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06-04-2004, 02:15 PM
A friend has written this. We are playing Round 5. We are about halfway done, but it is can be fun when work is slow. Here is a start-up guide I wrote:

1) Head to www.stellar-realms.com and register/login.

2) You will see the Create Planet screen. Enter the name of your planet's leader (to be played by you - in character is encouraged) and name your planet. You will also have to select your species. Each one has strengths and weaknesses, a special ability and some unique units - both combat and civilian. Clicking the ? next to the drop down box will lay them all out for you.

3) Allocate your extra Attribute points. Keep in mind that Prestige is the "score" in SR. Prestige comes from structures, population, wealth, materials, etc. Personally, I have a bias for population growth but that doesn't pay off until much later in the game since it takes a long time to have an effect but once you take the lead, it is very hard for other planets to catch up.

4) Everyone starts with one build queue. Build a manufacturing plant. This will give you another build queue. A turn is 20 minutes of real time so a manufacturing plant at 20 turns will take 400 minutes or 6 hours and 40 minutes. Now you will have 2 queues. You can continue building plants or start adding habitats. Your population cannot grow beyond the initial 125,000 cap without more living space. Balancing this is part of the game.

5) After starting your manufacturing plant, you need to pick a research topic. Each tree has 5 levels. Each level takes more time and more resources to complete, but the benefit grows by 2% for each, cumulative. Completing all 5 levels nets you a 30% improvement (2+4+6+8+10=30.) Focus on completing trees. Researching the top level in all will hurt you down the line. You will need to decide on 4-5 that you want to finish. Finishing them all was possible in prior rounds if one started with the Research tree (reduces research time) but I don't know about round 5 and beyond. Do you want to excel at Construction (fast build times?) and be a ship merchant? Do you want to be a force to be reckoned with and focus on Offense/Defense/Durability? Do you want to be a first strike planet with Stealth or a defensive planet with Sensors?

6) Don't forget the forums. This is a game of diplomacy first and foremost. Make friends, make enemies. Make alliances, then backstab them. The forums are where your planet's history is made. If you sit back and try to build in anonymity, you will get attacked eventually (if history is any guide.) Fear of allied reprisal is your best defense and deterrent against aggression.

7) Diplomacy stances control your options to some extent. You cannot attack when you have an alliance with another planet. You will have to change your stance first. This will alert them to a potential threat. The benefit of alliance is wealth sharing through increased trade. You get less of this in a coopertion stance, but you preserve your offensive options. On the other side, anger and vendetta give offensive bonuses. Vendetta lasts for 500 turns and cannot be turned off unless you Surrender. You would then forfeit all of your fleet and monthly tribute to the victor.

8) Cheating. This game is a beta. There are ways to get around the spirit of the game rules. If you find one of these, it is ok to confirm it but then you are expected to disclose the issue to the developers in private or on the forums. Repeated exploitation of a bug/oversight will result in penalties.

There is lots more I could write, but it is more fun to discover it on your own. Those are the basics.

06-07-2004, 11:06 PM
looks interesting is it anything like the game Utopia?