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06-22-2004, 11:58 AM
Subj: Re:Quad PVP Super Bowl CHAMP
Date: 96-05-13 15:47:19 EDT
From: Hedron

The saddest thing is when they don't even fight...

When you crush all before you, and you hear not a peep, when you smash
resistance like children under an avalanche, and you hear not a peep - that's
when boredom sets in.

The Gods have always had only one true enemy - boredom. It's that state
caused when nothing is a challenge, when no one defies you, when victories
are as common as blades of grass.

*** - boredom - ***

Neverwinter, you bore us. We are your Gods, and we are bored. Simple
slashing and slaying of helpless sheep cannot hold our interest. We watch
each rutting season as the birthing cow of Neverwinter issues forth weak
little gutter-whelps to fight for it. We watch as feeble guild after
worthless guild screams for blood and is cut down by KAAOS. And we yawn and
grow more jaded and listless. Thus we send out a call -

Writhe and twist, Neverwinter, contort and scream, Neverwinter.

Bleed and struggle and heave. And in the throws of agony and the thrashing
pain of labor, give birth to something that daunts your Gods.

The land is the Mother, and KAAOS is the Father. We have raped you for
years, Neverwinter. Now give us the child we ask of you - a child to rise
up and challenge the very Gods that gave it life.

Give us a fight, and take from us boredom. And in return, we will give you
what we always give you, and that which you secretly crave - the gentle
ministrations of the flesh-slashing, blood-pounding, bone-crushing weapons of
KAAOS, and the fiery burning of our power.

Thus does evil and chaos - and KAAOS - live. Thus does the land fight

False Prophet of KAAOS
Waiting for the Child