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I was cleaning up my frigging shithole of a hard drive, when this gem
floated up to the surface....now this is THE SHIT. I know Mal sent it out
about 6 months ago...but for those who dont have it...WORSHIP IT!

Cya in Chicago

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================================================== ===============================
Subj: The KAAOS
Date: 95-07-23 21:36:24 EDT
From: Malhavok

Repost from KORT folder:

Speaking of babies...

Where the hell is Helios!?!?! Sylphee's as fat as a tick and I want what is
MINE! The baby is mine, and Helios better deliver the goods upon birth...
but I can see the fool has turned tail and welshed on our bargain.

Hmmm...I can see I'm going to have to do this myself. And woe to Helios...

Woe indeed.

"Bye baby bunting...Malsie's going a hunting

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Time to fly...
Date: 95-07-24 22:38:36 EDT
From: Malhavok

Malhavok throws open the window from his tower in the Hell Hole. He seems to
be waiting for something to emerge from the dark. He stands at the window
for perhaps and hour, surveying the decaying lands of Neverwinter, and is
just about to turn back inside when a small, black bird lands upon the sill.
Malhavok smiles.

The bird chirps some unintelligable sounds as Malhavok listens intently.

"She's going where?" he asks the small creature. The birds chirps
twice more.

"Oh good" says the dark God of KAAOS. "I just love a dramatic scene".

The bird flies off hurriedly as loud, evil laughter erupts from his foul
"I WILL have the little brat!" he screams into the night.

He whirls around and heads for the stairs. He looks down into the darkness
of the Hell Hole and shouts..."ITB Legion! Attend me wuss!"

Then he turns back to his chambers and speaks quietly to the shadows...

"Time to fly", he breaths, as a grin expands across his face.


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Shopping
Date: 95-07-26 21:52:16 EDT
From: Sylphee

With AllsFaire's child safely arrived, Sylphee is quite happy to see how much
attention and goodwill Filfaere has attracted. But a little lonelier too...
and Sylphee is certain she's now the fattest, plainest lady in the land.
This morning, as she struggles even to rise from her bed, she feels
especially drab. "I can't fight.. I can't hardly do anything for myself any
more... " she mumbles to herself, "what's a knight to do?"

"Sky!" she calls out, then she looks down at her drab green, and is almost
embarrassed to be seen. "That does it," she mutters aloud, "I don't care if
I'm due tomorrow... I need a new dress!" Just as Sky arrives, she adds,
almost triumphantly "And I can still go shopping!" Sky opens his mouth to
protest, but she interrupts him before he can begin... "Sky, today we visit
the Warehouse District!" And with that, her mind was set.


Sky Forged leans lazily against the door of the dress shop and utters a
silent prayer to Tyr for something that might interrupt his boredom. This
was not quite what he expected when he signed on as Squire to the Champion of
the Round Table. Sylphee is at the back of the shop behind a partition,
trying on yet another color of what looks to him like a parade of 'maternity
tents'. Then Sylphee calls to him across the shop.. "Uh.. Sky, could you
come back here? I need you."

Sky isn't quite certain how to react... but he walks self-consciously toward
the partition... "Syl? You want to try that blue one again?"

"No, Sky... I need You."

"Um Sylphee... I can't come back there." he says, a little uncertainly.

"Oh yes you can... and you better tell the tailor I'll take this green one.
I think I'll have to buy it now."

Peeking under the doors to the dressing room, Sky can only see Sylphee's wet
shoes. "Sylphee," he says "how could you get wet in a...?"

"Sky" she starts, then pauses for emphasis "it's time."

"Ohmygawd! Not now!" Sky said, raising his voice. He may have been looking
for something to break his boredom... but this was a bit much. "Whatdowedo?"

Pushing open the stall door, Sylphee responds as calmly as she can "We'd
better get me back to Camelot. And fetch the midwife."

As Sylphee stepped out, he carefully took her arm, and tried to lead her
slowly forward. He had to hide his surprise that she looked no different...
even her new tunic matched what she had when she arrived.

