View Full Version : Vietcong

05-25-2004, 08:27 PM
I dont know how many of you have played this, but if you know anything about FPS games and shoot'em'ups you've probably heard of it. This game is very cool on the net. It's entertainment value isnt as high as Planetside of course, but if you're looking for something abit different to WW2 sims and Sci-fi FPS games, Vietcong is the game to buy (or download if you're a cheap bastard).

Online it's great, especially the larger maps. The main thing thats cool about it is the ability to be sat right next to somebody in a bush, and they dont know you're there until they see "johndoe was knifed by ninjabastard" at the top of their screen. The game physics are a little different from planetside though, a round to the head or chest will kill you instantly, like in most other good FPS games.

Also one thing to note is that it has its own built-in cheat detection and if you're caught cheating your PC id is banned :D so no more of those skilless 12year old aimbot fucks like in counterstrike.

Buy it!