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06-22-2004, 12:01 PM
Subj: Re: Access
Date: 97-06-20 01:33:53 EDT
From: Xylina
To: Slayve, Kyle Bain, Azmodion, Ixeon, NOQUAR
To: Lord Kulio, Krynal, Sir Rellik, War Knight
To: SoulKisser, Hedron, Daredevyl, Ego Prime
To: Kal Mirage, Kr0angel, AZIMER, K1ng Kobra
To: Frytz Gryn, Dark Aura, Traelena, Xu X1ang
To: Feebinator, Mad Ripper, NiteRage, Kulvra
To: Turmoyle, PIMPZILLA, ZERACKUS, ITB Maniac, Krozar
To: FAT K1D, TheR1ddler, Slag Tyros, Werdrach
To: StilB0rn, Lrd Guppy, Ahlora, Nurgl1ng, Dratsaba
To: measure@earthlink.net, dlkrueger@worldnet.att.net
To: hedron@earthlink.net, SRG666@cris.com
To: drunklikeme@juno.com, baddmojo@juno.com
To: jonbarry1@livenet.net, scottwe@ucbeh.san.uc.edu
To: hgp2@snet.net, kanaka@concentric.net
To: lilhal@earthlink.net, ego@best.com
To: noquar@servcom.com, pikeark@fortwayne.infi.net
To: nurgling@juno.com

Subj: The End.
Date: 97-06-20 01:27:42 EDT
From: Da Hangman

All throughout the lands of Neverwinter, the cries of those in pain could be heard. But amidst the cries of pain and anguish, the sounds of anger rose much higher.

The people of NeverWinter, despite being harassed by the Nazi rule under the Hitler-like leader, NW Snowie, were fighting back. What did they have to lose? Their homes had already been comprimised. Even before the loss of their homes, the secret raids of the uncaring gestapo NW agents took place.. No, NW had not gotten better with time.. it had gotten worse.

Luckily these people who were willing to fight until the end, these very people whom were like a family to each other.. they became better and they grew stronger. Whether it be in NeverWinter or elsewhere.. these people would thrive. Well, as long as KAAOS allowed them to, at least.

Amidst the chaos and anarchy, KAAOS was always there. KAAOS will always be there. Amidst the Gestapo... even in these realms controlled by NW Hitler, KAAOS will always thrive. The lands change, even the faces change.. but the power is always there.

Whether it be hacking SUSANs and WARRs... whether it be House ITB and their festering cesspool of mediocrity... whether be stupid ass, fucking Nors and other assorted goodies, yelling their gay as hell battle cries.... KAAOS will always be there kicking your asses.


So, now, I bid you farewell. Many faces will be missed... Many faces will stay the same.. those of you who separated yourselves from the wusses and pussies of the realms, you will be remembered... the rest of you will be forgotten or laughed it. Thus is the way of the world.

However, before the curtain closes... let us take a look around the realms and see what is going on.... Here are a few choice scenes you may wish to look at and remember.. or block out and repress.

Synopsis: We have the scene of NW Lethe and NW Kishpa, two gestapo agents. Both are anal and bleed from their asses daily.

Imagine, if you will, NW Lethe strapping on her 14 inch strap-on cock and pounding the hell out of NW Kishpa. Imagine Kishpa squeeling like a pig as his stretched asshole was violated by Lethe's massive tool. A cute picture, eh? Perhaps it was Kishpa's pussy it was pounding in and out of, who knows with him?

I'd like to bid a gracious farewell to those two plus all of the assorted sluts and other fucking anal losers who played this game and lived in our realms. Good riddance.


Subj: The End.. Continued.
Date: 97-06-20 01:28:12 EDT
From: Da Hangman

On a brighter side however.. let us look in on the KAAOS Hell Hole. With blood strewn everywhere, gore hanging from any crevice.. this is where the unity was. Not only did KAAOS boast the best PvPers.. but KAAOS boasted the least bullshit. Either be kewl or get the fuck out. Simple as that.

Synopsis : The last few weeks in the KAAOS Hell Hole.. party!!

