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09-14-2008, 09:52 PM
For those of you joining us for Warhammer Online, a brief history. KAAOS has been a guild since the days of Neverwinter Nights on AOL, and has had a significant presence in numerous games, including Everquest, UO, Planetside, and World of Warcraft. We have been a primarily PVP guild for the majority of this time, with the exception being time spent playing WOW and its expansion.

With the release of Age of Conan early in 2008, the calls for KAAOS to go back to its PVP roots went out. The game sucked donkey balls and our members withdrew in disgust, but the desire for a good PVP game remained. Now, with Warhammer Online, we have a game that seems to fit both our playstyle and attitude.

KAAOS is playing WAR to kick ass and take names and have fun doing so. We operate as "Casual Hardcore".

"Casual" means that we don't have any expectations that you'll play X number of hours a week. We're adults here and we know that your family, friends, and real life are important.
"Hardcore", on the other hand, means that when you are playing, you're giving it 100%. You're not watching TV, working, writing a dissertation, etc - you're focused on the game and kicking ass.
Mature. We're adults and we act like it.


KAAOS demands quality and excellence, both at gaming and in your interactions with people in the guild. We don't tolerate second-rate players or people.

Be skilled. Be knowledgeable. Know your class. Know your role. Execute it.
Donít be defensive. Everyone fucks up. If someone tells you to do something differently, donít sweat it or get upset - just do what you need to do to fix the problem. Have a thick skin.
Follow your group/band leader's calls. If you've got to question something, do it when we're taking a moment to breathe, not when we're about to roll into the enemy line.
Be fun. Don't be some dull-witted slack-jawed gimp. Speak up. Crack jokes.
Read the forums regularly. Participate.
Be loyal and committed to our goals and our values. If you've got our name over your head, everything you say or do reflects on us.

Our organizational structure for WAR is going to be relaxed. Our goal is to have people feel like they can log in any evening, kick some ass, and log off.

KAAOS in WAR will run on EST. The in-game calendar will reflect this.
Feel free to schedule groups. The expectation here is that you'll lead what you schedule.
If you have a question or issue, bring it up to any of the officers.

KAAOS will be recruiting in WAR. Past and present affiliates in good standing are invited to run with us, no questions asked. Personal friends of established long-term affiliates are welcome as well. If you are approached by players who are interested in joining our ranks, direct them to our forums and we will have instructions on how to apply available.

Our Warhammer RVR Goals
KAAOS has always been a small, tight group of players, focused on specific objectives and goals. Traditionally, the guild has acted as a light strike force, moving quickly to our objective, killing any opposition, holding it for a set amount of time, and moving on. We expect to maintain this style of play in Warhammer - while we may join the zerg from time to time, the majority of our operations should be occurring outside or parallel to the zerg.

Be on Teamspeak. We will always be using voice and you will need to be on TS to hear directions. If you don't have a microphone, you should get one and spend the time to set it up.
Follow the instructions of your group/warband leader. Generally, KAAOS groups will have someone who is calling strategic level objectives, in addition to one or two people who are handling the immediate tactical engagement - calling targets, movement, etc.
Be prepared to move quickly, both to disengage from a fight and engage the enemy.
Maintain communications discipline. Save the jokes and general shit-shooting for pre-fight and post-fight so that the group leaders can direct traffic without shouting over you.
Be ready to assist the leaders. We're always looking for talent, and we're always looking to bring out talent in our affiliates, be it on the battlefield or in an organizational capacity.
Situational awareness is important. No one is going to see or notice everything. The more information we have flowing in, the better the decisions we can make. Speak up when you notice something!