"Oh let go of me." Sylphee insisted, pulling her arm away. "I can still walk
on my own two feet." Just pay the man and let's get home.

Sky tossed a bag of coins to the shopkeeper as he left. He hadn't bothered
to count it, but the man seemed awfully pleased with his payment. Sylphee
had decided to take the less travelled path toward Camelot. And that was
fine with him... he was far too nervous to escort a woman in her condition
through the bustling crowds of Neverwinter.


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Return
Date: 95-07-26 21:54:38 EDT
From: Sylphee

"I should run and fetch you a cart... you really shouldn't be walking," Sky
offered... "Or I could bring the midwife here... I'm sure you could find a
spot to lie down." But Sylphee pooh-poohed his concerns. She was determined
to get herself back to Camelot for this occasion... and she felt safer, and
calmer, with Sky walking beside her.

The walk back toward Camelot seemed interminable; Sylphee could only walk so
fast, and she stopped to rest every few minutes. As they approached the
wooded hill outside Camelot, she was 'resting' more frequently. Just when
they reached the path to KORT and turned off the road she stopped yet again,
but this time she doubled over, holding her swollen belly in her arms, and
could not hide her pain from her squire.

"Oh no... Sylphee! What's wrong?" Sky queried.

But it passed just as quickly. "Nothing, Sky... everything is normal."
"Camelot is just over this hill... I'm sure I'll be fine" she said, smiling
encouragingly. But I need you to run and fetch the midwife. Bring her to
Camelot.. quickly!" Sky was Sylphee's squire, so he could not argue and he
left Sylphee to walk the last hill herself.

As soon as Sky Forged had run out of sight, Sylphee noticed the shadow of a
large bird... perhaps a hawk, cross her path. It was then that she noticed
the birds in the trees... or rather didn't notice them. The woods were
eerily quiet of a sudden.............

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Sylphee's Child? Not not more..
Date: 95-08-03 22:53:09 EDT
From: Malhavok

Malhavok watched high above as Sylphee braced herself against a tree as she
bit her lip and let out a slight moan. He could see she was sweating

"The child is coming" Malhavok said as he flapped black wings flew to a lower
branch. A smaller crow quickly followed him down.

Sylphee moaned loudly below and Malhavok could see her straining.

"And an impatient brat, indeed" he said as he smiled through his avian lips.

Sylphee did not scream or moan but bore the child in silence. She sweated
and grunted there in the dirt of Neverwinter and Malhavok admired her
strength and tenacity. As the child made it's way only but a third of it's
way into the world, Sylphee, lower lip bent in determination and struggle,
quietly fell into unconsciousness.

"Get it", Malhavok spat to his smaller companion and they both flew down
beside Sylphee as the child continued it's way without motherly assistance.

They both quickly took their human forms and ITB Legion, most faithful of the
KAAOS slaves, bent down to assist the child into this world. After a few
moments Legion lifted his bloody hands and held the child of Sylphee of KORT.
It was not crying.

"Why is not bawling like a KORT'er eating a Feeb?" he asked of Legion.

Legion, already having a distaste for such "slimy" work and not particularly
suited to deliver a child in the middle of the Neverwinter Woods, almost
smarted off to his God but simply stated the facts.

"It's dead", he said. "Still-born."

Malhavok frowned at this but said, "Take it to the Hell Hole. Go."

Legion quickly fled with the child and Malhavok stood looking down on the
body of Sylphee. "Still alive" he thought. How easy it would be, he thought
as an evil, snake-like grin spread across his face.

"Then who would challenge the God's on the PVP Ladder"? He boomed a loud
laughter, that threatend to shake the very earth then quickly polymorphed
into his crow-form and headed back to the Hell Hole. He had what he had come

"Papa" }:)

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Sylphee's rescue
Date: 95-08-04 01:48:15 EDT
From: Tychos

Tychos is lounging sleepily in the great hall of Camelot. It had been a long
journey back from Red Larch, carrying a fine long bow and some magic arrows
he had promised to a dwarf . As he dozed, he heard the approach of someone,
someone whose footfalls sounded anxious and worried. He looked up to see Sky
Forged standing in the doorway pale and frightened. "What is it Sky?"

