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08-28-2004, 04:34 AM
for the love of god.....

I play on the Erica server. I play with people I've known for 3 or more years in another game and we have a clan there. Off and on we've had a war with the biggest clan/alliance on the server even though we're not close to half their strength, we try to do battle with them every chance we get. Because we know each other and communicate well through Ventrilo we often can handle them or anyone else with up to 2-1 numbers so long as we play smart. I like the pvp in this game, it was mostly thought out well.

I solo PvP sometimes because i know the risks and i am willing to take them. I have been red at least 8 times so far and have never had a problem. The last time was when I got rooted by an enemy and killed the person for rooting me even though i saw their name was flashing... i figured i was going red and i took the chance, even though i was still rooted and surrounded by enemies. I made it out, and I worked off the red.

Recently the leader of this much larger clan on our server called for a war, and there were many minor skirmishes but tonight was the big fight. I had a great time because finally they were fighting us back instead of hugging the town gates and running back as soon as they turned purple. That gets REAL boring after a while. Finally, a real fight, and we faught hard.

I took at least one death when their main force came because i wasn't following our clan leader's instructions, my fault... made me mad but it was no problem the fight goes on. After we got coordinated we started winning. We won fight after fight from then on until I noticed someone that had been attacking us over and over from a distance was purple and running with the rest of them away from us. I shot him a few times and killed him and went purple... ahh nice another kill.... then all of a sudden they all doubled back and focused their attack on me. I dropped pretty quick, but no biggie until i realized i was naked......... !!!!

What happened? Oh, that guy that wasn't purple? He wasn't really purple he was white and just using an exploit? And though my friends were all around me there were a couple "non combatants" standing right on top of me waiting for me to die. They knew what was going on even though i and my clan didn't. Fortunately my clanmates got 2 of the 3 main items that dropped (out of i think 6 or 7).

I got taken by people who knew an exploit and well... and expoited it. I lost a suit of +3 drake armor.

I don't mind losing fights, if all is fair then we either win or we lose. Even with odds against us we've won and those times were great, and other times we've lost and i've said "well there's always next time" but this thing leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I didn't lose that armor because i made a mistake.... if i did i would move on. I went back to the fight even with junk armor because my team needed me. I contacted the GMs and the first reply was an autoreply of something like "We let you take care of online business yourselves, like scammers" and then my petition was automatically dismissed. So i sent another, and the second time i got a real person.

I explained that this was not a scam, this was a bug exploit and i would like more assistance than "we're sorry" because this is not a BETA game this is a retail game which i paid money for. I explained what happened and that i felt this was not my fault but the fault of an exploited bug. Obviously a premeditated bug exploit by a group of players. The GM told me to come here and post my concerns which was very nice of them but you know... i been playing online RPGs since 1992 (on AOL for $3/hr) and i know what that means.... it means "thank you, please get lost and we'll fix it when we get to it and you won't get your stuff back so tough -_-".

If this is how i am going to be treated by the staff of this game, as if i somehow stumbled into a beta game that i paid for and i'm an idiot for expecting recompense for losses due to bugs, or even half-decent customer service, then i'm done with L2. I will go cancel my 2 accounts and be done with NCSoft for eternity. I played GemStone III from the time it was GemStone II to near the time it became GemStone IV (6 years on and off), I played UO for over a year, I played EQ from open beta to a little over a year ago (4 years or more) and I have yet to see a game with staff so unconcerned for their players. This is a joke right? Do you want only customers who seek every exploit they can find to grief other players with, only customers who are trying to make a profit from the game, only customers who want to play like it's StarCraft or Quake II? If so you're on the right track that's for sure.

I guess I'm a dying breed expecting good customer service and a nice place where i can relax for a while in an online "RPG". Guess that's gone, this is no place for me huh? Well I really thought this was a nice place, even knowing the kinds of junk that comes along with these games, but I SURE AS HELL DIDN'T EXPECT THE STAFF TO FULLY SUPPORT THEM!!!!

I'm either getting back what i lost due to the exploitable and known bugs in this game or I'm taking my money elsewhere and you can have your adena farmers and exploiters. There's plenty of other choices out there now, you're not Brad McQuaid.

-Dragonlord Noodulz of Erica

You can make a perfect game, but then you'll only have more imperfect people to deal with,

08-29-2004, 09:30 AM
Undoubtedly, the worst game EVER. Undoubtedly, the worst commnunity EVER. The people who play that game are what I like to call 'Jim Goodman's Children'.

You see, Jim Goodman was a retard who went to my high school. He wasn't fully retarded, just reeeeeal slow. Slack-jawed, if you will. You would think, being a retard, you'd keep a low profile, not attract too much attention. Not Jim. Loud, rude, he'd run up behind you, pinch the flabby part of your under-arm and squeeeeeeeeeeeel with delight, at how bad he 'got you'. Sometimes when you were standing in the lunch line next to him, he'd 'pretend' to sneeze on your lunch...but of course, being a slack-jawed retard, decent sized chunks of slobber would make it onto your food. Of course we'd all laugh at him and make fun of him like normal school kids. But this didn't phase Jim one bit.