Story : Amongst the deathly corridors, the Gods and Goddesses gathered around a blood filled Hot Tub. The Dreadlord and GM of KAAOS, Sir Rellik held V1xen in his arms as he toasted the rest of his fellow Gods. It was a party for the end of these realms.. with promises of better and greater things to come. The rest of the Gods all laughed and downed their Soul Spritzers.
Bayberie and her AGM God Ego Prime, huddled off in the corner, celebrating in their own way.. Ego was getting laid for the first time in centuries!
War Knight stood off to the side, three kegs of ale next to him, one lifted above his head as he threated to beat the hell out of the small Frytz Gryn.
The ghost of Doc Krypto was babbling insanely about blowing his load, while images of his 16 DM victories flashed through his mind.
Malhavok and Slayve stood in drunken stoopers, blindly swinging at each other, but never coming in contact with one another.
Ku Uaki was running around the Hot Tub yelling, "What the flock is going on, my negro amigos?!?!"
Dark Aura laid down on her back and finally realized that she was taller than when she normally stood up.. a GOC tatoo apparent on her thigh as she crawled back to her feet.
Nurgling was busy eating the corn out of someone's shit.
Hedron was busy spewing philosophical statements too twisted and confusing for even himself to understand.
Noquar had a Polar bear dick in his mouth at first, then switched positions and climbed on top of his furry friend.
Lluciana was busy bitching at the wall and screaming obscenities at chairs.
Traelena was busy going at it with ITB Circe as they were locked in a 69 position down on the floor amidst the confusion.
Kroangel and SoulKisser were busy comparing the icecicles that had formed in their snatches.
Azmodion, Krynal, Ixeon, and Shafticus were busy debating how friends and bless working in pvp at first, then their conversation changed to ARK bashing.
Daredevyl was busy running around shouting "Fuckin' Wheeeee!!" with a costume that looked like NW Archer on.
The Joker was having his eternal period, bleeding all over the floor.
Azimer had some Chinese wench hanging all over him, but was too busy eating some rice to notice.
Mad Drunk and Doc Drunk were gangbanging Strappmee again, pounding her crackhead ass from both ends.
Feebinator was meditation with the corpse of Cendrick on his lap and Cendricks chin looked as if it were dripping some sort of white liquid.
Kulvra and Niterage were nowhere to be seen as usual.
Fat Kid was sucking the thick white creme out of some ding dongs.
Kyle Bain was prophecizing about the death of everyone and trying to sound like Hedron.
Pirate was busy with his wife, Lady Pirate.. both of them taking turns fucking their newborn son.
Lascivia was fuming in anger for some reason as she babbled incoherantly about Hedron and wanting her "piece of ass" back.
PimpZilla was busy trying to be kewler than Lord Negro, while Zerackus pimpslapped him from side to side.
Lord Negro was busy washing his KKK Battle Robes in the pool of blood which had coagulatedin the Hot Tub.
Ariel Noir and BabyStrange watched from the outside, then started going at it, giving "Lez have fun" its true meaning.
Ahlora was breastfeeding Dratsaba even as some other fetus popped out of her.
Immortia was trying to nose in on the talk with SK about those icecicles hanging from her snatch.
TheRiddler was being pussywhipped by some goodie even as his old ENC bros Kezinko, Slag Tyros, and Turmoyle laughed at him and screamed "WAHOOOO!!!"
King Kobra was busy beating the hell out of Weredrach for losing a fight in the SUSAN War.


Subj: The End.. finished.
Date: 97-06-20 01:28:41 EDT
From: Da Hangman

Prospal sat in the corner and dreamt of SOLs and how he wished he wastheir GM.
Sir Razdor and Ghastrikk were busy licking each other's assholes and screaming, "MASKS ARE KEWL!!!" as they reached orgasm.
Neurosis and a few friend, ITB Vile, Vain, and Tantra, were all debating who had the bigger Sock.
Xylina was bu...s+y... try...in..g +to ++fi..x ..her com+...put..er and trying to fix her hair up nice and pretty before she went over to yell and bitch at Hedron for calling her a hack.
Kal Mirage narrowed his eyes at Xylina, then after catching a glimpse of her sparling WPC Championship pins, he snuck over and began fondling and caressing them, all the while trying to flaunt his WPC belt buckle and godly hammer of smiting.

As for worshippers...

Myschyff was busy running around screaming "WEEEEEEEE" and hanging onto Ku's leg saying "Teach me more!!!!"
Br0nx was busy losing DMs as he made sure his record of most DM losses was secure, then he ran off and looked for his Dawg, so he could celebrate.
ITB Onyx was too busy shouting "CS+" and as quoted to an unknown source.. "being as sharp as a glob of playdough."
ITB Wrath was running around saying you guys are kewl and all and ITB sucks, but if I have to delete my ITB Name, I'd rather be a wuss for eternity.
ITB Skorp was busy looking for the "C" he lost years ago while he tried to valiantly defend every ittie even though he knew how bad they sucked.
Kaelith's ghost was also seen floating around saying, "I'm a meat puppet, short and stout, Hedron's hand up my ass, moving my mouth."

All I can say as words of wisdom to you are... remember the glory of KAAOS.. stay in contact with them, maybe we will have pity on you. Otherwise... the following applies..


And so it ends.