"In a desperate whisper Sky replies. "Sylphee is lost in the woods. She is
having her baby I think. She ordered me to come to the castle and get the
midwife. When we returned to where I left her, she wasn't there!"

"Quick Sky, show me exactly where you left her! We will find her I promise.
You were right to follow your orders, even though it has come to this!
Sylphee is brave and strong, she knows how to take care of herself. We will
likely find her resting comfortably with her new baby in her arms."

Returning to where Sky Forged had left Sylphee, Tychos dismounted and began
searching the path for signs. A faint trail could be seen weaving into the
woods. By the tracks, the person was ill and in pain. A few steps off the
tail and they heard a faint moan. Running quickly through the forest, they
found Sylphee lying near death at the foot of a tall tree. Tychos kneeled
beside the pale and distraught Sylphee. Dried blood caked in her matted
hair. Gently he brushed it aside and gazed intently into her red and swollen

"Dear Sister, what has happened and what horrible, insane evil is
responsible? Speak quickly for I must first see you safely to Camelot, and
then I must seek revenge for this, if revenge there be to take."

Tychos listened with mounting horror at her tale. She had obviously had her
child. There were three sets of footprints around the tree. Someone, or
something had aided the delivery of her baby and must have kidnapped the
child! Once believeing that Never Winter was growing safer, he now realized
that unspeakable evil continues to desecrate the land. No one, not even she
knows the depth of love that Tychos holds for Sylphee. Anger feeds rage and
rage feeds madness. He gently lifts Sylphee and steps up onto his War Horse,
cradling her in his arms. He turns to Sky Forged. "Ride ahead with great
speed to Camelot. Notify the finest healers from the Temple of her
condition. I will follow with her as fast as I can. Have everyyhing
prepared when we arrive!"

Sylphee gazes up and sees a fire burning in his eyes. Even though he has
never been more angry, she does not know that it comes more from his love for
her than his rage. " Sylphee, if it is in my power, your daughter shall be
returned to thee or my life is forfeit." With a yell and with heels digging
into his War Horse, Tychos charges to Camelot with Sylphee in his arms.

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Sylphee's Rescue (cont)
Date: 95-08-04 01:50:59 EDT
From: Tychos

Returning to Camelot at great speed, Tychos is relieved to see all is
prepared for their arrival. The healers gently take Sylphee from him and
quickly disappear into her rooms. When Tychos tries to follow, he is pushed
from the doorway and a high preistess closes the door. "You can do no more
Tychos, leave us to our work!"

After many hours, the healers enter the great hall, a crowd of worried
knights and squires has formed, and all look anxiously for news. The high
preistess speaks. "Sylphee will live, she is still gravely ill and must rest
for many days, but she is strong and she will recover."

A murmur of relief passes through the ranks. All are smiling and patting
each other on the back. Suddenly Tychos is seen standing in the castle
doorway. "I must return to the place where I found Sylphee. There are too
many unanswered questions for me to rest. When Sylphee regains conciousness,
tell her I have gone in search of her child and the kidnappers. I will not
return to Camelot without answers!

Before anyone can reply, Tychos climbs onto his War Horse and gallops away
from Camelot. Sky Forged asks Shorno, "Should we follow him Sire?"

"I think not Sky, he will be tracking, and tracking requires stealth and
caution. Tychos will send us word if we are needed."

================================================== ===============================
Subj: A "dead" KORT child?
Date: 95-08-06 17:33:25 EDT
From: Malhavok

Malhavok descended the stairs and set the sack he was carrying upon a small
desk. He took in the scene before him. Doc Krypto had his latest victim
strapped to his experiment table when he saw Malhavok. The evil little man
walked over to Mal.

