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05-20-2004, 10:17 PM
The Coolest, Strangest, and/or Most Disgusting Things You Didn't Get To See or experience Cuz U Wussed Out and Didn't Go to the Bash.

Lluciana showing ITB Oscar how to take a punch. (or 2!)
Kroangel's MASSIVE Horizontal Thud.
Some mean KAAOS'er hurling the +3 Pizza Bread at Medieval Times (Az!)
Doomer's twin brother...Mad Drunk!
SOL's Entity and Entres surviving longer than most in the Hell Hole.
The Parcheesi game we DIDN'T go to.
Nurgyle and Lluciana hitting it off immediately!
BabyStrange's double barrel attack on Malhavok (Wheeeee! I won!)
Kroangel making sure everyone in the Hell Hole was a God. (There's only one way to check) ;)
SiphonSoul getting DOWN at Ka Boom.
SOL Entres' meeeeeeean left hook!
PrimeEvil wanting to pay Slayve for PVP lessons.
The Dreadwolfe and Mad Drunk Wrestlemania match!
Devin Tir's necromancy in The Morgue.
ITB Smoke (a.k.a. Jesse Duke) planting a wet one on XXXXX. (protecting the innocent guy) ;x
ITB "Jebediah" Xavier. Nuff said. ;>
The camels getting friendly. (Send pictures!)
Sylphee. Nuff said. ;>
Hedron's live evil saying. (Never disappoints)
The hotel giving us a $500 ballroom just to get rid of us!
The Rellikk family's complete mastery of Silly String. (Thud!)
Ego Prime's signature. "KAAOS Rules! Ego was Here"
Lluciana worshipping SOL Entres on being as big a Biotech as her!
Babystrange's LIVE Evil Saying. (A personal favorite)
Diabolist and Amber supplying the Jack!
The Mask's supplying every other type of booze. ::whistles innocently::
ITB Oscar being the new KAAOS Poster Boy (he was in nooooooo condition to say "no")
Azimer's multiple bribery attempts!
The Dreadlord of KAAOS playing putt-putt with his -3 Putter.
C0ld Chill's comments on our Cab driver "Juan's" driving habits!
The multiple broken cameras!
Lilyth. Nuff said. ;>
SOL Entres being disgusted.
Slayve demanding worship and receiving it!
PrimeEvil's sudden realization he is in the WRONG guild. (See ya Tuesday, man)
The Troll emerging from the Head Growth! (WHeeeeeeeeee!) >;)
The Business cards of the Gods!
Cold Chill worshipping the Afro guys at Ka Boom.
Neurosis and Xylina lasting about 2 minutes in the the Hole.
Amber (of the Diabolist clan) taking all day Saturday to recover from Friday.
ITB Skorp, the new GM of ENC.
War Knight and Mad Drunk - The KAAOS Train! (Bloody good times they had!)
Ku Uak1 - Come git some!
Mad Drunk prying off the bottle cap with his teeth...and taking the bottle with it. (ouchie)
The Green Knight re-entering at Medieval Times.
Cold Chill tormenting Kulvra (a.k.a The Newb)
Mrs. Rellik's sister SLAYING Hedron in the water fight. ;)
Azimer's scarred chest after Kr0angel found out he was a Bash Virgin.
Kr0angel and Babystrange's meeting. (Lez have fun!)
The shuttle ride on Thursday night (that I don't remember).
Azimer casting Cure Serious Wounds on his chest...and having it work!
Surviving another Bash without getting evicted!
Hedron and ITB Teddi's cyberlove. ;>
The body in the street on the way to Battletech!
Yer God (Mal) ruling at Battletech. (Poor Az and Slayve)
"Room 206, you're going to have to quiet down or you're going out on the street".
"Room 334, you're going to have to quiet down or you're going out on the street".
"Room 331, you're going to have to quiet down or you're going out on the street".
Kulvra OWNING Sylphee on the Virtual Reality PVP.
Malhavok whoopin' ITB Skorp at Whack 'a Wuss.
Howard Handuppme.
Heddie's drunk dude vs. Mal's nigerian on Virtua Fighter!
Seeing GG "Guppy" Maethln attack Ku on Saturday night. (BAAAD move)
ITB Skorp being pumelled and slain by Boy Scout Troop #15.
The Red Knight's "KAAOS Leap" onto the battlefield.
The unbelievable LIVE KAAOS Hell Hole on Saturday Night. (Lez have fun!)


