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03-25-2004, 03:44 PM
Grayrage wrote:

Well lots of us applied for WoW beta and only one of us got into it, Saradin. To a point this pisses me off, because I have bought almost every single game Blizzard has sold, and I have yet to picked even once for a beta from them. I am going to send them a letter to that effect and I may not buy another game from them, because frankly they are not that good anyway.

Grayrage wrote:
Saradin has reported that our old enemies KAAOS are in beta, but have also been playing since Alpha. According to KAAOS they have been playing for five months now, which we all know is bullshit since WoW Alpha was not that long. So once again, they lie like the fags they are.

Grayrage wrote:
Since Saradin is an officer for WoW, I have given him permisson to make the Darkenbane guild name in WoW beta, and I have also given him permisson to recruit as many people as he can into the guild there. I have done this because I want to make it look like A LOT of Darkenbane members have made it into beta, I DO NOT want to be out done again by KAAOS in another game. Some of these "new" people we may keep if they are good, but most we will boot when WoW goes live.

Grayrage wrote:
When ever PvP is added to the game, will we be attacking KAAOS when ever we can. So that means we wait and see which side KAAOS is going to play, either Alliance, or Horde. Then we will go with the other side. NO EXCEPTIONS! If KAAOS goes Alliance, then we play Horde, I don't want to hear any bitching about playing Alliance! You will play Horde and support Darkenbane in the war against KAAOS, or get kicked the fuck out of this guild. KAAOS will not beat us again in another game!

Grayrage wrote:
Saradin has agreed to let me use his account so that I can get a feel for the game myself. DO NOT bug him about sharing his account with you, the only reason he is sharing it with me, is so that *I*, the leader of this guild can atleast get a feel for it. So I know how to lead us in WoW when the time comes.

Grayrage wrote:
First change I get to duel a KAAOSer and win. I will post the screen shot on our front page for all to see. Let the beating of KAAOS begin!

Nice spin on how long we've been in alpha, obviously you have no clue how long alpha has been going on. GG Gray!


03-25-2004, 03:53 PM
Dorkenbane and my EQ guild go way back on RZ. (It was one of the few guilds we would attack first and ask questions later. We tended to be isolationists who only responded when our own were threatened. Once angered though, there was little thought of fighting fair beyond no exploiting.) I almost didn't recognize the name Grayrage it has been so long. I might have to play WoW just for the sake of a chance of killing them again.

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03-25-2004, 04:14 PM
No one really knows what made him so mad at us....



"KAAOS won the war against DB and I am truely a Darkenbane member and you won, but Darkenbane back then was just a bunch of inexperienced roleplayers while kAAOS was the strongest pk guild in the world. Now DB is as experienced as KAAOS so today if we fought we would win-Darkenbane Member"

Well, he's right about the first part. (smile)

"{Darkbane} Gray is Famous! {Blayloc} Famous for his quick gate finger {Darkbane} i'm a great gater too {Darkbane} whenever i am attacked by a caster i gate"

"I took a look, and I can tell you that I meant every word I said. I no longer want anything to do with DB, and like I told you, I don't like what this guild is becoming. This was confirmed when you asked me to take part in the gang attack on the lone KAOOS member. You don't need 7 or 8 people to kill 1 or 2. I'm sorry. And when things went wrong, you immiediatly blamed other members rather than chalk it up to yourself or even chalk it up to bad luck. Gray, I no longer feel that you are an effective leader. This is not all your fault. It is difficult to lead such a large group with such a variety of lvl differences. This usually leads to 2 hour waits to do 5 minutes of action. Sorry, not for me. I'll take something smaller and more fun, thank you very much. But nevertheless, I feel that you should either step down as leader of DB, or do a better job of it. Anyways, that's my final rant. I'm sorry it couldn't have ended better. I'd like to thank the few DB members I had fun with. Larson, Regarius, Xanthala, Nalis, and anyone else. Although I did not leave on the best of terms, I did have fun with some of you guys. Keep up the good work. And as for you, Gray. Sometimes letting people know the whole truth about a war is better than half truths.


"Dark Brigade started a war 6 months ago with Kaaos Immortals, now everyone has abandoned the cause But Tilran myself and Graraige are really all that is left...

We always fight but you have outnumbered us, outleveled us and of course out killed us. Kaaos has run the numbers on both Darkenbane and Dark Brigade - it is pointless to carry on.