"Check it out, Mal", he said.

Mal walked over to the table and saw that the top two layers of skin had been
removed perfectly from the young orc laying on the table, a look of horror
frozen on it's face. A river of blood dripped over the side of the table to
form large puddles on the floor.

"I Held him, then peeled off his skin, layer by layer with my rusty scimitar,
while he was still alive", Doc grinned. "He almost actually made a sound
while I was doing it...that would set the NW wizards on their ears with that
lil discovery eh?".

Malhavok only grinned and walked over to the bag he had brought with him. He
lay the bag at Doc's feet and dumped it's contents lightly onto the floor.

"Wheeeeeee!" cried Doc. "A dead fetus!"

Mal nudged it with his foot. "It's dead. Fix it."

Doc rubbed his chain. "How long?" he inquired.

"Less than an hour" Mal said while he headed for the stairs back up to the
Hell Hole.

"Hmmm...I'll get right on it", said the evil little Doctor. He pushed the
rigid body of the orc onto the floor and plopped Sylphee's child onto the
"Table of Wicked Miracles", as Mal liked to call it.

Doc Krypto went to work.

================================================== ===============================
Subj: The "dead" child?
Date: 95-08-06 17:32:18 EDT
From: Malhavok

Malhavok descended the stairs and set the sack he was carrying upon a small
desk. He took in the scene before him. Doc Krypto had his latest victim
strapped to his experiment table when he saw Malhavok. The evil little man
walked over to Mal.

"Check it out, Mal", he said.

Mal walked over to the table and saw that the top two layers of skin had been
removed perfectly from the young orc laying on the table, a look of horror
frozen on it's face. A river of blood dripped over the side of the table to
form large puddles on the floor.

"I Held him, then peeled off his skin, layer by layer with my rusty scimitar,
while he was still alive", Doc grinned. "He almost actually made a sound
while I was doing it...that would set the NW wizards on their ears with that
lil discovery eh?".

Malhavok only grinned and walked over to the bag he had brought with him. He
lay the bag at Doc's feet and dumped it's contents lightly onto the floor.

"Wheeeeeee!" cried Doc. "A dead fetus!"

Mal nudged it with his foot. "It's dead. Fix it."

Doc rubbed his chain. "How long?" he inquired.

"Less than an hour" Mal said while he headed for the stairs back up to the
Hell Hole.

"Hmmm...I'll get right on it", said the evil little Doctor. He pushed the
rigid body of the orc onto the floor and plopped Sylphee's child onto the
"Table of Wicked Miracles", as Mal liked to call it.

Doc Krypto went to work.

================================================== ===============================
Subj: "The Demon Child"...
Date: 95-08-09 09:06:16 EDT
From: Doc krypt0

{Malhavok rushed the child in and pleaded with Doc to save it, his
intentions were evil, but he had to have that child, alive}

{Quickly Doc kicked aside his experimental Orc and layed the child
upon the table of miracles}

"How long has the child been dead?" asked Doc to an eager Malhavok.
"Dunno Doc, but that child has to live". Doc stared at Malhavok for a minute
in hopes of realizing the importance of this one soul. Malhavok killed
without remorse, what was so important about this child? Snapping back to the
task at hand he concluded that it didn't matter, Malhavok rarely made a
mistake and if he wanted the child alive, by the power of the abyss, the
child would live.

{Quickly Doc closed the Iron door to his lab and lit up candles}

"Mal, I'm going to be straight" said Doc, "If the child has been dead three
days or more the soul will be lost, but if that critical period of time has
not elapsed, I will perform your miracle". "How will you know" asked Mal
intently. "Stand back" Doc exclaimed.

