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07-05-2004, 05:43 AM
Hey, after taking that geek test, reminded me of my recent project that i started.

Planetside has inspired me to create a game in its image. Basically I will be ripping it off completely. But the best part is everything that PS lacks I will make up for.

I began the project about a month ago and have written about 10,000 lines of source code. The problem is, i need people that are proficient in any 3d rendering software. I have Maya 5, and 3D Studio max but i become far to frustrated with them far too easily.

So if any of you wanna character and or map design for me or are serious about working this game with me, email me at angrybudlight@yahoo.com. I'm using C++ not the stupid .Net crap either. Old school Visual Studio. Unfortuantely, perhaps, i decided against OOP when i began, so good old structs / typedefs for now. I may go back and modify everything to incorporate Classes and all those other "great" C++ features but undecided as of yet.

Extensive DirectX, physics, 3d math knowledge, etc a plus

Anyway, drop me an email.