Darkenbane led formally by Tilran and secondary by myself in his absence "formally surrenders to Kaaos Immortals".

I know most have their vendettas against Graraige in particular, I can only tell you that he does not lead the guild. Tilran and myself are both pondering whether to revive the guild simply as a RP thing of events and such but will most likely let sleeping dogs lie.

Verithax Blackmoore
1st Officer, Darkenbane Company "

"You don't understand that you lack the proper leadership skills anymore and thats a big reason why I quit. When I did decide to quit I talked to Malio and when he said something along the lines of "If you quit, you are not an enemy to us anymore." I felt a great weight had be lifted off my shoulders. You just lost four good members Graraige (Me, Ianas, Taruk, and Ariu), the only people who can carry you around now are Riesling and Gravesson as I view it and I don't think they want to do it anymore. As Malio states, it is the beginning of the end.

Nuff said

"KAAOS vs. Darkenbane
by Dementia posted 12/6/99 12:28:10 PM

This has been one of my favorite little epics to follow while at work. Just when you think it's over...say...when you see one side surrender...it just keeps right on going. It's one action packed war with lots of surprises. Heh...I've been following this war from its incarnation and I am affiliated with neither Darkenbane nor Kaaos. Because of this I think it would be fair to say my views are non-biased and at least better informed then the new arrivals that seem to have showed up recently to hear all of Gray's newest propaganda.

Even without seeing all of the corpses that have been capped...and let's be realistic here...unless we've actually seen ALL of the battles, that's not a good measure of who defeated who. Both sides could have surely killed many from each side without bothering to post screen caps. No, I think the proof that Darkenbane has lost the war with Kaaos is demonstrated in the countless members who have not only quit, but commented about the fact that they departed Darkenbane specifically because they no longer wished to be killed in the war with Kaaos.

Does this mean the entire guild was defeated? Well, not really. There is still Gray and a few other members who never quit. Of course we still have Darkenbane's official surrender:

DB Officially Surrenders


Now granted this wasn't a surrender from the current GM of the guild, but it was nevertheless an official surrender given by the guild. The mere fact that about the entire previous guild roster was decimated speaks volumes for the impact that Kaaos has had on this guild. There are no qualms about it. The current DB can squirm and scream all they want that they still hurt Kaaos too, but the glaring fact remains that DB as it once was has been crushed and Kaaos remains as it was.

So it appears the war will still continue. DB has still been defeated once. Whether it will be different now that DB has been "reborn" only time will tell."

"This is sad.
by Fealthas posted 10/17/99 1:55:15 AM

Gray, let it rest.

I am rarely on Rallos anymore, preferring the Race Wars on Tallon Zek, so perhaps my word isn't worth much in this issue, but I still remember with fondness wearing the Darkenbane tag with pride, enforcing Dark Unity and causing lightdwellers to gate at the sight of us in the zone.
It saddens me beyond belief to see the once mighty Darkenbane company reduced to a mockery of what it was. And this is what is going to happen if you do this.

KAAOS has won. Let them gloat, and let it go. Rebuild, get back to the roots, build a strong, new, firm foundation slowly, from the ground up around the "core" of DB. be discriminating in your recruitment, and return to the Dark Race only policy that made us strong, and focused in one area of Norrath, not spread all over the place with no real force. Become the respected arbitrators of Dark Justice we once were, and THEN, with a foundation like rock and a strong support system in place, choose a war that can be won.

Fighting KAAOS now will temper your frustration with losing, but doom your membership. The comparisons with Hitler in the bunkers sound sadly accurate. Don't go that way.

Swallow your pride
THEN strike against your foes. In Pride, NOT futile rage.

Rallos Zek

Tallon Zek"

"Wow...Gray..(OOC POST)
by Drakkyn posted 10/27/99 10:55:18 AM

I have just been a reader of this mess...only posting when absolutly necessary...

I have to say...Give it up...you are just a pathetic RL Control freak that can't stand to say that someone else has bested you. We call this in my world "JOCK0-SPORTUS-MUSTWIN-SYNDROME".

You now try to drag Black Tear into things that are not of your control anymore in hopes that some fire will be lifted from your dying ass....

Just Say IT MAN....KAAOS IS BETTER THAN DARKENBANE!! Say that you recruited wusses with no heart that fled at the first sign of trouble..SAY IT!!! Say that you lied to your entire guild about everything...Say that you lied to the public in dealing with KAAOS....Just freaking admit it...

