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06-22-2004, 02:51 PM
Subj: DM with Sir Rellik
Date: 96-01-17 23:47:45 EST

The day finaly came that I met the champion of Kaos in the DM chamber in triboar.
Tis a sad day, for just at the moment of victory. I found out that I had only 17 hpts left,
and it was the dreaded Sir Relliks turn for a blow. With a cast from a scroll, the last
breath of Nor Rellik was drawn before he was pitched into enternal darkness.
Farewell All, fore I have been defeated forever.( "There can be only one".)
Songshine M'Love please send my body aflote afire down the nw river.
Keep my heart in yours forever so that a small part of me will live always.
HAIL *NOR!!!!!!!!
Nor Rellik.

j: Re:DM with Sir Rellik
Date: 96-01-18 00:00:03 EST

Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!{sobs} And I didnt get to Tri in time to be with him
when he died! {falls on floor and sobs}

Hysterical Widow
S0NGSubj: Re:DM with Sir Rellik
Date: 96-01-18 00:06:33 EST

This is a sad day for NOR to have lost such a great man. But especially for
his grieving widow S0NGSHINE.

I know you will all join me in giving her all the support we can.

Songshine, you are not alone in your grief, all of NOR grieves with you.

Baron Ayeone ;{Subj: Funeral services
Date: 96-01-18 00:12:44 EST

Funeral services will be held thurs at 8 EST. Eulogy in the NOR hall, to be
followed by river burial in NW

Pass the word
S0ngSubj: Re:DM with Sir Rellik
Date: 96-01-18 00:13:04 EST

Nor Rellik, a Baron of Nor, was found outside the NOR Guild House, his gut
stretched our for thirty feet before him: he had been dragged by the
entrails. The hole cut in his belly to pull the intestines out was made by
an expert; A KAAOSer had to be at fault.

Subj: Re:DM with Sir Rellik
Date: 96-01-18 00:14:20 EST

Angry at the loss of the Doubles title to a pair of BDA upstarts, RELLIKK
went looking for something to kill.........and found Nor Rellik outside the Chamber
of Death in Triboar. Thinking it was past time for the Nor to die.......the two
Relliks entered the foreboding room.

RELLIKK breathed deeply and stepped out into the chamber. He heard, rather
than saw the sweep of the mace arcing toward him, and flung himself aside
just before it struck. Nor Rellik, grunted with the effort of his swing, a
cloaked shape to one side. RELLIKK, all in armor, blade edges and spikes
glinting wickedly, hurled a dagger in return, thudding into the living tree
next to Nor Rellik causing the trunk to split apart.

With the introductions out of the way, RELLIKK called upon his globe of
protection, and went to work whittling down the Nor's resistance with a
couple of fumbles and holds. Nor Rellik in turn relentlessly threw spell
after spell at the DreadLord of KAAOS, only to see them redirected at the
many images the KAAOS GOD had dancing around his body.

Suddenly with an insane laugh RELLIKK struck back and made the Nor pay for
his folly in daring to attack his God. Swinging his nine inch serrated
dagger, RELLIKK smashed through Nor Rellik's mace as he made a futile parry,
blasted through his cuirass and caved in his chest. As Nor Rellik staggered
back, dark rich blood flowing out of his mouth, RELLIKK stalked his foe
casting numerous cause wound spells and laughing in glee as chunks of grisly
flesh were torn from the Nor's body.

Sensing Nor Rellik was near death, RELLIKK seized the Nor's weapon arm, and
then drove his sinister nine inch serrated dagger into Nor Rellik's belly,
tearing upward in a gutting stroke that sheared into breastbone. As the
KAAOS DreadLord feasted on the hapless Nor's soul, Nor Rellik's cries of
pain melted into a dull groan and then into deathly silence as he sank from
RELLIKK's grasp and spilled to the ground. NEVER TO RISE AGAIN.

Heh! Heh!


Subj: Re:DM with Sir Rellik
Date: 96-01-18 02:03:12 EST

Dagnamit wish I could have been there to help kill him dang it.:{ I along
with many others grieve for our departed comrade.And now to find and banish
Sir rellik forever is a task that I wish to undertake.


No No No

Subj: Rellik's Death
Date: 96-01-18 10:55:44 EST
From: Nor Imm00r

Hail *Nor!!,

Tis a sad thing indeed what happened. Nor Rellik will be missed by
all. But we will never forget him. Rellik, why did you go and get yourself
killed? You just became a Baron, bad timing, hehe, well , things happen for a
reason, granted I am not happy about your death, but things happen the way
they do either for the worse or better, heh, well, I am starting not to make
sense here so I will stop now.

From: Hedron

WWWWWHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!


In no other place in the realms will you find this kind of evil.

The Hell Hole is IT.

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