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06-22-2004, 03:00 PM

The sound was immense. It was huge. It doesn't look like it, written here
on the page as it is. But it would have curdled your soul.


Again it came, and this time there was a shuddering in the ground that
accompanied it. A long shrill wail began to rise and rise across the octaves
as even the dead awoke to the sound.


This was the sound of a single KAAOS God... Knocking.

Hedron stood at the gates of the SATAN Guild, his fist, to all appearances just lightly reaching out, and tapping the immense steel-reinforced barrier. Only the shuddering, and the devastating noise gave notice of the immense force of that knock.

He leaned casually upon the Twisted Cross like it was a walking stick. The glowing tip shot patterns of electricity through the ground where it rested.

Finally, the door began to open - tentatively... A young demon by the name of Luc1fer stood in the narrow gap, a defiant sneering look on his face. "Who are you to disturb the minions of he-"

This was as far as he got, as one of the points on the Twisted Cross buried itself 4 inches deep in his forehead. Luc1fer stood there, eyes crossed and peering at the wrought iron that was poking into his brain, draining the life from him.

"I'm Hedron. Fool. And you are? Ah yes, I see. You are dead."

With a booted foot, Hedron removed the refuse from his weapon the point of the Twisted Cross breaking the bones of Luc1fer's face, and leaving a chasm between his eyes as it was forcibly withdrawn.

Hedron walked in.

The door was a dimensional transport, and its magic strained under the need to transport one so powerful. But it had been built to transfer armies of demons... it could handle one god.

For the first time since these demons had banded together for protection, their plane of hell was being visited by a god. Hedron glanced around at the pools of flames, the wretches that were strung across rocks, the intestines that adorned the walls as though they had been exploded there. Yaas, this plane of hell was in full swing, every power in it active, and straining at the world to produce evil so terrible that it would never be forgotten.

It looked, as unlikely as it was, like the Hell Hole on a Sunday morning. Hedron idly wondered how many of these weaklings could survive the fury of a KAAOS feast, as opposed to dwadling in the equivalent of what the gods considered quiet recovery time.

Ah well. On to business. There appeared to be a rapidly approaching force of armed assailants. They were screaming across the rock-strewn and fire-ridden ground like missiles, intent of destroying whoever this was. Their defenses bristled, magic was cast that was strong enough to raise the hairs on the back of the neck of any mortal within a hundred leagues.

Power mounted, as the energies of hell were drawn upon, and the attackers drew near. But as they approached, their minds superbly focused on raising the forces neccesary to deal with this intruder, reality rippled without them noticing. When they arrived, Luc1fer stood before them.

"Luc1, what are you doing down here?! You were to watch the gate! You got alotta splainin' to do, Luc1!" screamed the first to arrive.

Luc1fer smiled at them, as they all surrounded him, their magics fading away, and their voices rising as they accosted him for abandoning his post. Another ripple in reality shuddered out from the form of Luc1fer, like rings around a rock thrown in a puddle. A force of dispelling magic breezed through the surrounding children of SATAN. Their eyes widened, and just as they began to react, the very form of Luc1fer exploded.

Gobbets of fake flesh exploded away on the fore-front of a terrible series of fireballs. Flame and death exploded across the bodies of the demons, rocked them, invaded them, punctured them, and ultimately, burned away their lives.

Bodies lay strewn around the now revealed form of Hedron. They lay strewn around the smile of Hedron. He was quite pleased with himself.

The point of the Twisted Cross glowed searing white hot. He walked, one by one, to each body, and with that super-heated point of the Twisted Cross, he branded each of them in the forehead - like putting out a cigar on their faces. One by one. Evl Fiend, Luc1fer, Lord Calis, Lrd Kanian, Bloodsoul, Lord Nasu. One by one.

Each of these demons were dead. Oh, Hedron knew well enough that no demon killed by the fire they were born in would stay dead. These would be back. These in particular had special powers that guaranteed they would be back. Although only Hedron could remove the brand that the Twisted Cross was burning into their heads.

But he smiled, as he leaned the bodies up against one another in a large sitting group of back-to-back corpses. He wrapped a rope around their necks, binding their heads together like a bunch of carrots in the Neverwinter Market.

They might be back, but they certainly wouldn't be back IN TIME. He chuckled as he folded a long parchment into a massive paper hat, big enough to be worn by six heads. These six corpse heads. He placed it upon their bound together noggins, leaving it to be found as he walked back out the way he had come in. The parchment said simply, "We have accepted your application. Prepare yourselves."

The killing had begun. And it would only get worse.

Hedron laughed.

False Prophet


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