Its just a game after all...no one in your block is gonna REALLY know that you lost.

And Gray...

Do not drag Black Tear down to your level...or we will piss on your ashes that KAAOS has so rightly burned! The ruling members of Black Tear left DB because you are a fuck. Plain and Simple. Now you have nothing...enjoy it before even that is taken away.

Begone from Norrath...go play quake2 or UO...your time is over...


War Knight
03-25-2004, 04:16 PM
Classic... every bit of it.

Sul Morthos
03-25-2004, 04:16 PM
You HAVE to be shitting me.

I was out of the scene for what...two years? Came back a couple of months ago to these forums and PlanetSide...and THIS wannabe is still around?

Who woulda thunk. Poor, pathetic, second-rate loser.

03-25-2004, 04:28 PM
I take it you've been kicking Greyrages ass for many years thru multiple games? What a jackass... His 14 year old mind sounds to have develop quite a fucked up complex (obsession) after all the KAAOS beatings he's taken. What's really surprising is that he actually runs a guild? People listen to this moron? Please keep posting his rambles, some of those quote are hilarious

My favorite...

I am going to send them a letter to that effect and I may not buy another game from them, because frankly they are not that good anyway

Seriously, after a comment like that - this dudes gotta be a crack addict

03-25-2004, 04:30 PM
Good ole Gaygate. Still so bitter. Gives me an erection. :lol:

Where'd you dig that up from, Rann? I'm sure Gaygate will be denying it shortly if it wasn't posted on a public message board, and hell, he'll prolly still try to deny it. Sounds like a private board whine tho...very choice!

I'd link my EQ killshots of Gaygate again, but really, that gaggle of retards isn't even worth the effort. Besides, we all know Gaygate was my bitch. I bet that guy still has nightmares of "You have been slain by Malio!" running through his head. :twisted:

edit: LOL I love this:

Grayrage wrote:
Saradin has agreed to let me use his account so that I can get a feel for the game myself. DO NOT bug him about sharing his account with you, the only reason he is sharing it with me, is so that *I*, the leader of this guild can atleast get a feel for it. So I know how to lead us in WoW when the time comes.

That's some goddamn classic Gaygate right there.

03-25-2004, 04:34 PM
Heh I didn't dig it up. A "source" (theyll have a field day with that one, trying to figure out who im sure) pointed it out to me ;) Yeah gray is denying it although stoufer confirmed what was said in his first reply lol. Typical.

For the new guys, KAAOS put darkenbane on the map when rallos zek opened up in eq. We toasted them, you can read the surrender in hedrons post. Ever since gray has been swinging on our nuts.

You'll see, heh. Once wow goes live, you'll be introduced to the spin :)

03-25-2004, 04:50 PM
Looking forward to it..... :twisted:

Sul Morthos
03-25-2004, 05:13 PM
I will laugh my ass off if Gayraige shows up over here to refute the above. I have not read any of his entertainment for at LEAST two years (now that I am doing the math I may have dropped off the scene in '01).

Cracks me up this knobpolisher is still at it.

03-25-2004, 05:18 PM
He won't I'm sure. Doesn't matter, wasn't posted to garner his attention, only to enlighten the unwashed masses as to how much he is fixated on KAAOS.

03-25-2004, 06:01 PM
Nice spin ^_^

Had me going for a bit so props for that. I never really understood the whole thing between DB and Kaaos, probably b/c I wasn't DB back then and I had just started getting my roots into pvp. However, I wasn't impressed with you guys on SZ ( the one game I actually know you from ) and definitely wouldn't do any reporting back to Gray on such a mediocre guild especially since I don't share his hate for you. I'm sure you are a very different guild now as are we, but if you do any showing like you did on SZ then I'll be quite disappointed because as of right now there isn't a single one of you that can hold a candle to me, let alone your entire guild vs DB.

I'd say I look forward to dancing on your corpses but then again, they came all too easy to be proud about. See you in WoW.

03-25-2004, 07:29 PM
Rotfl. When you "were getting your feet wet in pvp" KAAOS had already been a pvp guild for 8+ years. You were a zero skill run-away bitch until manaburn, and without it you still are.

Better hope WoW implements a one button kill spell eh genius? lmfao.