{Quickly Doc began chanting and performing various ritualistic movements and
suddenly a great flame appeared above the child and the
child glowed a bright white}

"The soul still lives" Doc whispered to Mal. "The Demon I summoned cannot
penetrate a body whose soul it still holds". With a quick sharp
hand movement the Fire Demon was gone. "You really are amazing", exclaimed
Mal in disbelief. "There is only left to cure the body, and any good Priest
could manage that, much less one of my skills." bragged

{Quickly Doc went to work and within minutes that familar cry of a baby
was heard throughout the lab} {Snatching the child up by its ankle, Doc
held it out in front of himself and displayed it to Malhavok} "It's a shame
Mal, this child's soul could be taken and replaced with any soul the Abyss
has to offer", barked Doc in disgust. "I could bring back Merc!"
Doc finished. The child screamed as Doc held it upside down in front of
him, "Or we can skin the thing, pike it, and send it off to the Kef'ers". Doc

smiled. The idea really did amuse him. "I have plans for that child, Doc, I
will order 50 children captured for your pleasures" spit back Mal. "I want
them alive" said Doc, "I want them to scream". Malhavok snatched the child
away from Doc by grabbing it's other ankle and swung it up in the air
to land in his arms and he headed for the iron door. "Why do you need the
child" asked Doc, no longer able to control his curiosity. "It's like this
Doc, and listen closely", he began to speak.........

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:"The Demon Child"...
Date: 95-08-10 22:59:54 EDT

As Malhavok carried the squalling babe up the blood and gore soaked stairway
leading from Doc's lab, Mal grinned evilly, at the thought of the fine meal
he had planned... ITB Legion seemed to have a mite of talent as a chef,
perhaps a little babe en croute? Baby souffle? Baby flambee!

The evil leader of the gods of KAAOS licked his lips and smiled. He would,
of course, invite the parents for the feast... Now that would be a fine
sight, as ITB Legion whipped the silver cover off his culinary creation...

As he rounded the corner at the head of the stairs, and into the great hall
of the Hell Hole, Malhavok spied a raven haired KAAOS Goddess, dressed
scantily in black studded leather, lounging rather insolently on his throne
of skulls. Lascivia smiled at Malhavok, slapping her riding crop on her bare

"Well, well," she laughed archly, as she tipped back her bottle of bloody
tequila, "What have we here? Yet another illegitimate child of the Gods?"
She offered the bottle to Malhavok, cautioning him not to eat the live.. worm
squirming at the bottom.

Malhavok took the bottle and drank half of it down, careful not to touch
the.. worm. "No," he growled, "It's my dinner!" And he proceeded to explain
the child's origin, and its resurrection at the hands of Doc, and his evil
plans for its demise.

Lascivia looked the boy child over, and noticed the red gleam of its glaring
eyes, the little claws protruding from its small fingers, and the evil aura
it emanated.

"Mal" the dark sorceress whispered, "I don't know what evil magic Doc called
upon to bring it back to life, but this demon child is no longer just the
spawn of a goodie and a minor evil, don't you see? It has been..

As ITB Legion slunk by carrying laundry, the babe hissed, and waved its
little clawed hand in the air, and a small bolt of lightning shot out and
zapped the ITB slave on its buttocks, causing it to yelp and whine.

"Egads," Mal grinned, "So young, and it already knows what to do with an

Lascivia smiled evilly. "Give the babe to me. It has promise." She drank
the last of the bottle, swallowing the wriggling.. worm.. whole, and
continued. "If the promise goes unfulfilled, we shall have it for dinner."


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Baby Recipes...
Date: 95-08-11 13:25:50 EDT
From: MR J0KER

Skewered whole on a spit and roasted slowly..'

I'd give ya the marinade but I think it'd be a {TOS} ;/

Gettin' hungry..

================================================== ===============================
Subj: A Baby in the Hell Hole
Date: 95-08-11 16:43:06 EDT
From: Malhavok

As Malhavok sorts through his KORT'er death-threat mail, he hears a light rap
on his chamber door. He gestures and it opens.

The child-thing stands there. It holds a dead rat in it's right hand and
blood has soaked it's small face, and it's eyes glow a dull red hue.