So, we doing it again next weekend?? ;)

Favorite Quotes of the Weekend:

Lluci to Mal "Eeeeeeww.., what's that? Oh, that's your feet? Oh God, I thought somebody threw up"
Kroangel to the KAAOS Gods - "I'm a KAAOS Goddess and I can STILL shoot farther than you"
To Sylphee - "So Sylphee, how did you like the Virtual reality game??".
Sylphee - "I don't know, I spent most of my time dead".
Mal to Ego Prime - "Ego man, ya gotta protect me. Protect me man".
Lluci to Mal - "Mal, you're protecting ME, tonight"
Everyone - "Mal, for God's sake, get off the front lawn"
Mad Drunk to Hedron - "Man, I say we knock him out and be done with him!"


Funny ass shit. When was that, 1993? 1994? Fucking Chicago Bashes owned so hard. Makes me weep for the good ole' days. Was some fun shit. ;)

LOL...Juan. And the troll on Lilyth. And T-mek! hahah

War Knight
05-21-2004, 12:30 AM
I swear to god I thought CC was gonna get us killed when he was bantering with the cab driver. I just knew he was gonna drive into the ghetto then boot us out of his cab.

05-21-2004, 11:56 AM
Can't disrespect the Cinci bashes like that, you pink curtain pussy. ;)

Subj: Heh...look what I found...
Date: 95-07-12 03:37:19 EDT
From: Drk Anjel
To: Hedron, SoulReaper, Malhavok

while cleaning up my machine. I have the 2nd Halloween bash quotes somewhere
around here...I'll type them up and send those too ;>

The Top 20 reasons da bash was cool!: (from Mal)

20.) Witnessing Hedron's wheelchair (;>)
19.) Having Doomers & Buttmask arrive 20 minutes before Paragorn, even
though they left 2 hours later!
18.) Meeting Rellikk and her husband!
17.) Mal interpreting for Doomers when Cuurz laid *THE* Rule on him!
16.) The King Kobra getting stuck at the top!
15.) Psykill wussing out on riding the Vortex, The Beast, Top Gun, etc.
14.) Psykill holding SoulKisser's purse while SHE rode all the rides.
13.) The hand-slapping during Days of Thunder!
12.) Witnessing Paragorn try to purchase MicroCenter!
11.) Smelling the "Stinking Cloud" in the Beast line!
10.) Witnessing Bloodmasks face during the Vortex. (Scan it Doomers!) ;D
9.) Hed deftly slamming everyone at LEAST once over the weekend!
8.) Rellik and her husband's excellent late entry into the Quarters game!
7.) DA creating another EXCELLENT universe!
6.) Watching Doomers and Pit, battle to a STANDSTILL in the Doom Tourney!
5.) Mal taking DA in the r..er..DA doing Mal's beast in the...er...DA and
Mal taking the Beast in the rear!
4.) Everyone WORSHIPPING my pink bedroom curtains! (Hey, it's the Pink
Passion Pit ;>)
3.) Having everyone take turns kicking Merculus' ass at Doom, late Sunday
2.) Mal giving DA the KAAOS banana.
1.) THE BEAST! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Rellikk's wife (er..the REAL Rellikk): "Oh, he just writes the stories."
The dude in the line of The Beast right after the Stinking Cloud "Damn, who
busted THAT?"
DA on The Beast with Mal: "Ow! Ouch! Damn Mal! Oww! Bastard!"
Doomers: "Hail to the NEW King, baby"
DA: "Fuck that. Hail to the QUEEN, baby"
Mal to Rellikk: "Geez, you ARE a goodie!"
Rellikk to Mal: "Geez, so are you!"
Hedron: "Fuck this! Fuck that! Fuck! Fuck! WHEEEEEEE!"
Cuurz: "Don't worry we'll do cool stuff at my bash, and there won't be ANY
lines" and THE rule over Doomers at Quarters: "Doomers can't talk unless he
raises his hand and I give him permission"
DA to Mal: "Of course it only took 4 1/2 hours to get here. *I* drove."
Mal to Buttmask: "Dude, you surged my computer. You suck"
Doomers to Psyk: "Gee Psyk, you SURE you want to ride the Log Flumes? It
goes awful fast."
Mal to Rellikk: "Rell, meet us at The Beast" (Oooops! :>)
Pit to Blood, Mal, Doomers and Psyk: "You fuckers ate both those pizzas
Doomers to Cuurz: "I'm gonna kick yer ass...BAD"
Doomers to DA: "DA, control yer bitch"
SoulKisser: "OK, whose turn is it to ride with Mal?" ;p
Rellikk: "Have you noticed Doomers loooks a LOT like Scooby-Do?"
Mal to God (himself ;>): "Uh-oh...this is a little different than I thought
it would be!"
Pit to SoulKisser: "Geez, yer a friggin' liberal??!"
Hedron to everyone: "If KAAOS wasn't so damn cool, we almost wouldn't be
worthy of the Beast!"
Cuurz to Mal: "Mal, yer bitch is a wuss"
Mal to Psykill: "Ten" ;p
Pit to Joker (in NW late Sunday): "Dude, I'm now the GM of KAAOS! - Joker:
ROFL! (Good answer, Jokes) ;)
Cuurz to Mal: "That ride goes completely sideways and upside down! Dude, I'm
Mal to God (himself again ;>): (As the Waterspurt of Death approaches): "Oh,
Doomers to everyone: "You all fuckin' suck! I'm sleepin' in my car"
Doomers to Mal: "Dude, yer computer sucks"
Cuurz to Mal: "Dude, yer computer sucks"
Bloodmask to Mal: "Dude, yer computer sucks"
DA in the hotel: "WORSHIP the universe!"
Mal to everyone as they viewed the Chicago pix: "Oh, that's Hellwraith...I
Hedron to the Days of Thunder ride attendant: "Hey bitch, I'm KAAOS...MAKE
Mal at the top of the Vortex: "Damn...I gotta shit...RIGHT NOW"
Doomers to everyone: "Get me another beer"

