View Full Version : Age of Conan Update.

06-18-2008, 10:45 AM
Well Funcom is now patching twice a week, they've addressed a number of bugs, and problems that were game breaking. So I've got to give credit, where credit is due, they are making a very good attempt at fixing the problems with Age of Conan. A couple of examples ... the dreaded buff bug has finally been squashed, lot's of class balances issues have been made, new items were added to the game, content that was broke has been fixed, and new content added.

On Deathwhisper itself, things are really starting to heat up as more, and more of the server reaches level 80. Lot's of skirmish battles have, and are taking place between guilds constantly, and a few guilds have already put up their Battle Keeps. The first Battle Keep siege actually took place yesterday morning at 6am EST, between PFB, and Lords of the Dead.

PFB was the attacking force, and was driven off by Lords of the Dead. The final score was Lords of the Dead 740, and PFB 47. Both sides reported that while the siege warfare was fun, there is a lot of problems still. Lag was pretty horrible, there are certain parts of the walls where you can just run through as though the wall wasn't even there, siege machines are not working at all once you deploy them, and so on, and so forth. Funcom's going to have to address these issues pretty damn quick, there is a rather large content patch that's coming out at the end of June, or early July, so hopefully it will contain a large number of fixes for siege warfare.

While Age of Conan still has come problems, it's still a pretty damn good game, and I'm enjoying it. I think with a bit more time, Funcom will come though, and we'll have a much better polished version of what we are currently playing now.