Malhavok's mouth stands agape. How did it climb the stairs to his chambers?
How did it get the rat? What the hell is going on?

The answers would have to wait though, as the child-thing, barely a week old,
furrowed it's brow and looked on the verge of crying. It took a tentative
step toward his "papa" and then...

"More" it said. A pause. And again. "More".

"Oh my", gaped Mal. He quickly took the child-thing up in his arms and
looked it over cautiously. Flecks of rat flesh hung from it's teeth and
blood was spattered on it's gums.

Malhavok went to find Lascivia. He had an idea.

Wheeeeeeeee! ;)

"Ya should know what happens when you make a deal with the Devil.

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:A
Baby in the Hell Hole
Date: 95-08-11 19:25:58 EDT

The Gods stared at Malhavok and the little bundle of death he carried in his
arms, as the head God walked down the hall to find Lascivia. Joker licked
his lips, thinking how tasty the little demon brat would be. Hedron
momentarily ceased torturing the paladin wench he had nailed to the wall,
rolled his eyes, then resumed his play.

The demon child clapped his tiny blood soaked hands in glee at the sight of
the screaming woman, and it sank its sharp little fangs into Malhavok's arm.

"Pa pa. More," the demon child gurgled. "More."


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Baby in the Hell Hole!
Date: 95-08-11 23:21:50 EDT
From: MR J0KER


:::rollin' up his sleeve to contribute::::

Uncle Joker

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Date: 95-08-12 05:35:13 EDT
From: Zoranus

Nindyn vel'uss kyorl nind ratha thalra eighinn dal lil alust.

Alurl Velg'larn
Bregan D'Aerth

"May the fleas of a thousand reindeer nest on your genitals"

Merriam Webster's mentor
Wielder of Archaic Knowledge
::tosses Jokes diapers and powder::
playing the "not gonna touch that thing" uncle

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Date: 95-08-12 11:25:19 EDT
From: Sylverion

{chuckle} Zorro not exactly the correct translation but a good
misinterpretation. Hehe ;D

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Our little demon
Date: 95-08-12 14:16:28 EDT
From: Kr0angel

Angel watches as Mal carries the child closer.
"Give him here Malzy! I shall begin his training."
Angel snatches the demonchild from Mal.
"Come with Auntty Angel little one."
Wickedly laugher echoes though the hell hole as Malzy watches
the little demon tottle after Angel. Both with eyes gleaming red.
Malhavok shakes his head slowly the realms shall shall not be safe this

Angel stops shortly in her chambers. The demonchild frowns.
"More, Aunntty Angel! More!"
"Yes, Darlin' More we shall have!"
Angel Kneels down infront of the child and wraps a black leather cloak
around his shoulders.
"You must look your best.....For tonight we shall feast!!"
The Demonchild grabbed Angel's hand."Now!!I'm Hungry"

"Yes, so am I."


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:A Baby in the Hell Hole
Date: 95-08-12 14:42:24 EDT
From: Daredevyl


I love it when a plan comes together. : )


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:A Baby in the Hell Hole
Date: 95-08-12 15:15:57 EDT
From: Ego Prime

::Here's a rattle::.............Don't swallow the Fingernail

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Our little demon
Date: 95-08-12 19:45:26 EDT

"Aunteeeeeee! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Blood Auntie Angel, blood!"

The toddling demon, wrapped in his fine cloak, bares his little fangs in a
bloody smile.

Grasping Kroangel's hand, the two start out the door for a night of blood and

But the demon child's face frowns, as he looks around at the evil Gods and
Goddesses... Running from one to the other with questioning looks, he cries

"Da da? Ma ma?"

The demonchild stops when he sees Slayve, for the demon resemblance was
strong. He climbs into Slayve's lap, and questions,

"Da da?"

Confused KAAOS brat ;}

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Demon Child
Date: 95-08-12 19:57:42 EDT
From: Hedron

Hedron watched from the corner of his eye as Malhavok walked down the hallway
of the hell hole, blood soaked little brat in hand. He rolled his eyes and
mumbled "Another 5 minute play thing for Mal."

