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09-05-2006, 02:34 PM
For those of you joining us for Burning Crusade, a brief history. KAAOS has been a guild since the days of Neverwinter Nights on AOL, and has had a significant presence in numerous games, including Everquest, UO, and Planetside. KAAOS had a significant presence in WoW, but over time, the pressure of maintaining a 40-man raid force, many of whom were strangers (and not very good), became too much, and many members took a hiatus.

However, with news of the upcoming 25 man raid cap in BC, we’re back. KAAOS in WoW is a guild-centric environment for skilled, friendly players to have a good time playing together. We are casual-serious players that do not sink all our waking hours into WoW, but we're focused when we’re on, and we intend to conquer the highest-end raid content in Burning Crusade- albeit at a slow pace.

KAAOS is back in WoW to have fun playing with friends. Make jokes, shoot the shit, and have fun. Take your bitching and aggression elsewhere. Go get a massage, a blowjob, come to grips with your homosexuality - whatever, but don't bring your issues into the forums or the game.

Casual. We’re all gamers, but we’ve got lives too.
Serious. We might not play all the time, but when we do we play to the fullest. The TV is off, the radio is off and we’re paying attention. We’re on time and we’ve read up on what’s going on.
Mature. We're adults and we act like it.


Be on time.
Be skilled.
Be knowledgeable.
You must be the original owner of your character’s account. No exceptions.
Make sure you have appropriate consumables. See Tyo’s thread here: http://forums.kaaos.com/showthread.php?t=7523
You may be expected to perform a certain role or have a certain spec.
Don’t be defensive. Everyone fucks up. If someone tells you to do something differently, don’t sweat it or get upset - just do what you need to do to fix the problem.
Read the forums regularly.
Hang out in KAAOS IRC when you are around but not online. It’s a useful way to stay available and for people to let you know if they need a tank or mage or something. irc.gamesurge.net #kaaos

KAAOS’ organization is designed to be simple and low maintenance. We’ve all got better things to do than manage DKP or spend hours doing administrative work. Here’s how we do things:

KAAOS raids at PST times. All posted times are PST unless specified otherwise.
Raid times are posted in the forums. Sign up for raids ahead of time to help organizers.
When an item you want drops, send a WANT/GREED to officer chat linking the item you want and your current item in that slot. Established officers will announce who won the item. Be greedy - there are no points for not asking for gear you want.

KAAOS is not recruiting strangers. If you used to play in KAAOS and are interested in playing with us again, send us a PM on the forums or in-game. Personal friends are welcome - if you have a friend who’d like to play with us, encourage them to transfer or level a new character before BC comes out. We’d love to have them.

Officer Responsibilities

Determine where to assign loot
Help get shit going and serve as a reference for people working on dungeons and quests
Keep track of performance of other people in your role (DPS, healing, tanking, etc). Look for areas of improvement
Determine if someone needs to be guild removed, i.e. due to poor performance, attitude or drama
Guardians of guild vision and goals

Loot Guidelines
Raid loot will be assigned to players by the officers on the raid. When an item drops, post in officer chat with the item you’d like and the item you’ll be replacing.

The high level goal for loot is to assign it so as to best benefit the guild. That doesn’t mean that items will always go to the character for whom it’s the biggest upgrade - there are many things that influence “benefit to the guild”. For example, it’s to the guild’s benefit for items to be distributed between several characters so everyone’s gear progresses.

Here are some guidelines:

Be greedy. If something is interesting to you, ask for it, even if it would be more beneficial to another class or if it’s not a big improvement for you. The officers will sort it out.
No special consideration is given to people who rarely ask for items. Don’t pass up asking for items you want because you think it will remove you from contention for something else you want more.

The success or failure of this system will depend entirely on the attitude of the members of the guild. You know the officers personally, and you know we want everyone to be happy and for KAAOS to thrive. That said, mistakes and bad decisions will be made. We will always be willing to explain why the officers assigned a piece to a particular person, but individual officers won’t talk about how they voted. Please be patient with us when you disagree with a decision, and in return we promise to listen to your concerns and do our best to address them.

09-12-2006, 07:48 AM
Just to underline a theme that's driving this mission statement - it's this: Have some fun. Basically we've found that a combination of a misinterpretation of the KAAOS attitude and some uncontrolled growth has at times cluttered up the roster and the play time with too much drama, lack of trust, clique garbage and grudges. Burning Crusade, through its lower demand for numbers, gives us a chance to build the crew in WOW from the core of people you WANT to game in a set up that minimizes BS.

The role play aspects that founded KAAOS made sense in the context of an older gaming environment, but we've found that without that context the core understanding of KAAOS role play gets misinterpreted. It changes among newer players from a tongue-in-cheek way to engage in funny and creative role play that pushes boundaries to a confused sense of "be an asshole to everyone".

"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

Simplifying the process, tightening the roster, and correcting people's concept of KAAOS is the fix here, but the pay off is all about wanting to login for the PEOPLE rather than just the game. Specifically we're looking for people to re-find the casual but focused, smart ass but funny attitude of KAAOS and not mistake that for a mandate to be bitter, angry and a pain in the ass in a lame bid to be internet-tough. And we're looking for the crew itself to be composed of the kind of gamers who you want to game with because they've got your back and you've got theirs.


08-28-2009, 08:11 PM
I must be pretty fucking bored.. but I just read Hed's post here.

Pretty epic, I must say. I wish there was a game that was good enough for it. Games that require massive hours of PvE for competitiveness suck, imo.

Internet-toughness. Hahahaha awesome.