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04-11-2004, 02:43 AM

"Bamelin supports the VS zerg wherever the VS zerg may be.
Get the zerg on Ishundar, Forseral and Ceryshen before Bamelin logs on and Bamelin will be there.

Truth be told guys I see 2 major flaws in these ideas.


#1. TR -- The TR consider some of these as "their" continents.

This ties right into


#2. Population -- It's easy to hold onto a set lattice when you have the numbers *cough NC cough* to do so. Do we really have the numbers to fight TR and NC both? This lattice will guarantee a fight every night with the TR. With TR and VS sitting at 27 - 32% a piece on most nights while the NC is at 40% .... well what do you think is going to happen?

We'll end up in a slugfest every night with the TR over "their" continents .... and the NC will rule the world.

They true key right now is to get VS and TR leadership to agree to two "seats" and STOP HITTING EACH OTHER ... at least while the NC have the advantage of an extra 10% pop. When we hit each other the NC pop advantage is even futher magnified.

Talk to the TR leadership (Kaaos?) and work it out between empires who takes what "seats". Agree to direct our zergs away from each other, at least until the current server population balance problem is fixed. Perhaps TR/VS wars on ASS VS/TR owned continents but NOT on each other's "seats".

I see this as the only way to make "seats" work with the current population imbalance.


Let's face it guys, the population imbalance is resulting in the TR getting raped with the VS also getting raped.

Would you guys be open to discussing setting up "seats" that both TR and VS recognize, and until the population imbalance is fixed agree to that hitting each other is generally going to result in a lose/lose scenerio for both sides while the NC rule the world?

The reality is that with NC at 40% + most nights not only do they have a 10% advantage but with VS and TR troops engaged with each other this advantage is further magnified.

I won't claim to represent the entire VS CR5 command *hehehe* however I think they will back me on the idea of TR and VS command agreeing with each other over respective empire "seats" and furthermore agreeing that if the NC have the higher population BOTH VS and TR should be hitting NC not each other's "seats".

With the NC currently hitting 40% pop EVERY night, the only way to have a chance globally is if we channel our zergs against the NC rather than each other. The only way to do this is going to be by agreeing with each other on each other's lattice seats, sooner rather than later, and hitting the NC everywhere our empires zergs can.

We can discuss this here or in private areas on the VRT (VS alliance) boards. Members of the UVA (VS alliance) have access to the guests area of the VRT boards as well making it an ideal meeting place to hammmer something out.


I will ask CGNX to set up a new section on our boards "Empire Negotiations Area" or some such and perhaps we can talk this through.


04-11-2004, 05:06 AM
Keep in mind as well that if we manage to pull this off, it will very likely fix the imbalances in the server population.

We all know the 4th empire doesn't like to lose. If the NC are getting their asses handed to them, it's very likely we'll see a the population imbalance dissapear ... especially if we make the NC suffer night after night after night.


04-11-2004, 11:07 AM
The problem right now as i see it is Hossin. The TR LOVE Hossin, its an awesome place to fight, and we never got to fight their too much before BWG's. We're glad to give NC Ceryshen though, despite having 2 links there, and theres your problem. We want Ish Fors and Hossin, you want Hossin Oshur and Esamir. That leaves NC, who alreayd have the pop advantage, to have free reign on cyssor amerish searhus solsar and ceryshen (sometimes). I think maybe instead of agreeing not to attack each other, but instead, if one of us has Hossin, then move towards Ceryshen, solsar or Searhus for TR, or Cyssor amerish or whatever for VS. Don't think you'll stop the TR/VS fights on Hossin because those are so much more fun then fighting on ceryshen.

edit: btw general planetside is prolly where this should have gone.

04-11-2004, 08:45 PM
I totally agree, Hossin is the clicnhpin. If we have For and Ish, Tr will move on Hossin. With my blessing as well. We need to resolve the issue of Hossin before we could ever work this. Let the VS for all I care have searhus, but TR need Hossin.