Hedron reached over to a small table against which his Twisted Cross was
leaning. The surface of it was covered with strange metal implements.
Choosing carefully, he picks up a gleaming straight edged thin knife with a
blade gently curved to its right side. The eyes of the paladin harlot
widened as Hedron lowered the knife to her scalp, its curve fitting perfectly
against the shape of her skull. (She had made no sound since Hedron's first
move had been to insert a spike into her voice box.)

He was about to cut when he realized that perhaps this child thing would be
more interesting than the normal torturing. Dropping the implement back on
the table, he turned his back to his victim, and the woman's body relaxed as
she realized that the God was distracted and that she would not die this

...How sad that she was not more familiar with Hedron. As he turned, his
hand slipped deftly around the handle of the wrought iron cross he carried
with him always. Knees bending, he followed the motion through with his
normal lionine grace, and slammed the point of the cross piece home into the
woman's head with a terrible chunking sound.

Pulling it free with a wet gurgle, Hedron smiled and headed off down the
hall, "Time to see how much it will take to steal the child."

False Prophet of KAAOS

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Demon Child
Date: 95-08-12 20:35:11 EDT
From: StilB0rn

This is all beginning to remind me of my own childhood.. tho it wasn't all
dat exciting as you can probably imagine ;}

One thing.. keep soranus away from that dam kid ;p

Child Psychologist of KAAOS

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Our little demon
Date: 95-08-12 20:37:09 EDT
From: Slayve

Slayve looks down into the childs eyes and sees it's black stare as it utters

"Intriguing", he states and looks to KroAngel. She seems not to know why the
child uttered "Da-da" to him.

Slayve takes the child from Kroangel and examines it. He turns it upside
down, flips it over to examine it, opens it's mouth and looks inside.

"This is a child with the mark of 3 demons" he says. "The Lesser Demon,
Pazuzu, marks it's back here", he says and points to a small splotch of
feathers jutting from it's upper back. Kroangel looks puzzled.

"Pazuzu was the Prince of the Lower Aeriel Kingdom's at one time" he
explains, "But my mother, Demoria, cowelled him in a dispute over some lesser
creature and he has fallen from grace dramatically".

"This other mark", he states as he points to a wrinkled bit of skin on the
childs stomach, "refers to a Glabrezu demon. A minor creature in the

Just then Slayve's manner grows concerned as he studies the child's arms.
Kroangel sees the concern on his face, "What is it?" she says and takes the
child back as Slayve hands it over to her.

"This could be a problem" he says. "See those two small protrusions coming
from just below the childs wrist?", he inquires as Kroangel nods her head

"They look like mini tentacles" she says.

Slayve's expression grows quite dark now and his voice turns to little more
than a rasping whisper. He wonders where in the Abyss, Doc Krypto summoned
this creature from.

"That is the mark of Demogorgon, Prince of Demons" he breaths quietly. "We
could all be in terrible danger."

"Or, perhaps", he says as a sly smile cuts across his demonic face. "This
child could become one of the greatest weapons of evil the lands have ever

He paces back and forth with his hands behind his back for a moment, then
looks the child straight between it's unholy eyes and speaks the tongue of
the Demons to it.

"Briz'at sinflusur revenect seforum nect numinoct" he says to the child and
it's eyes fill with glee.

And the child laughs.

And Slayve du Mortere laughs.

And Kroangel's blood runs cold, as a shiver runs up her spine, with the
unholy laughter of the two demons echoing through the Hell Hole.

{Wicked grin}


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Our little demon
Date: 95-08-12 22:12:42 EDT
From: V1XEN

Vixen, vampiress of Lloth, approaches Slayve, as he inspects the new addition
to the Hell Hole.

