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04-19-2005, 02:32 PM
Joining KAAOS is a long process. KAAOS is a guild commited to excellence, loyalty, and finesse. We expect the best and we expect it for life. In a guild that's roots stretch back over a decade, the way we do things is a little different.

However, while not every gamer is destined to become KAAOS, that doesn't mean they can't play with us. Far from it. KAAOS ranks are used to help gamers playing under the tag understand how they fit in to the larger scheme of things. There are six ranks within KAAOS; Neophyte, Acolyte, Disciple, The Red & Black, KGFS, and finally, KAAOS.

Trial Member
The lowest level of affliation with KAAOS. This is the rank of newcomers into the guild. KAAOS doesn't know you and you don't know KAAOS. We don't trust you. We probably don't even like you. But hey, we don't expect you to like or trust us either. Trial Members are the people who are getting their feet wet with KAAOS. They've been invited because they've shown interest in joining.

Advancing to Affiliate requires becoming not only known to KAAOS'ers, but forum and Teamspeak use, as well as constant, active participation with the guild for roughly a month. Board join dates are used to determine a Affiliate's time with the guild.

Affiliate indicates you've been around awhile and you know the ropes. KAAOS'ers know who you are because they've seen you in game, on the boards, and in Teamspeak. It's starting to look like your interest in KAAOS is for real.

Disciple is the first rank towards becoming actual KAAOS. For many, this is the last rank they will achieve. The bulk of disciples are the friends of KAAOS'ers, the guys that through the years have been a part of the guild, but never shown the promise of true KAAOS material. Disciple's are welcomed in whatever game KAAOS plays and are treated with respect of long term friends. They've proven they can be trusted and that while they may not be exactly KAAOS material, they aren't half bad.

The Red & Black
Red & Black means you have caught the attention of KAAOS. You show promise that one day, you just might become KAAOS. Red & Black gamers have been with KAAOS for well over 6 months and often times have played with KAAOS in more than one game. These guys are the people who want to be KAAOS and have proven they've got what it takes. Red & Black players are acquiring the last skills(in game and on the forums), knowledge(of how KAAOS operates), persona, and allies from within KAAOS they need to get a yes vote in the Hell Hole.

When Red & Black players have figured it out, tuned their skills, and shown that they are in for the long haul, they step forward in the Hell Hole and tell the Gods of KAAOS why they should be considered for full membership. KAAOS then votes on the player. A no vote simply means that they are not ready to be considered for membership and will remain The Red & Black. A yes vote means the player has become a probationary member, a KAAOS Gay Fucking Squire.

Acquiring yes votes is a tricky proposition. Every KAAOS'er looks for something different in potential members. What is consistent however, is that KAAOS'ers look for members who they feel will defend the KAAOS tradition of excellence, loyalty and longevity.

Becoming full KAAOS takes years. Each KGFS' path to full KAAOS'er-dom is unique and specific to the individual. KAAOS'ers are proven, capable gamers with undying loyalty to fellow members of KAAOS and to the guild itself.