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04-07-2005, 09:22 PM
Since a lot of people have seemingly had some problems understanding the KAAOS position on sigs I figured I might as well add a FAQ thread to help clear some things up.

This will be an evolving FAQ in an OOC format (out of character). If you’ve seriously got a specific question in regards to Sigs, feel free to reply to this post with your question and I will edit this post and add it to the FAQ (with a response).

Q) What is a sig?
R) A sig is a signature attached to the bottom of posts. Many different formats are used, from text base to jpgs to a combination of both.

Q) Why do I catch so much shit about my sig?
R) Your sig is lame. You look stupid sporting that sig. When you look stupid, if you are affiliated with KAAOS, you make KAAOS look stupid.

Q) Ok, so why is my sig lame?
R) There are a lot of things that can make a sig lame. For example, your sig may be too large, obtrusive, contains a lot of non-pertinent garbage that doesn’t belong on a sig, is just plain stupid looking, etc.

Q) What is the appropriate size?
R) There really is no “appropriate size”. Generally speaking though your sig should be as small as possible yet large enough to contain all the appropriate “sig” type information (you don’t want it to look too crowded nor do you want a whole lot of blank real-estate).

Q) What is considered appropriate information for a sig?
R) To understand this you must first understand the reason for a sig in the first place. BTW, these answers pertain to the relation to the KAAOS forum. The reason for a sig is to “sign” your posts. And by signing your post you want people to know who you are. By who you are I mean who your “character” is, not who you are in real life. Sigs typically include one or several of the following: your character name, your guild, guild ranks or titles, game ranks or titles, special awards or honors, guild crest (or guild symbol), etc.

Q) What is considered inappropriate for a sig then?
R) To understand this you must first understand what a sig is not. A sig is not a post. Your post is the appropriate place to express yourself. Your sig is not the appropriate place to include pictures of your girlfriend, pictures of your car, pictures of your cat, the GIF of a doodle you just made in MS paint, etc.

Q) What do you mean by obtrusive?
R) Obtrusive: “Thrusting out; protruding. Tending to push self-assertively forward; brash. Undesirably noticeable”. And that is precisely what I mean. Your sig shouldn’t stand out too much from your post nor do you want it so large as to overwhelm the post. Your post should do your talking, not your sig. The colors shouldn’t be too bright, your sig shouldn’t be too flashy. Use a scheme that matches the atmosphere of the board you are posting on or a neutral scheme so your sig is not obtrusive on other forums if you want to use a sig for multiple forums. Contrary to what you may believe; Big, bright, flashy sigs with a bunch of stupid images (like a cow wearing a pirate hat for example ;p) are not “cool”. They are lame and they make you look like a clown. When you look like a clown while representing KAAOS you make look a clown circus.

Q) How about Haikus?!
R) Some people like to add a little saying or a Haiku to their sigs or other lines of text. Generally speaking these aren’t really appropriate for a signature but it’s fairly common enough to be considered acceptable. However, if you are using a graphical sig (like mine for example), I would recommend keeping it off the graphic and adding it underneath your sig. This will also make it easier to remove it, add to it, or change it as you deem appropriate for different forums.

09-19-2008, 03:04 PM
Sigs have been disabled. This thread (http://forums.kaaos.com/war-private-discussion/11530-forum-signature-image.html) mentions some details.