Here's more! (from DA)

- The kids in the Water Canyon line! EVIL SAYIN!!!
- The look on Mals face when the water blob came down on his head
- Getting to Cinci and getting to our room ..only to find out EVERYONE was
already in it..
- The near death of Cuurz by the hands of Doom. (what stopped ya Doom?)
- The message on Wraithstars answering machine
- Mals ever flowing stream of drool down his shirt.
- Mal and I doing the beast in the rear and me walking away with battle
- NOT hearing the phone ring with a wake up call every 5 mins for an hour
Saturday morning. (thanks Psy)
- Pits retalliation on the log flume (worship it Hed!)
- Saturday morning...committing suicide to meet the demon child (Psy...ya
dick..I did'nt have to step off the curb!)
- SMOKING in Mals house!
- Blood and I getting screwed in the buffet.
- TEN!
- Para almost doing me in the ass behind the Lincoln.
- Being licked by Psy (THWAP)
- Us all flying at 100 down the highway to Mals.
- slapping Mal in the face while in the Days of Thunder line.
- The bed whores, Doom, Blood, Cuurz

Mal - "we haven't hit anything yet"
Cuurz - "If you can ride for more than 8 seconds you win"
Hedron - "I'm looking for a condom"
Mal - "DA, you look wretched in the morning" "get outta my bed then!"
Psykill - "The fools all fall in line behind me"
Mal - "Oh that hurt my tits!"
Woman on flight commander line when looking at Doom "Oh my"
Hedron - "Gawd I hope that took with your hand on it"
Mal - "DA, you have been shamed" "Mal YOU are always shamed"
Pit - "fuck this...I'm going to bed"

War Knight
05-21-2004, 12:25 PM
I just remembered some of our trip to the haunted prison at the 3rd Halloween bash.

- Mal running like a bitch screaming after the "cool mask" came to life and reached for him.
- Finding a young potential KAAOS God while waiting in line.
- Corruption of the youngin to the point that he mooned most of the actors during the run of the house and hit on every girl we passed.
- Me heckling the shouting actors while waiting in line.

05-21-2004, 12:58 PM
Hi last decade

05-21-2004, 01:14 PM
The 94 Holloween Bash

- Psykill punching out some guy in a costume at the Haunted Woods cause he scared him.

- Valkryss triping at the end of the Haunted Woods and doing the belly flop on the dirty matress.

Sir Rellik
05-21-2004, 01:50 PM
The Holloween Bash:


05-21-2004, 02:37 PM
LOL. She slapped me later. Guess the quick suck I stole was a bit too public. ;)

05-24-2004, 01:00 AM
LOL, I have a pic of her deep-throating a hot dog right before the "It's Out" incident. It's a beauty. I'll see if I can dig it up.