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02-13-2004, 05:46 AM
I posted this on the private forums a while back, got stoned again and added to it and edited it a bit. Azmo thought the whole thing sucked except the part about guild v guild, but he also said I should post shit like this in the general forums. Now I don’t really give a fuck what Azmo thinks, but since I went to the trouble of writing this shit it seems appropriate that somebody should have to read it.

I doubt anyone can make anything like this right now, and I am still a bit unclear about how it would all fit together, but I want a good game. I want roleplaying but I don’t want shitty pvp and I don’t want Itemquest. So since I am sitting around seeing how high I can get, I asked myself, well what exactly the fuck DO you want? Well that’s easy. I want everything, so I’m gonna go ahead and ask for it. There are areas where I don’t know exactly what I want, so somebody is gonna have to tell me what I want and make a good case for it.

I might have an original idea once or twice during this thought vomit, but for the most part I just rip off the good things about existing games and shove them into a huge complex bastardized amalgam.

The Basics:

I want the feel of an FPS while playing. I want skill to be more important than levels. No auto target -cast -a -spell –and- click- a –few-buttons bullshit…I want to have to aim to hit something. This does not completely rid the possibility of melee weapons…the knife in PS seems to work just fine in an fps…at least in principle. You could always add more and different types of melee weapons, special moves that use more stamina or some shit. I think for more of the RPG feel you would have to increase HP to allow people to live a bit longer and make staying alive preferable to zerg tactics.

Offensive spells would have to be aimed and could include area of effect. Point blank AE could be worked in pretty easily. Add guns, flamethrowers, whatever gets your dick hard, the engine is the same, just code different effects for different things. Jedi Academy has a bit of the idea I am looking for …but it’s a bit too much bouncing off the walls and hope you hit something as you flail your sword around with the speed buff going, and don’t even think about trying to hit something with a gun that’s moving that fast.

Trade Skills

Trade skills always seem to end up tedious and mind numbing in MMO’s, but they really shouldn’t have to. Let me try and explain. One thing they kinda did right in the new NWN...but basically fucked it up anyway…anyone could make armor in the toolset. You could design the look of the armor with a pretty amazing amount of options to create your own look. This could be improved upon, tweaked and fucked with so that people who are really good at making nice looking armor could conceivably make money from it, or at the very least, have the best looking gear in the game.

You could also choose what stats were added to pieces of armor. In new NWN it was level based… you could put X number of resistances or spell effects or what have you on a piece of armor before it was too high a level for you to wear. You could easily change this to a set amount of room on each piece of armor. New NWN fucked up with the values on a lot of the stuff and their combat was pretty retarded but the armor idea is sound.

So what you basically end up with is a system where you have resistances to types of damage, buffs to attributes, etc that can all be added to armor, but only room on any given set of armor to add a finite amount. SO instead of a clickfest of mind numbing artificial skill raises, armor crafting becomes a matter of who is good at figuring out what attributes or qualities work well for different classes.

Weapons could be handled in much the same way. I still need to do some thinking on this aspect, especially if adding spellcasting as a component, but something on the order of Planetside’s cert system for who can carry different categories of weapons would probably work, then each category has X amount of room for qualities that can be added to it, etc.

Now for vehicles I want to rip off Motor City Online. Maybe I wouldn’t go quite as far as they did…but the ability to buy parts and put them together and make a better vehicle than the guy next to you would kick serious ass in an MMO. A better driver could overcome a slightly deficient automobile…but he needed something in the same class to win. SO instead of classic muscle cars, you have tanks and jeeps and shit. Add some guns mounted here and there and viola’. You need to make steering wheel joysticks compatible too. Then you have guys that are total gearheads that are working in the guild garage building better vehicles …and you got guys that are good drivers actually wanting to drive the shit because it has a good interface where they can shine.

Anyway…you get the idea, trade skills are actually based on the players ability to perform the skill, not the avatars ability to stand in front of a forge clicking shit. This would also bring up the possibility …or maybe even the need…to have different sets of armor and weapons and vehicles that excelled at a specific thing for a specific mission.

The End Game

Well in my opinion the end game should pretty much be the same as the beginning game. We have all been on the level treadmill long enough to create a long distance runner for an avatar. Planetside isn’t all bad. There you can compete right out of the gate with a few certs, you just aren’t very versatile until you level up a bit. I would get rid of the Command Rank shit though, and I would get rid of anything that resembled empire vs. empire. I would however have character stats, the usual str, dex, con and other shit that affected how your character handled certain types of weapons and saves against different damages and spells.

Guild vs. Guild is the only way to go, but it gets tricky. We all saw in Shadowbane that guild vs. guild can end up with 300 retards forming a guild and tearing ass through everyone with pure numbers. The penalty for getting your ass kicked by one of these zerg guilds was too extreme also. There needs to be at least some piece of property that a guild can work out of that can’t be fucked with. There also needs to be some way to limit guild size, or at least limit the scope of battles. Game designers these days seem to all think that everyone wants bigger battles with more people involved. We don’t. We want smaller battles with people we know can kick some ass, and the ability to move on down the road and kick someone else’s ass. Large persistent world doesn’t have to mean large persistent lag ridden battles. I would like it to mean a shitload of smaller battles with actual objectives.

I think some RTS could be worked into city building, but it would have to be somehow slower paced than the traditional RTS being a persistent world an all. Guild leaders could set buildings, send npc’s off to mine or farm or defend or whatever. When you lose a building, you lose that revenue, but you aren’t stuck spawning at some fucking ruins having to declare fealty to some zerg retard guild to be able to bank. I know…I am kinda hazy on this section. The whole economy/endgame has some major problems that need overcome. Shadowbane had some good ideas …but they had flaws. The economy was necessary but farming cash was the wrong answer. Maybe have NPC’s that are hired to gather or mine or whatever, and npc craftsmen that make the vehicle or weapon parts or whatever and sell them. The PC craftsmen buy the parts and build the shit. The npc vendors and gatherers would be part of the rts type city management. No given area would have all the raw materials you need which forces trade, hell exchange rates could be set for materials high in demand. Everyone sells their excess to the common exchange, which the server could easily handle and calculate exchange rates based on how much of a given material it currently has available.

Parts could be stolen from other guilds bases. Base defenses could be put in place, with alarms and robot guards or whatever else you can fucking come up with. Base defenses could increase in inverse proportion to the amount of people you had online vs the attacking force. But on a more basic level I need a reason to fight. What does fighting and winning gain you? It can’t really be uber items, that just fucks with balance too much. Taking over the world seems a natural choice, but unless somebody has some good ideas that shadowbane didn’t hear about then I don’t think it’s a valid option. I’m kinda stumped. Gonna have to have a visit with the bong and see if I learn anything.

If you have read all this horseshit, you probably should seek professional help. It’s a pipe dream, and like most dreams it gets clouded in parts. But fuck it. Nobody will make it if I don’t ask.

02-13-2004, 12:44 PM
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