06-22-2004, 12:02 PM
Subj: Re: LOL (from to COR private brd)
Date: 97-06-25 16:35:35 EDT
From: Mad Ripper
To: Mad Ripper, Ego Prime, Malhavok, Sir Rellik
To: War Knight, SoulKisser, Hedron, Slayve, Daredevyl
To: Kal Mirage, Kr0angel, V1XEN, AZIMER, K1ng Kobra
To: NOQUAR, Dark Aura, Traelena, Xu X1ang, Feebinator
To: Xylina, NiteRage, Kulvra, Turmoyle, PIMPZILLA
To: ZERACKUS, Vindicator
CC: FAT K1D, TheR1ddler, Ixeon, Azmodion, Slag Tyros
CC: Werdrach, Kyle Bain, StilB0rn, Krynal, Lrd Guppy
CC: Lord Kulio, Dratsaba, Drakenh0f
CC: measure@earthlink.net, dlkrueger@worldnet.att.net
CC: hedron@earthlink.net, SRG666@cris.com
CC: neurosis@intnet.net

More ... from the COR privates

Date: 96-08-19 20:05:16 EDT
From: Gandolf 2B

I don't believe I need to comment about this post from the KAAOS public folder...

Subj: The Birth Of A God
Date: 96-08-18 06:59:39 EDT
From: Y1ltes

As the nights bloodshed and mayhem drew towards an end for the mighty God of KAAOS, he withdrew to the confines of the city of Neverwinter, namingly the NW square. Tonights watchmen turned out to be NW Ember. He was later joined by his fellow God Mad Drunk, as the conversation grew weary and tiresome something caught the God's eyes it was the mother to be Staryliyt, who was carrying MD's baby. Her panting and facial expressions let the God's know.... It was time for the God child to come forth. Y1ltes quickly made preparations, he took out the rusted metal fold out chair with the stirrups and quickly sat staryliyt into the chair and raised her legs into the stirrups, he then put a cup under the mother to be for when her water broke (water makes such a great afterbirth drink) the mothers cries became louder and more anguished with each passing second, oh how they reveled in the pain she was in, MD then decided the time had come for him to make his regular run to the liquor store (he was outta beer). Then the fun time had come... sure the baby probably could have had a natural birth (but what fun is that) but Y1ltes thought of another way. "It's C-section time" he yelled, and with that he withdrew his rusty cursed dagger and attempted to make the precise cut, however the blade being all rusty and dull, he had to hack away several times before making a gaping wound large enough to withdraw the child from its mothers womb. Reaching his hands within the screaming languished mother he fumbled about to find the childs legs so that he could rip it from its mothers womb. After a moment of fumbling and pulling out Staryliyts lower intestine(hey it was an honest mistake ;p) he could not find the legs so he withdrew his hands from the gaping wound in Staryliyt, and pondered another method of removal, but to his suprise the God Child pushed its head out of the gaping wound and let out a blood curtling "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" oh what joy it brought to Y1ltes blackened and shrivled heart to hear that sound, the sound of a God in glee. The new God's name was to be Doc Drunk agreed upon by the two God's who were present earlier. And the first words spoken by the new God.... "I'm thirsty.. where are the booze!!"


"I'm not a doctor but I play one from time to time {;->"

The disgusted

06-22-2004, 12:06 PM
Subj: More Worthy COR worship ;)
Date: 97-06-25 16:37:58 EDT
From: Mad Ripper
To: Mad Ripper, Ego Prime, Malhavok, Sir Rellik
To: War Knight, SoulKisser, Hedron, Slayve, Daredevyl
To: Kal Mirage, Kr0angel, V1XEN, AZIMER, K1ng Kobra
To: NOQUAR, Dark Aura, Traelena, Xu X1ang, Feebinator
To: Xylina, NiteRage, Kulvra, Turmoyle, PIMPZILLA
To: ZERACKUS, Vindicator
CC: FAT K1D, TheR1ddler, Ixeon, Azmodion, Slag Tyros
CC: Werdrach, Kyle Bain, StilB0rn, Krynal, Lrd Guppy
CC: Lord Kulio, Dratsaba, Drakenh0f
CC: measure@earthlink.net, dlkrueger@worldnet.att.net
CC: hedron@earthlink.net, SRG666@cris.com
CC: neurosis@intnet.net

Subj: Baaaaad Guilds
Date: 96-09-04 23:00:42 EDT
From: Angel Crow

i've been doing a little research lately. Since I'm so new to the realms, I've been trying to find most of the guilds that you've been talking about and get some info on them. And after a few dayz of searching, here's my hit list of the really, really bad guilds. (BTW, I've found all these guilds' internet addresses. That's the primary way of how I found out about them, aside from all the chat that y'all have made :)

1. KAAOS- By far the nastiest guild out there. They talk about death & mutilation as if it was an ok thing. Add in all the pentagrams & blood in their web page and you got a guild that can make almost any decent person sick. This guild has got to go.

