis: here's a surname... "I mocca yo momma"
War Knight: the words rhymed and shit ;x
Vic Ark: Fucking rhyming words!
NOQUAR: And you missed it..
Vic Ark: That pisses me off
NOQUAR: Smell Dis got the FAT boot
War Knight: rofl!
NOQUAR: We all booted him at once.
NOQUAR: He ran like a bitch
War Knight: BOOT!
Neurosis: heh, Smelly's feelin all rejected... send chath to go give him a consolation blow
Vic Ark: If the asshole woulda just sucked my cock...
NOQUAR: its a drow
Vic Ark: He wouldn't have had to go away crying ;x
Hedron: OK, so here's your surname
Hedron: "I'm too fucking generic to have a surname"
Vic Ark: LMFAO!
Vic Ark: ::wonders if that will fit::
Neurosis: ya can newbieize it to "2 generic 4 a surname"
Vic Ark: heh ;>
Vic Ark: Woohoo!
ChathMirur: consultation blow? I didn't know my training had been completed Neuro
Vic Ark: I've got my surname!! Suuuuuckit chimps!
Neurosis: and ya gotta change yer names to Mad Vic and Kal Tyo ;p
Vic Ark: lol
NOQUAR: FrytzsGoat
Vic Ark: lmfao
Frytz Gryn: whoha
Vic Ark: I would change it to goatfucked..
Neurosis: FrytzsGoat and NeusSheep? ;p
Vic Ark: If it wouldn't get me tossed ;pp
War Knight: rofl! Phelbo Vic and Reggie Tyo
Vic Ark: LMFAO
NOQUAR: rofl!
Neurosis: lmao!
Neurosis: WK scores
Hedron: <still working while you mutants fuck around>
Neurosis: roll em up kiddos!
NOQUAR: I vote yes on the names
Vic Ark: Well, if I was to roll it up.....I'd have to take you down in a DM first Neuro ;>
War Knight: <takes a bow> thank you thank you
NOQUAR: You roll it up.
NOQUAR: And suck it like all the other KGFS.
Vic Ark: LOL
Neurosis: Tyobitch sure is quiet
Vic Ark: I think he passed out
NOQUAR: Scared him
Tyo Ark: I'm talkin to the fat people, leave me alone!
Neurosis: good god, he works for jenny craig
Vic Ark: LOL, he's doubling in the men4men room
NOQUAR: {S frytz1
Tyo Ark: I gotta learn as much as I can about the nigger elves.
Tyo Ark: Before they invade.
Neurosis: you got something against blacks?
Neurosis: I'll kick yer ass for that ya dumbshit
ChathMirur: ::looks at dark elvin skin:: Vith Dos = fuck you Tyo
War Knight: think the fucking kindred need to be cut down some... they getting too fucking popular
Tyo Ark: I don't, apparelyt the fat peopel do though :>
Neurosis: I'll spit in yer face in chicago
Frytz Gryn: I hate blacks
Frytz Gryn: Kill blacks!
Neurosis: I'll shove my big black dick down yer pencilneck white throat
Tyo Ark: Well, that's hella change man ;>
Frytz Gryn: Niggers suck!
Vic Ark: Welp, the real Evil is callin (my wife)
Neurosis: I'll fuck you so hard yer white ass will be red
Hedron: <still talking business>
Tyo Ark: Hate to burst yer bubble Neuro..
Tyo Ark: I ain't goin
Neurosis: well shit
Neurosis: in that case...
Vic Ark: Don't worry Neuro..
Vic Ark: I'll make sure Pike brings da wenches ;>
Vic Ark: I'll be there ;>
Vic Ark: I'm outa here now though...
Vic Ark: I hope you all chocked on my fag ass evil saying ;pp
Neurosis: lattas
Neurosis: I'm gone
Vic Ark: Er, Choked ;pp
Tyo Ark: I softened em up fer yas Vic
War Knight: laters freaks...
Vic Ark: Latahs ;>
Tyo Ark: All part of the master plan ;>
NOQUAR: Dont forget those screen names kiddies.
NOQUAR: well fucking A.
Frytz Gryn: Me and noq are cybering over IM hed
NOQUAR: its real hot
NOQUAR: Wanna join?
NOQUAR: Later lovers