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04-07-2005, 07:39 PM
heh heh

"You're closest... Smack yourself."

"KAAOS won the war against DB and I am truely a Darkenbane member and you won, but Darkenbane back then was just a bunch of inexperienced roleplayers while kAAOS was the strongest pk guild in the world. Now DB is as experienced as KAAOS so today if we fought we would win-Darkenbane Member"

Well, he's right about the first part. (smile)

"<Darkbane> Gray is Famous! <Blayloc> Famous for his quick gate finger <Darkbane> i'm a great gater too <Darkbane> whenever i am attacked by a caster i gate"

"I took a look, and I can tell you that I meant every word I said. I no longer want anything to do with DB, and like I told you, I don't like what this guild is becoming. This was confirmed when you asked me to take part in the gang attack on the lone KAOOS member. You don't need 7 or 8 people to kill 1 or 2. I'm sorry. And when things went wrong, you immiediatly blamed other members rather than chalk it up to yourself or even chalk it up to bad luck. Gray, I no longer feel that you are an effective leader. This is not all your fault. It is difficult to lead such a large group with such a variety of lvl differences. This usually leads to 2 hour waits to do 5 minutes of action. Sorry, not for me. I'll take something smaller and more fun, thank you very much. But nevertheless, I feel that you should either step down as leader of DB, or do a better job of it. Anyways, that's my final rant. I'm sorry it couldn't have ended better. I'd like to thank the few DB members I had fun with. Larson, Regarius, Xanthala, Nalis, and anyone else. Although I did not leave on the best of terms, I did have fun with some of you guys. Keep up the good work. And as for you, Gray. Sometimes letting people know the whole truth about a war is better than half truths.


"Dark Brigade started a war 6 months ago with Kaaos Immortals, now everyone has abandoned the cause But Tilran myself and Graraige are really all that is left...

We always fight but you have outnumbered us, outleveled us and of course out killed us. Kaaos has run the numbers on both Darkenbane and Dark Brigade - it is pointless to carry on.

Darkenbane led formally by Tilran and secondary by myself in his absence "formally surrenders to Kaaos Immortals".

I know most have their vendettas against Graraige in particular, I can only tell you that he does not lead the guild. Tilran and myself are both pondering whether to revive the guild simply as a RP thing of events and such but will most likely let sleeping dogs lie.

Verithax Blackmoore
1st Officer, Darkenbane Company "

"You don't understand that you lack the proper leadership skills anymore and thats a big reason why I quit. When I did decide to quit I talked to Malio and when he said something along the lines of "If you quit, you are not an enemy to us anymore." I felt a great weight had be lifted off my shoulders. You just lost four good members Graraige (Me, Ianas, Taruk, and Ariu), the only people who can carry you around now are Riesling and Gravesson as I view it and I don't think they want to do it anymore. As Malio states, it is the beginning of the end.

Nuff said

"KAAOS vs. Darkenbane
by Dementia posted 12/6/99 12:28:10 PM

This has been one of my favorite little epics to follow while at work. Just when you think it's over...say...when you see one side surrender...it just keeps right on going. It's one action packed war with lots of surprises. Heh...I've been following this war from its incarnation and I am affiliated with neither Darkenbane nor Kaaos. Because of this I think it would be fair to say my views are non-biased and at least better informed then the new arrivals that seem to have showed up recently to hear all of Gray's newest propaganda.

Even without seeing all of the corpses that have been capped...and let's be realistic here...unless we've actually seen ALL of the battles, that's not a good measure of who defeated who. Both sides could have surely killed many from each side without bothering to post screen caps. No, I think the proof that Darkenbane has lost the war with Kaaos is demonstrated in the countless members who have not only quit, but commented about the fact that they departed Darkenbane specifically because they no longer wished to be killed in the war with Kaaos.

Does this mean the entire guild was defeated? Well, not really. There is still Gray and a few other members who never quit. Of course we still have Darkenbane's official surrender:

DB Officially Surrenders


Now granted this wasn't a surrender from the current GM of the guild, but it was nevertheless an official surrender given by the guild. The mere fact that about the entire previous guild roster was decimated speaks volumes for the impact that Kaaos has had on this guild. There are no qualms about it. The current DB can squirm and scream all they want that they still hurt Kaaos too, but the glaring fact remains that DB as it once was has been crushed and Kaaos remains as it was.

So it appears the war will still continue. DB has still been defeated once. Whether it will be different now that DB has been "reborn" only time will tell."

"This is sad.
by Fealthas posted 10/17/99 1:55:15 AM

Gray, let it rest.

I am rarely on Rallos anymore, preferring the Race Wars on Tallon Zek, so perhaps my word isn't worth much in this issue, but I still remember with fondness wearing the Darkenbane tag with pride, enforcing Dark Unity and causing lightdwellers to gate at the sight of us in the zone.
It saddens me beyond belief to see the once mighty Darkenbane company reduced to a mockery of what it was. And this is what is going to happen if you do this.

KAAOS has won. Let them gloat, and let it go. Rebuild, get back to the roots, build a strong, new, firm foundation slowly, from the ground up around the "core" of DB. be discriminating in your recruitment, and return to the Dark Race only policy that made us strong, and focused in one area of Norrath, not spread all over the place with no real force. Become the respected arbitrators of Dark Justice we once were, and THEN, with a foundation like rock and a strong support system in place, choose a war that can be won.

Fighting KAAOS now will temper your frustration with losing, but doom your membership. The comparisons with Hitler in the bunkers sound sadly accurate. Don't go that way.

Swallow your pride
THEN strike against your foes. In Pride, NOT futile rage.

Rallos Zek

Tallon Zek"

"Wow...Gray..(OOC POST)
by Drakkyn posted 10/27/99 10:55:18 AM

I have just been a reader of this mess...only posting when absolutly necessary...

I have to say...Give it up...you are just a pathetic RL Control freak that can't stand to say that someone else has bested you. We call this in my world "JOCK0-SPORTUS-MUSTWIN-SYNDROME".

You now try to drag Black Tear into things that are not of your control anymore in hopes that some fire will be lifted from your dying ass....

Just Say IT MAN....KAAOS IS BETTER THAN DARKENBANE!! Say that you recruited wusses with no heart that fled at the first sign of trouble..SAY IT!!! Say that you lied to your entire guild about everything...Say that you lied to the public in dealing with KAAOS....Just freaking admit it...

Its just a game after all...no one in your block is gonna REALLY know that you lost.

And Gray...

Do not drag Black Tear down to your level...or we will piss on your ashes that KAAOS has so rightly burned! The ruling members of Black Tear left DB because you are a fuck. Plain and Simple. Now you have nothing...enjoy it before even that is taken away.

Begone from Norrath...go play quake2 or UO...your time is over...


You really want to relive all of this, gate-boy?

The False Prophet

...No child, don't cry. Your tears only boil away on the Twisted Cross. It's your blood that soaks in deep. Your blood...

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