03-25-2004, 08:03 PM
Lets see my accomplishments:

1) Lead top guild ( Inkara ) in pvp points clearly handing your guild their ass the entire early game of SZ and then later.
2) PvP point leader multiple times.
3) Both of the above were before manaburn ( and yes manaburn ruined the game )

I could list more but the facts above just put your post to shame. Also, don't be jealous that I surpassed your entire guild in pvp skill within a month even tho you were an established pvp guild back when I was getting my "feet wet". So please accomplish half of what I listed above before you open your trap.....who are you again? Sit down bitch.

Btw your post on our boards brought me here otherwise I wouldn't give you the time of day.

Edit: On that note I'm done here.

03-25-2004, 08:35 PM
A) You didn't own anything 'early' on the server. Infernal Elite did and still was ranked long LONG after the guild broke up and mostly left the server. (IE= KAAOS,CN,CC)

B) IE had multiple people on top of the kill boards, in fact I recall someone being in the top 10 for close to a month after he left and he was a *warrior* (Blayloc). That is skill, not being a wizard in a gank squad. If you can't get kills as a wiz in a big guild you are worse than nothing.

C) SZ was more of a come back to eq last chance experiment for many people. For me personally every fucking day I had to xp grind was mortal torture. There will be a time again in the future when a full KAAOS squad will be in a game and so will a full DB squad, then we'll see who drops the soap.

03-25-2004, 08:46 PM
Im with Zarathos on this one ...also looking forward to it :twisted:

03-25-2004, 10:01 PM
Well guys... No shit talking your members here or trying to quote KAAOS members with things they said nor twisting words around to make people look retarted.

The only thing I can say is that I respect KAAOS and only look foward to the continuing war into WoW. When it comes down to it there are many similarities between kaaos and db and that is that we both still exist..
Cya in wow, I guess we can settle it then :P

03-25-2004, 10:17 PM
B) IE had multiple people on top of the kill boards, in fact I recall someone being in the top 10 for close to a month after he left and he was a *warrior* (Blayloc). That is skill, not being a wizard in a gank squad. If you can't get kills as a wiz in a big guild you are worse than nothing.

Woot! Rit just sucked me off.. and I came!

Thanks Rit!

03-25-2004, 10:32 PM
Thanks for pulling that one miniscule factoid out of the post, and thanks for the vibrant imagery. Good times. 8)

03-26-2004, 12:56 AM
Please grow a pair, get hair on it, and come back when we give a fuck. Hint: that will be a long fucking wait.

The fucking state of the retarded general population in gaming saddens and sickens me. Well, ok, not really. Mostly it bores me.

Get out.

03-26-2004, 09:27 AM
Hedron, the grandfather of PvP, you old fart.

DB, you got to be kidding. Before you even get a remote shot at KAAOS in WoW, you will be having you ass handed to you on a regualr basis from the Undead Lords. Make no mistake, you 12 year olds stand no chance at dominating a game where all the old, respected, and feared PvP guild decide to play.

03-26-2004, 11:37 AM
stand no chance at dominating a game where all the old, respected, and feared PvP guild decide to play.

Consider the above already done in SB. Also, Undead lords, is this Hades guild called LotD? If so then yes they were owned too, if not then I have no clue what guild you are talking about. I might have got their name wrong but I'll assume we are talking about the same guild. Wasn't impressed either =(

03-26-2004, 02:04 PM
Thought you were done here? Gimp.

03-26-2004, 02:15 PM
I thought you were leaving? Well. No. Actually, I didn't think you were leaving. I thought you were full of shit and were just going to SAY you were leaving.

I was right.

Personally, it would take a helluva good game to get me back into another situation where a loser with no job, or a summer vacation kiddie or an idiot who spends ALL of his free time on a game can out-class me through pure willingness to inject time. I believe I have sunk my last time sink.

But aside from all of that.... STFU.


03-26-2004, 03:03 PM
When it comes down to it there are many similarities between kaaos and db and that is that we both still exist..
Cya in wow, I guess we can settle it then :P

LOL... "we both still exist."

There are exactly zero similarities between KAAOS and db, even though the one "similarity" you picked is so... pathetic.

"Hey.. we still exist!" LOL!.... maybe that can be Gateboy's new slogan.

Darkenbane has had about 1546 diffeent people come and go since we first destroyed them, with 100% turnover at least twice. On Rallos we took db from 70+ people to 4 in about three months, and hell, that was about 5 years ago. I'm sure Gateboy has fucked things all to hell and back at least 5 or 6 times since then.

The pasting of Gray's private whine is beyond classic.

According to KAAOS they have been playing for five months now, which we all know is bullshit since WoW Alpha was not that long.

