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08-11-2004, 08:40 AM
Shadow Bane (wait, hear me out), has a 15 day free trial going. The game, classes, combos, templates, sieges, everything , has changed 10 fold since you guys were in beta.

If ya interested, play on the Test server..10X exp, and 5X gold, and nothing but bitches and so called "PvP Gods" to kill. The whole population is PKing, so no care bears BSing around.

I got no problem getting you guys power leveled up, wether you want to hang and PvP with us, or do your own thing. Lot's of current guilds there that truely believe they are the best PvP guilds on the net.

Div Devlin
08-11-2004, 09:54 PM
I reloaded the game, patched up and went into it over the weekend. I didnt stay very long. After doing SWG, CoH, and WoW I find myself back in SWG while playing KotOR.

I agree, Shadowbane has done great strides and is a different game, but the interface and graphics are really hard to get used to. That whole desert background thing on logon for character creation right away invoked a feeling of suckass, causing me to rub my eyes and eventually flee.

08-12-2004, 09:08 AM
Div, allow me this, graphics don't make the game. The core of the game is the player vs player fighting, and if you dodn't try this, you sold yourself short with your revisit.

08-12-2004, 09:24 AM
PvP in Shadowbane? It was closer to template vs template. Who can level up their healer channy the fastest?! Followed closely by, who can level up their mino barb the fastest?! What's the character of the month right now? There was never any thinking involved in that game, the results of any given fight were decided by the last patch notes; not by anything you actually did during the fight.

I did however have a ton of fun as a thief, more fun than any of the other MMORPG's I've played since then. Shadowbane definately did stealth the right way, the only complaint I had about their stealth system was that so many people had track available to them for basically nothing. But even stealing gets boring after a while, especially considering that thieves had no real use in PvP. I could backstab one guy, but not a guy in plate, because he wouldnt feel it; and not a guy with a shield, because it wouldnt even hit him; and not a barbarian, because he'd just laugh at me and then beat me to death with his other 6000 HP. Towards the end, after I gave up on my thief, I tried out the character of the month thing with an AE druid, which was more boring than anything else in the history of the world. Look, me and my 3 friends can walk into your group and kill you all in 20 seconds with no thinking on our part!

I'm sure things have changed some since then, but I didnt even mention the lag, the exploits, or, oh yeah, the immense concentration of idiots. I doubt I'll be trying it again.

Div Devlin
08-12-2004, 08:42 PM
graphics don't make the game. The core of the game is the player vs player fightingI agree, and from day one of Shadowbane I was a staunch supporter of the proposed PvP asepcts, not caring about the graphics.

But, pvp was a big turn off on release.
I look at the world maps now, and there are too many cities. No one wants to fight anyone, because resources are to hard to aquire. Cities cost to much. And sieges are in effective.

No one can or want's to PvP in a large guild war.
Shadowbane's original aspect, is gone.
Destroy a city, and game is over.
Now, in beta... That was a different story.

If you could lose the city, but be able to replace it in a non overwhelming amount of time, than that is good. But, if it takes months to replace a lost city, why bother?

As to the template vs. template, FotM, etc.
Did they ever balance all the classes, or are some still just useless?
I really just don't feel (have the heart/interest) to log into newbie island, spend 3 days getting to level 20, to get to go to the next leveling ground to get to lvl 30 after a week to find that I only have a day or two left (if I was able to maximize all my available to during the free trial) to immerse myself in the game with random gank sqauds (As there are no large scale wars taking place).

What's the point?
Especially with Guild Wars* and WoW* around the corner?

Not saying either of these will be the Holy Grail either as I did not enjoy my short time in WoW.

08-13-2004, 09:01 AM
Well, I won't try and convince you to revisit, cause your mind is made up. But, I will say that things have changed a bit with the player base too.

When the game first started, you had 1/2 the population thinking that another game, maybe like EQ, where they could sit on the side line, build cities, famr, PvE, and have their own private fun. When you ran through, ripped their cities down, alot did leave.

The player base now, and I do agree it's not very mature, but what game is? The people are there for PvP/PK now only. A little RP exisit, but it's a means to PvP. 90% of the classes and templates are all viable. With more disiplines and races and classes, the combos have increased, and there are some really good strange builds.

Channies, came and went back in the first couple of months, now they are back. Classes like Templars are now in full effect with the tweeking they have done.

Folks have learned to fear UDL's Were rat Cross Bow groups, our spec siege group is as close to unbeatable as there is. We rolled Mourning for 11 months, on top, then the super AOE groups popped up, started countering the archer somewhat. Deflars (defensive Templars) came in..my point is, that even though the game has been out for over a year, new class combos keep popping up.

My suggestion for the Test server was for you guys who have played and dont feel like speaning a week leveling up to 75 now..10X Exp..means 65 in less than a day...5X gold means repairing isan after thought.

My main reason was this: Ever since NWN closed..I always hoped that this "new" generation of online gamers, who all think they are the shit, would experience the "originials" the older guilds that were around while they were shitting in pampers. I am not an idiot, I wouldn't think KAAOS, UDL, GC, KOTR..etc would all be under a flag united together. I would love to have seen all those guilds playing a single game, teaching these new gamers a thing or two about why we started all this online shit.

08-13-2004, 10:44 AM
Now, in beta... That was a different story.
Yep, the game was fun.