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10-20-2006, 12:11 AM
KAAOS is, by online gaming standards... one of the great grand daddies of organized gaming. KAAOS has deep roots, originally taking shape back in 1992 in one of the first graphical massive multiplayer games called Neverwinter Nights (NWN) on AOL (no, not the more recent bioware game of the same name).

Since the guild formed in a classic role playing game, it was built around a few key concepts that fit that environment, including its classic “evil alignment” role playing, its core of gaming proficiency, and its rebellious attitude. KAAOS were the bad boys of that game and was the guild that everyone loved to hate but no one could beat. These were the days of gaming fired by imagination rather than graphics, and gameplay and combat engines that valued tactics and thinking over twitch and speed.

Many things in the online gaming world have changed over the years as the concepts of the internet itself and massive multiplayer gaming have spread from the narrow niche of 500 players per night in NWN to the large scale operations of today that are rivaling the movie industry itself for entertainment dollars. KAAOS has changed along with the times, adapting its style and attitude to the new players and games that have cropped up.

In the years since those early beginnings, we've moved through a lot of games including Ultima Online, Everquest, Asheron's Call, Shadowbane, Star Wars Galaxies, Planetside, World of Warcraft, City of Heros... and that's just the massive multiplayers. In each game we've left one helluva mark, roughly shaped like the heel of our boots.

What's never changed in all that time is the heart of KAAOS. When you strip away the role playing and “branding” of KAAOS and cut to the core you start seeing the recurrent themes.

Anti-drama attitudes
Focused and professional (but not neurotic) gaming
Intelligent players – in game and out
Leadership and self-reliance from every member
Long term membership, loyalty and pride
More than enough smart ass comments and shit talk to go around
Real friendships that underscore everything

The culture of KAAOS can be pretty unique at times. Around here if your skin is too thin, you may never quite get the joke and become a part of the maelstrom, but these are the values that drive the engine. We expect those we game with to roll with the punches and come up smiling.

And if you can't handle that? Well, if ya can't take a fuck, then joke ya. We've got some fun to have and no time to hold your hand. But if you're the right quality of gamer we're confident that you'll get the joke and that you'll understand the rarity of a group like KAAOS that remains cohesive and strong year after year and game after game.

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I was doing good but then you lost me here.
"And if you can't handle that? Well, if ya can't take a fuck, then joke ya."