Only Gaterage has the brainlessness to lie about things he KNOWS he doesn't know jack shit about, and can easily be proved wrong about. As always, Gateboy never lets the facts get in the way of a good KAAOS slur.

I have done this because I want to make it look like A LOT of Darkenbane members have made it into beta, I DO NOT want to be out done again by KAAOS in another game.


If KAAOS goes Alliance, then we play Horde, I don't want to hear any bitching about playing Alliance! You will play Horde and support Darkenbane in the war against KAAOS, or get kicked the fuck out of this guild. KAAOS will not beat us again in another game!

Definitely more solid gold fodder for the archives! Thanks for keeping us laughing all these years, Gate.


03-26-2004, 03:32 PM
IE/KAAOS never disbanded over a Bio Orb, so they aren't similar at all to DB :wink:

I'm guessing their leader isn't a dellusional cheater either. Clearly a Darkenbane victory! :roll:

03-26-2004, 03:36 PM
I'm guessing their leader isn't a dellusional cheater either. Clearly a Darkenbane victory! :roll:
Nope, Gayrage was never banned from Rallos Zek, and Darkenbane was never disbanded by EQ staff either. DB never cheats, or expliots! They are legit, umm yeah! :roll:

03-26-2004, 04:14 PM
In case you missed this clear "Sullon Zek" victory of theirs. This is from 'Darwoth', I would say old school DB, but hell, who the fuck can tell with that revolving door...anyway, this is a beauty:

OK as most of you know by now I have been booted from darkenbane, most of you are either wondering why, or think you know why, but do not as much bullshit has been said on the private boards after my access to them had been removed and i was unable to post the correct information. i know this by the way, because obviously i have many many friends within the guild still, and they email me copys of the posts.

First some background information.
I have been familiar with darkenbane since around 96 or 97, i fought them for a very long time on rallos zek and gained the respect of the members for not using the lame tactics of most the other anti DB folks, and almost always fighting solo even against multiple foes. eventually this evolved into a friendly arch enemy type thing and while bitter enemies we would still shoot the shit in tells, and at times fight side by side against mutual enemies.

After a breakup with my guild at the time due to them cowering from pvp i decided to go random PK instead of guild/alliance war PVPer and ran around solo for a few months before linking up with darkenbane.

Back then the guild was radically different from what it has become today, there were approximately 2 dozen members and everybody helped each other, knew each other, and hung out together, if folks were not in game they were in a chat room, people with computer jobs would have a browser with a DB chatroom minimized in their toolbar. it was truly the best guild i had ever been in and when gray was banned for stupid reasons on rallos zek most of us up and dropped our highly developed rallos zek characters and followed him to sullon zek which had just opened, that is how tightly woven the guild was, i was unaware at the time that this was due to the second massive purging of morons in the guilds history and that the only folks left were the real DB.

On sullon zek everything was very fun and enjoyable for the first 2 months, then however many unknowns began to find their way into guild chat almost all of whom were invited by either grayrage or his wife lisa (axxeron, axxy, lesa), tension and drama started to slowly grow between the new folks that many didnt like and the old folks. then against the wishes of every single officer in the guild several neutral guilds disbanded and were absorbed into the guild inflating our original roster a good 2 times over, at this point there were approximately 5 factions/clicks in the guild that didnt like the other people and fighting and bickering over xp, loot drops and anything you can imagine inflated to huge levels.

At this point DAOC was released and myself along with several DB members left and went to play DAOC.

Meanwhile on sullon however things continued until many DB either quit EQ for other games or rerolled to the evil team where they enjoyed the company of friends there more then that of the several dozen retards that infested their guild, the final destruction of the guild occured when grayrage got angry that one of these inner guild factions decided to kill a mob by themselves and not notify him of it (this mob had a piece of loot he had wanted badly for sometime, a bio orb) he then went on a rampage and disbanded darkenbane and moved to legends with about 4 people (a blue server) where he stayed for several months (causing the longtime allied german branch orden to separate from the guild after 3 years of playing with DB) collecting levels/gear/AA points before returning to sullon zek and joining the premier neutral PVE raid guild TOW (tides of wrath), its also noteworthy that this entire time from disbanding to the time he quit everquest (approximately a year and 3 months) gray did not say one word to anyone from DB whether they were involved in the bio orb incident or not, did not once vist the website to check on "his guild" or any involvement with anyone whatsoever, even after several longtime members including myself went to the TOW boards to reach him and ask what the deal was.