2. House ITB- Kinda like KAAOS, but on a lesser scale. It still seems like all they do is try to ruin someone's fun. They need to get a life ;P

3. MECH- unemotional killing machines? Sounds like fun, NOT!

4. ???- some Dark-Drow guild headed by Kh0lari. I forgot what they're called. Looks like they're another copy of house ITB. Nuff said?

And thats my lowdown! Any opinions from the side will be greatly appriaciated. :) Later...

-Da good Crow ;)

06-22-2004, 12:06 PM
Subj: Yet More Worthy COR worship ;)
Date: 97-06-25 16:58:32 EDT
From: Mad Ripper
To: Mad Ripper, Ego Prime, Malhavok, Sir Rellik
To: War Knight, SoulKisser, Hedron, Slayve, Daredevyl
To: Kal Mirage, Kr0angel, V1XEN, AZIMER, K1ng Kobra
To: NOQUAR, Dark Aura, Traelena, Xu X1ang, Feebinator
To: Xylina, NiteRage, Kulvra, Turmoyle, PIMPZILLA
To: ZERACKUS, Vindicator
CC: FAT K1D, Ixeon, Azmodion, Slag Tyros, Werdrach
CC: Kyle Bain, StilB0rn, Krynal, Lrd Guppy
CC: Lord Kulio, Dratsaba, Drakenh0f
CC: measure@earthlink.net, dlkrueger@worldnet.att.net
CC: hedron@earthlink.net, SRG666@cris.com
CC: neurosis@intnet.net

Subj: Re:About Mich...
Date: 96-03-25 12:03:26 EDT
From: Iz ilven

:exiting from the shadows called dreams:

Couple of quick observations and I'll go back to sleeping ;>

Everyone has their personal views about Death Matches. KAAOS is attributed with really starting the phrase and determining what its meaning is. Generally its a fight to the death between the two participants with the loser deleting his screen name. Usually these fights occur inside the Death Match Area in the Triboar Arena, but people have been known to change the location because of the wimpy monsters that are at that fight. Just because you go into the DM Area of the Arena does not mean that you are doing a Death Match (although if you die and dont CAD you will have to reroll). Rules about fight etiquite and the fact that the loser will delete are always stated up front so there is no confusion. This happened with Dreamforge, he never stated the fight was a delete fight so he didn't, period. I don't know what the circumstances of Mich's fight were but appearently he is deleting ;/

06-22-2004, 12:07 PM
Subj: What they Really Said....
Date: 97-06-25 17:37:25 EDT
From: Sorl Lyric

There are many in the Realms that speak only the ancient tongue of Toril, and
know not the Aeyohellian Language. In my many travels as a bardess across
the lands, I have acquired a fair amount of that foreign language, and shall
attempt to translate into a language that all of my friends, acquaintances
and fellow Neverwinter Travellers may understand. The translation shall
appear in ( ).

To Our Gaming Friends:
(To all those who live and pay the King’s Tax in the Realm of Neverwinter)

On July 19, 1997, Neverwinter Nights will be closing down.
(On July 19th, in the 6th year of Our Lord Nasher, the land of Neverwinter
shall be destroyed in a catyclysm of doom and destruction unlike any since
the complete disappearance of the city of Atlantis many years ago, removed
from the Empire of Aeyohell as if it had never existed at all.)

The Games Channel has abiding affection for Neverwinter Nights, one of our
oldest games.
(You were a wonderful attraction to get people into the Realms of Aeyohell,
and pay the King’s Tax from the establishment of our Kingdom, and what a tax
base thou wert!)

We understand that this is disappointing news to our many Neverwinter
players, and we regret any unhappiness that this causes you.
(We have performed a cost analysis and determined that the Kingdom no longer
needs or desires those citizens of the Realm of Neverwinter for their lands
are tired, and their crops and taxable goods have decreased greatly since the
establishment of the "flat tax" in lieu of the previous "road tax", and the
surrounding lands desire to annex thy territory, and thou art not worth the
cost of defending or maintaining your continued participation within the
Aeyohell Empire. We feel your pain, well, actually, we feel the pain of the
lightness of our purses, and so we must find richer lands to plunder, I mean
govern for their own wellbeing.)