The thing that pissed me off the most though, was the teachers. This littler fucker could get away with anything. His favorite thing to do was yell "FAAAAAG" really loud in between class and point at someone. Anyone. It didn't matter. You were just the latest victim of "Oh, Jim's at it again". And the teachers NEVER intervened. Then one day Jim did his "FAAAAAAAAAAAG!" routine to 'the quiet kid'. It wasn't pretty. The quiet kid, whose name was Tim, had some pent up anger...to say the least. Jim started in on him, and Tim ignored him for the better part of the length of a hallway, but of course Jim kept at it. And at it. And started following him down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, Tim stopped, turned around and grabbed Jim by the hair and started yanking him forward down the steps. Jim went limp, like the the retarded jellyfish he was, and Tim dragged him to the bottom of the stairs with Jim squeeling and jibbering like a doe caught in barbedwire. Tim threw him up against a locker and smacked Jim in the face twice...all the while Tim was saying something to Jim that none of the rest of us could hear. When Tim raised his hand for a third retard-bitch-smack, Jim yelled "OK!!!" and that was that. Tim said something to Jim again, that we couldn't hear. Jim scampered off down the hall like quasimodo running from a back surgeon. Jim still sneezed on your food, pinched your underarm and behaved like a retard from that day forward, and after a few weeks he was back to yelling "FAAAAAAAAAAAG" again. You thought I was gonna say "Jim learned his lesson and never yelled "FAAAAG" again and behaved like normal", didn't you? Yea, you did. You forgot one thing tho...Jim was a friggin' retard.

Let's see, the moral of our story? I guess it's this: These douch bags are 3rd world country retards, and no amount of bitching, GM pleading, or even threats of real-life beatings will make them stop. This game was made FOR gooks, BY gooks.

How many "babygirl00", "anglegirl", "kisskisslove" and "xXbossboyXx", do you need to convince you who plays this game? The GM's are gooks (aka Jim's teachers), they don't care. Their culture is so fucked up, we simply cannot compete on the level that they play, no WORSHIP, that shitty ass, bug/exploit ridden, treadmill, carrot-on-a-stick game. Those people LIVE for that game. They have something like 2 million subscribers in JUST Korea. Isn't that like the whole fucking country?? They are CRAZY for that game. And don't forget the Chinese play that game like crazy too. Yes, China, "let's run over our own fucking people with tanks, but oh no, do not cheat in Lineage!". Yea, that'll happen. They have the advantage that they have been playing it for years before us and they literally do nothing else. I guess it beats farming rice. And they love nothing better than sticking it to Mr America, on our own server..."you go round eye! Rang rang! And get out of south korea too while you at it!". Cheating, exploiting, or selling us in-game money at stupid high prices...it doesn't matter, they'll do it. It's Lineage. It's their life. Let them have it, it means nothing. You could buy their house and land with a week's paycheck, and hell, prolly even their daughter. EQ is a 10x better game. COH is a 10x better game. WoW blows it away. Hell, go back to UO. Find another game to play. Walk down the other hallway, away from Jim Goodman.

Teh End

08-29-2004, 01:20 PM
Just do a search for "lineage gangs" on google and start reading articles until you're convinced we should nuke the whole country, it takes like 15 minutes tops. Between the kids who form actual gangs and kill people who PK their characters and the kid who played for 86 hours straight without moving and died from a blood clot caused by lack of physical activity, it's not like we'd be losing much intelligent life by making the whole place into a nuclear wasteland.

09-02-2004, 01:15 PM
Love it Mal, hah, perfect analogy. I'm gonna stay in the game though, just can't bring myself to quit. I don't even have much time to play L2 anymore but I'm hoping things will get better with school starting again and a new Asian server going up. Will still be stuck with sucky GMs who don't give a crap about the users but I'm used to that from years of EQ.

-Teh Noodulz

09-02-2004, 06:12 PM
I'm on Kain, myself. LOL I'm a fucking glutton too.

I hit it about twice a week, so I'm playing VERY casually. Friend from Shadowbane left me his lvl 50 SR, and I just got him an Eminence Bow. (he had 10 million in the bank, so I threw 1mil into the pot to get it). Got my Shilien Elder up to 24 in early april when it first came out and was like 'fuck this grind'. So tired of leveling in these games. The guild on guild warfare here has more promise than even SB...but I'm takin' it real slow, and casual, cuz you know the chinese and koreans are going to be the castle holders, so I'll learn from them what I can, then stick it in their ass when the opportunity presents itself.

I need to find me a good group of 7 or 8 folks who run like a mercenary squad or something. Hit them chinese fuckers while they're doing their dwarf, dagger, dagger, dagger, cleric, 5 box shit.

09-02-2004, 10:43 PM
Yea i got... er had a 52 SR. I got a little 18 dark elf mystic following me around that i'll probably make a shillien elder because of the crit buffs. In the meantime he can heal me when I wanna take down those "group mobs" that are way better exp/SP than normal mobs like Kunzar bats in the swamp. Can do up to 3 of them without too much trouble.

I said had because our clan (as i said in above post) is in a war with the biggest alliance on the server. We're like 6 clans they're like 20+ heh. We own them bigtime when we fight with anything near even numbers but last weekend we got ripped up by their zerg. Most of my exp loss was from going red though, i love when a caster tries to taunt me then gets dropped in 2 hits.

Anyhow I've play slower exp games, like GemStone III. I learned that the social aspect makes the grind a lot easier because you're not really paying attention to your exp bar like when you're soloing. Prob is most of my clan hasn't had the experience of a much slower exp grinding game so they're a lot less patient. The beatings we've taken lately are a drop to morale so the weaker ones are falling off (as I almost did, +3 drake is what 4+ mil worth?) due to grind+pvp. I don't blame 'em, takes a lotta toughness to hang in there when everything looks like shit.


09-03-2004, 07:48 PM
Well, anybody willing to play L2 full-time has got some serious fucking balls in my book. (that, and a screw loose. ;)). Maybe if they deliver the 'server move' shit they promised, i'll look you up on erica. Way too many chinese and carebears on kain.