Because of this a very large number of DB absolutely despised gray not only for the bio orb incident and publically embarassing everyone in the guild with his temper tantrum (which he made public by whining in the news section on the frontpage of our website), bur for abandoning the guild as well.

As time went by the guild was almost completely dead (the boards during that time were getting maybe 10 - 15 posts a week) when shadowbane beta became open, gray was still playing everquest with TOW and said he would not be returning or playing SB when i asked him, so i then took it upon myself to try and reunite darkenbane in shadowbane, i was successful and managed to get around 2 dozen old time darkenbane members on the roster along with several friends of ours from both rallos and sullon and we launched the guild under the name shadow consortium. poltical grappling in shadowbane aside, the guild was highly prosperous and was regarded by most on our server (scorn) to be one of the top pvp guilds on the server.

A month or so into shadowbane gray had a falling out with the TOW leadership and quit EQ, i got him to come to shadowbane and reunited him with the guild, made certain that old grudges were smoothed over between him and the various people who hated his guts, even though i had several people threatening to leave the guild if i let him in, all was well and gray was reunited with the guild again.

Shadowbane ended up sucking and everybody eventually left the game for other games, but the guild was now unified and in tact once again. gray took off to planetside with a few members and started up a new branch of the guild there (80% of which were recruited from PS and will not know much about anything in the guilds history prior to PS), others went to eve online and warcraft3 many went to various other RTS games or FPS games, i went to UO.

Then while awaiting world of warcraft EQ discord came out, many many DB members reactivated long cancelled accounts just to play on discord since it was pre expansion and luclin completely ruined everquest pvp. this leads us to the present situation and my departure from the guild.

The circumstances regarding my departure.

This was the result of a large ongoing disagreement between grayrage and myself that finally ended up in gray having a classic juvenille flare up and thusly removing my access from the boards and posting in multiple places that i had been booted in response to a post i made on the private officers forum, which was a reply to an ultimatum made my gray and was asked to discuss issues on the private board, however i guess my post was unacceptable or unanswerable because instead of replying he simply removed my access to avoid doing so.

What were we in such heated disagreement about you ask?

Primarily two things........

Firstly and most importantly, the guild has become overrun with people running cheat programs of all description, a good 50% of the members (and virtually every last one of the new discord recruits) now use these programs (primarily SEQ, but also speedhacks, tracker progs and most likely the zone warps), grayrage openly encourages and supports the use of SEQ on the private boards whilst he publically denounces the same and even posted a thread containing the information to make SEQ work for those that didnt know how to do it, i was and am vehemently against this and was extremely vocal about it on the private boards and in game chat. but seeing as how the "leader" uses it and has used it ever since the early days of rallos zek after his return trip form europe where members of orden d reinigenden finsternis set it up for him and encourages others to use it, the problem was not going to go away. after a phone conversation with grayrage (dave) we came to a reluctant agreement that i would not cause waves over SEQ on discord in return for gray promising to not allow cheat prgrams in future games we played.

However others were using speedhacks and other more nefarious cheats, notably wikybus, ewwok, and fragile (tokkas) have been verfied as using these cheats, a half dozen others are suspected of it but have not yet been verified so i will refrain from mentioning them for now.

I found out about these 3 using the hacks from several concerned DB members emailing and PMing me to see if i could clean up the situation, i brought the matter to grayrages attention in teamspeak and on the boards and he refused to boot them. instead he posted a smartassed tongue in cheek post on the private boards meant to humor myself and the others disagreeing with the cheat use, he then followed up the post with a plan to defeat the ogres using SEQ collected information as a further example of his true stance on the issue.

He then posted an ultimatum to me on the officer boards, an hour or so after my reply i had been booted.

Needless to say there has not been a single day where the top 5 points leaders on discord did not have at least 3 among them that would not be there but for SEQ and other cheat programs.

Secondly, i was/am against massive recruitment of unknowns. everyone who is a longtime DB member can remember at least a few massive retard infestations that destroyed comraderie and unity within the guild, each time one of these massive retard infestations is the sole doing of gray and his wanting to be an all powerful uber guild rather than what we started as, a small tight knit pk guild.

The situation never changes.......

1> New game/server comes out.

2> Most of the core DB are playing together and are a very strong force.

3> Gray decides to let in a few unknowns.

4> Then a few more.

5> Then all their friends.