We would like to thank you for your patronage of Neverwinter over the years,
and for your continuing support of gaming on AOL.
(Thee coughed up thyne gold and silver even though the promised
improvements, King’s highways, and Improved infrastructure were delivered to
other parts of the Aeyohell Empire, and thee saw them not. For this we
proclaim, thee Sir Sucker and Lady Patsie, for believing the same promises
year after year, for continuing to pay thine taxes cheerfully and
plentifully. We offer thee the P.T. Barnum Cup of Egress in friendship, for
we are betting you will continue to do so, no matter what we allow to happen
to your Realms.

Please stay tuned for further information.
(Thou shalt read the continuous banners and advertisements, though we shall
tell thee nothing, nor respond to thine calls for help or desires to
understand why we are banishing thee from the Aeyohell Empire, for frankly,
we are too busy congratulating ourselves on the new taxation plan to read
thyne missives, or hear thyne cries. And if we keep thee waiting for new
information from the Empire, perhaps thee will grow discouraged and stop
sending those missives asking questions or making comments. Though we do
laugh at the belief that thee actually believes that we waste our time
reading thyne missives.)

All the best,
(What? Thou art still here? Go thee hence and stop pestering me further)

America Online Games
(Bureau of Elimination of Popular, yet Insufficient Revenue Producing Games
Directorate of It Was Fun While It Lasted, Now go Play Card Games Division
Office of Laughing Out Loud)

Sorl Lyric
Elven Siren Singer
Aeyohellian to Tirolean Translator

06-22-2004, 12:07 PM
Subj: Need translation
Date: 97-06-26 08:12:20 EDT

Last week (6-18-97) I e-mailed Steve Case and Leonsis with my thoughts and
concerns R.E. the cancelling of NWN and AOL's buisness practices. Not
receiving any reply I re-mailed my letter again last night. This morning I
had the following reply--(exact quote-spelling and all)

Subj: Re: unanswered mail
Date: 97-06-26 07:26:46 EDT
From: Leonsis

I have noted your concerns...The decesion must stand.Thx,Ted

Could someone please translate this for me?

BERGDAL the Viking
starting to weigh anchor on longboat
lots of room onboard

06-22-2004, 12:07 PM
Subj: Goodbye NWN
Date: 97-07-18 21:24:12 EDT
From: Mavralyn

I want to thank Chrisleif for writing this up ... I sent him an email asking
if he could do a song about NWN to the words and tune of "America Pie".
Within only a couple hours, he sent this back to me and I wish to share it
with everyone. It is quite long and will not fit in one post. Those of you
that like it please email me and I shall forward you the whole song.

To the tune of "American Pie"

A long, long, time ago
I can still remember when I dialed up their help desk lines.
And I knew if I had the chance
They could make my modem dance
with chats and GIFs and silly pick-up lines.

But Help Desk phone calls made me shiver
with every busy they'd deliver.
Bad news on the front page
A 19-hour outrage.

I can't remember if I cried
when I realized that Steve Case had lied.
But something touched me deep inside
The day
the service

So bye bye to Amer'ca Online
Drove my modem to a domain and it's working just fine.
And good old geeks are cheering users offline
Saying this'll be the day that they die.
This'll be the day that they die.

Did you write the book of TOS
Will you send your password to PWD-BOSS
If an IM tells you so.

And will you believe the Motley Fool
When he tells you that the service rules
And can you teach me how to Web real slow?

Well I know you sold the service short
Cause I saw your quarterly report.

Steve Case sold off his stock
It fell just like a rock.

It was a crazy, costly high-tech play
As they slashed away at what subscribers pay
And half their users went away
the day the service died.

So bye bye to Amer'ca Online
Drove my modem to a domain and it's working just fine
And good old geeks are cheering users offline
Saying this'll be the day that they die.
This'll be the day that they die.

Well for two days we've been on our own
And dial-ins click on a rolling phone
But that's not how it used to be

When the mogul came to Virginia court
With an OS icon and a browser port
And a desktop that looked like Apple III.

And while Jim Clark was looking down
The mogul stole his thorny crown

The browser war was turned.
Mozilla...was spurned.

And while Steve left users out to bond
With hosts unable to respond
6 million newbies all were conned
the day the service died.

So bye bye to Amer'ca Online
Drove my modem to a domain and it's working just fine
And good old geeks are cheering users offline
Saying this'll be the day that they die.
This'll be the day that they die.

Da Chronic ducked their software guards
And stole a million credit cards
To use accounts he'd gotten free.

And so Steve Case went to the FBI
and he told Boardwatch a little lie
That hackers wanted child pornography

But while Steve Case was looking down
The hackers pulled his e-mail down

They put it on the net.
He can't be trusted yet!

And while user cynicism climbs
At sign-on ads and welcome rhymes
They scan their e-mail for "Good Times"
the day the service died.

So bye bye to Amer'ca Online
Drove my modem to a domain and it's working just fine
And good old geeks are cheering users offline
Saying this'll be the day that they die.
This'll be the day that they die.

