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04-10-2005, 04:14 PM
Q) Hey! You guys are a bunch of assholes! All I did was say hello and you started fucking ripping into me! Buncha internet tough guy pissants! What the fuck?

A) Welcome to non-casual gaming, shit head. In the world of competing guilds/outfits there's alot of internet tough guy shit talk, random player killing, hunting parties constantly attempting to ruin the gaming experience of the "enemy" until they quit. This is what competition is like among guilds/outfits that step up and make an impact. The exact nature of this type of competition varies from one game to the next, but the basic elements are always the same. And while some may sneer at these things - they have a very real impact on the survival and image of gaming organizations.

KAAOS has a long history of being the group that you can't break, can't phase, can't slow down, and will eventually get eaten by. This is true on message boards, in the games and everywhere else someone has contact with KAAOS. We are this way for one reason. The backbone, attitude and intelligence of the core members of KAAOS.

Countless larger guilds have fallen before us, disintegrating down to the last man while warring with KAAOS. What happens is simple. They find out one member at a time that the people playing with them are not made of stern stuff. They're sloppy players with weak wills and carebear attitudes. They're people who don't know how to take care of themselves, who wilt in the face of opposition and who would rather run than adapt and overcome. As their membership implodes they find out something else... that their leadership is full of drama queens and morons without the tenacity and vision to overcome. First their members dessert them, and then their leadership collapses.

The pattern is basic. Emotional and mental pressure breaks them down until they are no more. This is essentially what every form of competition is about - a contest of intelligence and will.

This pattern does not happen to KAAOS. KAAOS has been in existence for close to 15 years. Why? The answer is simple. We do not build on sand. We do not wait for our enemies to cull the weak. We do it ourselves. What's left in the end are people who we can count on, who want to be here, and who understand what they went through to becomes KAAOS. The will, the desire and the intelligence are there.

This type of player is smart, tough, adaptable, and as far from drama queen bullshit as it gets. They're going to laugh at adversity rather than cry about it - and this makes them fun to game with because they've got a sense of humor about it all. This type of player is also generally intolerant of leech-like helpless behaviour, snivelling complaints, stupidity in execution, weak wills, and the lack of initiative by players to make themselves better. We assure ourselves that we do NOT have lame players because we openly, honestly, and with a big shit eating grin will tell our own players point blank when they are being stupid, whining or weak. And that is a self-perpetuating situation. If you survive the criticism and improve then you're probably a player we want, and you will most likely be a player who helps us to hold to that standard of competence.

Not every gamer who plays with KAAOS plays hardcore hours. Not every gamer we have knows the game inside and out because they may be new to the game. But we expect every gamer with a KAAOS tag to game with the right attitude. Those who fit best don't even feel the pressure. They just adapt, play smart and rarely if ever come under the gun because they don't fuck up more than once. Those who feel the pressure and dislike it fade away. Better now than later.

04-11-2005, 11:47 AM
Updated. A few minor additions and some wording tweaked.