6> Guild becomes bloated and a good 50% of the members are now new guys that nobody knows, half of which nobody seems to like either.

7> Drama and arguements ensue.

8> Something small happens and sets off the powderkeg causing either a splitup, or many people to leave. generally the majority of the new people leave, along with a few core DBers who have had one grayrage clusterfuck to many and are unwilling to deal with it anymore.

9> Gray, in the aftermath of losing most of his retards along with a few of the good members vows that from now on we will remain small and very selective of who we let in like before, usually insitutes recruitment rules and policies that will be "followed from now on" etc.

10> See step 1

An example of this would be the fact that thus far over 17 people from discord that nobody really knows have managed to find their way to being a DB member, 17+ new people in the coruse of less than 3 weeks. most of whom have very very little pvp experience and hark from blue everquest servers, and only wish to join darkenbane for leveling assistance and protection, virtually all of whom will be gone and never heard from again once discord is brought down.

Yet another example is the 107 man roster already present for world of warcraft when beta has not even begun yet and recruitment is still going strong.

I can think of 25 - 30 people i consider true DB, who the rest of those folks are ive positively no clue, and neither does anyone else, including gray.

By comparison other old school notable pvp guilds, such as SIN, CC, KAAOS, TR, TB, LOTD and others have very selective recruitment policies, and have avoided the drama stained history of darkenbane and the loss of core members partly because of that.

In any case i do not wish to get to long winded, and the rest of the content on this website that is hyperlinked throughout this message should pretty much explain just about everything, needless to say after approximately 5 years with darkenbane i am no longer affiliated with DB nor will i be again, not unless grayrage resigns and someone competent is placed in charge.

To all my friends within darkenbane,. i know a good number of you will hate me after this, so sorry but it needed to be done. i will not allow someone to boot me over disapproving of cheat programs and wanting to remain true to the original concept of what DB is supposed to be and used to be, then not only lie about it on the private boards but then publicly decry the very same things. not without consequence anyway. and i do hope you all wake up and shed yourselves of the ineffective "leader" who has managed to "lead" DB all these years only by the countless contributions and interventions of the many officers working behind the scenes to fix his screwups so that we may be on the same side again, if not then hey its only a game and i still like you =P

Many of you are likely wondering what my future plans with regards to games will be now, well as of the moment i am enjoying my various FPS games and UO, i have recently reactivated my SB account to fuck around with a few of the old shadow consortium crew there (any old SC that wish to join us are more than welcome) i have also begun recruitment for a new PK guild that will launch with the release of WoW, this guild will be like what darkenbane is SUPPOSED to be and USED to be and will be a much needed alternative to grays "new darkenbane" for all of our old RZ and SZ friends and disgruntled DB members. IE no massive retard recruitment, no cheat programs and no leader going on removal sprees when folks disagree with things, nor disbanding the guild and vanishing for more than a year over loot. those of you interested in this are NOT to send me a PM as not only are they not secure but it is quite possible i will be banned from the site after this as well, instead email me at wothdar@yahoo.com.

03-26-2004, 05:35 PM
I belive Darwoth even had a website dedicated to that whole stink fest.

A couple of TV shows come to mind when I think of Dorkenbane...."As The Dorkenbane Turns"..."All My Dorkenbane"....."General Dorkenbane"....oh and the best one after KAAOS tore apart Dorkenbane on Rallos Zek...staring Gayrage in "My Three Dorkenbane"....I'm sure there are more.

03-26-2004, 08:37 PM
Remember the old dorkenbane slogan?

"Darkenbane -- You can't quit, if you don't join."


03-26-2004, 10:26 PM
Remember the old dorkenbane slogan?

"Darkenbane -- You can't quit, if you don't join."

LOL! How could I have forgotten that. That shit was classic.

03-28-2004, 04:59 PM
Remember the old dorkenbane slogan?

"Darkenbane -- You can't quit, if you don't join."


That was mine. ;p

See? Again Heddy steals my material.

03-28-2004, 05:29 PM
So True Jokes.. So True..

Everyone thinks HE wrote the Six Circles.. when actually.. it is pieced together from things the rest of us have said.

Fucking Heddy.

03-28-2004, 06:05 PM
Damn idea thieves. Shoo!


03-29-2004, 12:17 PM
That quote actually was from one of my posts way back then. ;D

03-29-2004, 12:19 PM
Jesus you fucks are delusional. Joker... less crack.