Helter-skelter billing needs a melter
The lawyers filed a class-action shelter
Eight million in lawyer's fees.

But it looks like some attorney jibe
an hour if they resubscribe.
To a service marketed for free

Well I KNOW you're raking in the bucks
Cause I'm reading alt.aol-sucks.

"Until we bless the suit
The settlement is moot."

"If AOL treats you like the Borg
Then visit aolsucks.org
Before some router pulls the cord..."
the day the service died.


06-22-2004, 12:08 PM
Subj: Finality
Date: 97-07-21 15:03:48 EDT
From: Hedron

Hedron stood alone in the black and breathing space.

Silence wrapped him like a cloak that could not be shed.

Hours before, the hell hole had been a fevered and bustling den of activity
as thousands of slaves labored under watchfull whips to pack and store and
move every last trinket, every last soul bottle, every last bone and tooth
and nail and discarded torture tool.

Now. Now this.

Now was there - blackness. Now was there a souless emptiness that begged for
a return of the raucous fury of the gods of KAAOS. Now was there...


Hedron walked slowly around the sightless dark that filled the hell hole.
His feet tread hollowly on the rocks that the mighty forces of evil had
performed their utmost works of perversion upon. His footsteps carried him
higher, even unto the lands that KAAOS had dominated, and yet still the
silence clung to him, unshakable.

The stone grey eyes of a god swept back and forth across the wind-torn
destruction that had once been a green and fertile land. Hedron knew no
remorse, no sorrow, no pity, nor even disappointment. The heart of the False
Prophet could hold none of that. But something within him felt... odd...

Something felt... empty. The hole that had been torn in him made him feel
lighter, stronger, more free. And yet, he also felt that he was now less.
The realms of Neverwinter were no more.

As he walked, his eyes fell upon a bright spot of color in the destruction -
a solitary flower, growing among the ashes. Its color was bright but lonely,
and his magiks told him it contained the last vestiges of the hopes, loves,
and dreams of Neverwinter.

With a gentle and carressing hand, Hedron leaned down, and tore the flower
from the earth, crushing it in his palm. His voice rang out strong.


Hedron turned, wielding the Twisted Cross for the last time in this world,
and split asunder the air, breaking a gap into the new lands to which KAAOS

He stepped through without a single glance back. The gap sealed.

Hedron's own secret was that he had kept the flower. Tucked it away deep
within his cloak.

- Epitaph -
False Prophet

Contributing WPC Founder
WPC Champion
PVP Ladder Champion
Quads Champion
5 Time Deathmatch Veteran
Meat Puppet Match Inventor
Version 1 Player
Belonged to Neverwinter Nights as Neverwinter Nights Belonged to Him.

06-22-2004, 12:08 PM
Subj: silent words
Date: 97-07-19 08:20:58 EDT
From: Metashear

perhaps the last words ever uttered in the "old" Nasher's Lounge soon after
the closing of Neverwinter...my lady stood there alone and bid NW a final
farewell....as I now do too.....


OhGoddesss: I stand now alone.. the empty and abandoned old Lord Nashers
lounge is tomblike in it's sile
OhGoddesss: ence.. No one is here.. but me. All have gone to the new lounge
and they can come here no
OhGoddesss: more..prisoners of the screen that forbids them entrance to their
beloved home. When I
OhGoddesss: leave it will be gone...forever.... jsut a memory.. a figment..
like the DarK Mage..
OhGoddesss: all the years of brawling people and bawling players, silenced
now.. a rat rustles in the
OhGoddesss: corner... All gone.. a brisk wind blows thru from the River..
it is my time to go now too
OhGoddesss: The pain of separation cuts me like a knife in my heart.. and I
look around at the empty
OhGoddesss: lounge one last time.. Shouldering my trident and shield.. i
pick myself up from the floo
OhGoddesss: where i wept long and hard. Ahh the sites there that i've
seen...the people an the places
OhGoddesss: gone all gone.. fading like smoke from my memory.. Neverwinter is
dead, in all but my heart.
OhGoddesss: all but my heart.. where it will live forever... bright and bold.
OhGoddesss: I am the last....

