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05-07-2004, 10:46 AM

05-07-2004, 11:15 AM

Oh shit.

War Knight
05-07-2004, 01:47 PM
What... yall didn't know this already? I have been following these rules for years!

... yeah right.

05-10-2004, 06:21 PM
well no wonder i never get laid, i been goin about it the wrong way. thanks for the info, ill try it on some drunkin bitch at the bar tonight.

05-11-2004, 11:05 PM
Although it is a normal and natural blessing from God to have head lice

I cant believe this shit... normally I dont talk about religion because you're always bound to offend at least one idiot...
... but come on! that has to be the most fucked up sentence I've seen in a while.. is this thing a prank page?

05-12-2004, 11:21 AM
is this thing a prank page?

Yah think?

Of course, never underestimate the stupidity of the common man.

So, yeah, I could imagine even more fucked up sites being a 'real' page.

In summary, assume everyone is an idiot until proven otherwise and you'll be correct more often than not.


05-12-2004, 05:55 PM
val look at the fucking advertisements on that page: "this months banned books" "god told me to hate you" you think a real religious page would that have stuff? ffs use some common sense~ or just assume everyone is an idiot like warpig said, i suppose that works just as well.

05-14-2004, 08:11 PM
Well I've seen quite a few sites that I thought were hoax webbys, and actually turned out to be the real deal, so when it comes to using common sense, best to ask first and be corrected like an idiot.. than not to ask and BE an idiot.