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08-24-2004, 10:33 AM

I like this guy, rants like Lum the Mad on real life issues. I disagree with a lot of his opinions but he's still hilarious.

Cute little excerpt:

"Chronic fatigue can be a sign of something super fucking serious, so if you suffer from prolonged, unexplained lethargy or weakness, see your doctor and ask for some other very expensive poorly understood medication that's much cheaper in Canada. However, if you have an active life and need extra energy to keep up, fuck coffee - try Altovis.

Or you could try exercise, you gut-less fucking invertebrate. You could try not working 80 hour work weeks where you raise your child via cell phone and illegal immigrant. You could try to eat some fucking fish and salad now and again instead of stuffing your bloated maw with french fries and sugar water.

We're sorry. Did we say that out loud?

You mentioned you were feeling slightly anxious about speaking in front of 800 people this weekend? You also said you're feeling a little down after your husband and two daughters were smeared across the North bound lane of Interstate 81? You may need Paxil. By soaking your brain in Serotonin you won't feel a god damned thing. Come personal tragedy or job loss, you'll function at the hippest Manhattan cocktail parties with that glassy-eyed look that lets others know you're "doing ok(TM)".

This is how it works:

Well, actually, we're really not sure how it works.

Anyway, look at this cute rock cartoon. Birds and such seem uninteresting to you? Some days you hate your job? You wanted to be a rock star but now sell insurance? Some days you feel a little sad, right? Wonder what the fuck you're doing here?

You may be suffering from a serious and dehabilitating disease called awareness. Awareness is a potent disease that affects an increasingly dwindling number of Americans."