06-22-2004, 12:08 PM
Subj: Mourning
Date: 97-07-23 01:14:25 EDT
From: LynxNBoot

~From the journal of Ahlora, last entry

"I watched in genuine horror as everything around be began to die.
The cataclysm had started with my tutor's death. I remember feeling his
pain as he lay down, soaking the earth with his blood, becoming once again
joined with that which had birthed life itself. I remember the bond which we
had, the blood which we shared coursing through our veins. I remember the
feeling of his blood being consumed by fired within my body. Each breath he
took towards the end, the fire growing hotter within me, until, with his last
breath, the feeling died. He was gone, and once again, I was alone.
I remember feeling a sense of loss, emptiness, and pain. I had never
felt such sadness before. And I knew that I would never forget the God who
had accepted me as his child first, his student... and then later as his
equal. War Knight was a great being, and I know without him, I will never be
whole again. Even now, I can feel the void within my body, where once his
blood and his spirit grew.
Ironic how things fall into place. It is as if the earth itself mourned
the Gods death. As if his blood poisoned the ground, causing death to
everything that grew within the soil. For after his death, events began to
happen. Rivers dried up overnight. Forests were set ablaze and leveled in
only a few hours. The sea itself began to boil with the rage and defiance of
all the Gods and Goddesses. Death and destruction surrounded us all. That
which we once wished for, even caused... turned on us.
And now I sit in my burning home, listening the the crackling and
screaming of my spiders as they are once again consumed by flame. I can see
out the window of my home, watching the mortals running in pure chaos, trying
desperately to save themselves from the inevitable apocalpyse that has come
to claim them all. And I know, that soon, there will be nothing... nothing
but a world of ashes and soot. There will be nothing at all. And I realize
that even I, Ahlora, am not imune to it.
The screaming of another mortal outside being engulfed by flame fills my
But for the first time, I do not smile when I hear that agony.
I do not smile knowing that someone is suffering.
I do not smile, being engulfed in the flames that fuel my soul.
This place is dead, and if I stay, I will die with it.
So I write this, my last entry, for anyone to read, if life ever blooms
on this wasteland I once called home.
If you do read this, if by some miracle the sacred land of Neverwinter
ever knows life again, learn from this journal. Learn to appreciate the
beauty of life... for death is always around the corner... even for the Gods
and Goddesses.~


06-22-2004, 12:11 PM
Subj: Mourning II
Date: 97-07-23 01:15:02 EDT
From: LynxNBoot

Ahlora closes the book, and casts a spell of protection around it,
shielding it against the flames. As her pet Brown Recluse crawls up her arm
and sits on her shoulder, hiding beneath her firey red hair, she gazes out
the window with her bright, yellow eyes for yet another moment.
Closing her eyes, Ahlora hides from the vision before her. Within her
mind's eye, she recalls memories of this place, seeing Neverwinter for what
it used to be, not the dying world it now was. She sees the Sea of Swords
sparkling in a sunrise, the waves glittering as the sun shines against them.
She sees the city, alive with hundreds of mortals, going about their daily
routines, smiling and nodding to one another. And she sees the Arena, where
War Knights body now lies. Gaining all her strength, she opens her eyes and
turns around, to walk away from the place that she was born and raised in.
And as the portal appears infront of her, she takes one last deep
breath, and fights the temptation to look behind her.
"I will remember you for what you were, not what you have become.", she
states as she begins walking towards the gate.
And for the first time in her life, the Goddess raises her hands to her
face, and feels the wetness that falls from her eyes.
And she does not fight it, she does not wipe the sign of weakness away
as she disappears into the portal.
"And in the dying of the light...
"We say our goodbyes.
"Coming of eternal night...
"The Goddess cries."

KAAOS Goddess of Flame

06-22-2004, 12:12 PM
Subj: Some Final words
Date: 97-07-23 15:21:30 EDT
From: Petalflow
To: Petalflow
BCC: Hedron

**** You should have recieved this a few days ago, -sighs- but I left them in my outbox somehow ****

It's quite a sight to see the list of screen names in front of me.

Lines of black text on a white screen. Quietly laying there, but when you move away your eyes for a moment, you'd swear some of them pulsed like life itself was flowing through the letters.

A strange trick of the light, another one of those that make you occasionally feel fascinated with the world around you...

The list is so long.

Three hundred and fifty-two names. So many without faces, voices or even true names behind them. (What's a true name but a prefered code?). Yet each meant something for me.

DE's morning hugs, Fey's seemingly wacko behavior, Ari's soft growls... so many memories, sweet and comforting. (Or has time truly healed the wounds the heart has suffered? Probably)

So many petty arguments, so many regrets, so little time.

Where's the crazy passion two years ago now? Where's that utter annoynce at the mere sight of a name? Where's that total frustration of inability to convince a fellow staff or guild officer of your point of view?

Where's the fire?

Like a piece of coal turning grey, there's only the reminiscing warmth, but no longer the fire itself.

Do memories haunt you, or the lack of memories?

Where are the other three hundred and fifty-two names? Those who have left, who have touched my life like anohter fallen leaf in the wind, a brushing, then the departure, so swift.

Six years, all but a blink. So many have come and go, what's there left to say.

But the urge to write to each of you remains there, constantly probing in the deep chamber where I hided him, seeking a way out.

I guess it's time...

Not much point to repeat the past. That was the thought in my mind when I returned last November.

I needed a character who'd get help fast, who'd earn a reputation for himself, who can truly disguise the player. Someone simply fun to play.

RoseDrag0n was born (-smiles- probably still a shock for many of you)

An all-out flirt who stuns myself alsmost daily, Rosie has definitely been one of my favorit characters since the moment he jumped out of the void, and hopped on the back of Barney, his signature purple dino.

I've often marveled at his ability to get attention. I remember the famous (or infamous) KAAOS baoard discussion. When Malhavoc sent out this huge mail-string asking for public support, he put Rosie's name there isntead of Petal's, when Petalflow as the AGM of the Bard's already.

The ironies of life.

No matter how different Rosie acts from the real me, I guess I really liked him because the laughter he has brought to me and others.

The tower-climbing chase of Chyanna, the freezer duty in GOC, the accident marriage and divorce with Cog Snow.. .after all, what can be more valuable than fond memories?

Sometimes I think Rosie is a side of me I've never realized existed... Petalflow is the other side.

Sure I've had more than 20 characters in all these years (More than Phyrevixen had ;-)), but these two probably represent the whole of me.

Aidynni has always been one fo my most respected figures in the realm. Neverwitner would never have been so complete without the Bard's Guild. For it provided a place for people who are solely interested in songs and writings to share their tales and companionship, something every other guild has lacked more or less.

Petalflow was created not long before Aidynni left, yet I did not apply for the guild because I truly doubted my strength in ballads. I waited and waited...

Then she was just gone...

The event shook me considerabally, almost as much as when Ldy Spawn passed away. It's so scary sometimes to feel the time fleeting from you. So many changes that you have never exxpected, leaving so many hallow holes behind.

I do not fear losses, but I fea the helpless feeling when facing the inevitable defeat.

In her memoir (Can be located in GOH Mag), Aidynni siad she had no more songs left, I guess I have refused to agree with her, even till today. Bards sang of the beginning, we will sing of the ending as well.

I joined the guild and became the GM. I have to say it has been an uphill battle from the start. but with the help of Chrisleif and others, we were winning this one...

I guess the ending has come a bit earlier than I expected...

So many things left undone.

Again I sit here and think over what owrds I wish to say to each of you. Do I hope you understand how I feel, or do I wish you to realize what you have meant to me? Or what?

I don't know.

I only know each of these names on the list and countless others have formed the dream I 've clung on for so long. Some of you have spent nights with me chatting by a camp fire, some of you have only laughed at my jokes or given me heated debates...

All are treasured in my heart.

Some people say nother will change, we'll just go to another land. But that's not true, we'll disperse like dusts in August wind, and change will come no matter what we admit. Some will go to UO, LOE, or some other places. Some tired souls like me probably will just disappear.

But I'll hold the memories we've shared dear, and I thank you for all the joy you have given me. Hopefully when you remember me, you'd remember with a smile as well.

Aye, I guess it's time... to say farewell.

The Player
July 1997


A Song of Neverwinter

In the lovely continent of Faerun,
There's an enchanted city where magic freely run.
Up north along the splendid Sword Coast,
There's a little kindom where mages and warriors boast.

Listen to the shimmering stars' whisper
Of a fantasy land called Neverwinter.
Where roses bloom when snowflakes fall,
Where countless dreamers gather in the Great Hall.

A land of glories and treasures,
A realm of heroes and adventures.
That's where our dreams set etheir sails,
Where our legends give births to new tales.

Strangers travel far from distant lands,
Only to find friends in the City of the Skilled Hands,
By Strider's fire or under the Ancient Tree,
WE sing and dance and let imaginations fly free.


Come to Neverwinter and share the dream,
Come to the river bank and watch the rising steam.
The magical air is full of opportunities,
Together we explore the infinite possibilities.

The birds among the bustled woods are forever chirping,
The sun over the exotic islands will never be setting.
In the famed arena, nights after nights, we match our battle skills,
Only to play hide and seek later, with each other, in the Lost Hills.

All the shared laughters and tears,
It's the memories we hold so dear.
In this family we have found what we seek.
Our spirits soar above theh ighest mountain peak.


Come to Never winter and share the dream,
Come to the river bank and watch the rising steam.
The harbor of Neverwinter City never freezes,
The flow of Neverwinter river never seizes.
The world is shaped by what we give,
In our hearts, the dream shall forever live.

Come to the river bank and watch the rising steam,
Come to Neverwinter and share the dream.

In our hearts, the dream shall forever live...

Master Bard of the Last Age