She holds her finger to the toddler's mouth and watches as he nips her finger
with his infant fangs, seeking blood. She smiles, her fangs glinting white
in the smoky torchlight. In her throaty voice, accented by her drow heritage,
she speaks,

"Demon or not, I think he iss also Wampire. I see it in hiss little red
eyess, and his taste for the blood. And, his skin iss dark, not pale as a
demon... And seee there, the little mark of the spider, on hiss tiny hand.. "

"What iss he, this demon babe?" She hisses. "A child of all the Gods and
Demons? We musst find out."

Vampiress of Lloth

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Our little demon
Date: 95-08-13 00:14:49 EDT
From: SoulReaper

SoulReaper, busily engaged in smoking all of Doomer's troll-weed, struts into
the hall of the hell hole with glazed eyes and breath reeking of clean goodie

"What's with the kid?"

Slayve, daydreaming about legions of innocents shredded into piles of guts
and bones by a daiper-wearing infant snarls his reply. "A powerful one..
you'd best treat it as such."

With a shrug, SoulReaper kicks the brat out of his way and continues down the
hall, a thick cloud traling behind him.

The demon brat, landing perfectly on its feet, calls after the Reaper
affectionately: "Da da?"

"Oh," Slayve chuckles, "this one will do indeed."


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Our little demon
Date: 95-08-13 01:51:32 EDT

The little demon, unphased by the Reaper's kick, crawls over to Rellikk,
Dreadlord of KAAOS, and bites him on his black-plated ankle. With his blood
red little eyes, the demon toddler looks up at Rellik.


the little hellion queries, wishing all the while that one of these large,
God creatures would bring him something to kill and maim, something to drain
dry of blood, something to make scream....


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Demon Child
Date: 95-08-13 04:26:00 EDT
From: Zoranus

Bring the child to me!!!

Proctologist at LARGE

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Demon Child
Date: 95-08-13 06:45:08 EDT
From: StilB0rn

Stilb0rn pushed his way past the KAAOS hanging gardens, a tight bundle
tucked carefully in his arms. Out of the corner of his eye, he spied
unmentionable creatures scurrying about, wary and terrified of the crushing
boots that carry this KAAOS god thru the thick of the entrails strewn about
the hallway. The tempting visions of bound victims he pushed away from his
attention, he had a purpose to complete this moment.
The hallway echoed with agony as he kickd open the heavy wooden door leading
to the Hell Hole's main chamber. "Make way!" he hollered as he nearly
tripped over P1rate disemboweling his latest catch,"I bring sustenance for
the child."
The court stirred as he strode up towards the demon thing, this
beautifully unnatural child whose eyes beckon fulfillment. Malhavok sat atop
his etched bone throne, curious as to what Stilb0rn brought for the youth.
"Stilb0rn," he queried, "where have you come from?"
"I come from the land above, far to the north, near the Icy Caves deep in
the Demonteeth Mountains," he replied, preparing to unvail the gift for the
small thing, and all, to see.
"I have food for the child," he spoke, pulling the bundle away from his body.
"Bring him to me."
Kroangel led the small thing from Rellik's torn ankles, admiring its presence
as that of a welcome memory. The DEMONCHILD gazed into the eyes of Stilb0rn,
dazzled by the furious determination set deep within. "Da da?" The KAAOS
God shook his head humorously, amused by the child's question. "No I am not
your father."
"Now sit here," he pointed, "and make no movements"
The child sat alertly, as if expecting some kind of miracle. Its eyes burned
with hunger. Hunger... and pain.
Stilb0rn slowly unraveled the package he held, paying careful attention not
to alarm what lay inside.
His hands moved swiftly and silently as he presented this gift to the child..
this gift of food.
The demon thing's eyes lit up with rage, knowing nothing more than devouring
the life that sat before him, so pure, so clean. The child knew only the
lifeforce within its subject.
Stilb0rn turned to his fellow KAAOS Gods and Goddesses and spoke quietly,
"Let us leave for awhile, the child needs time to consume."


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Yum-yum :)
Date: 95-08-13 11:05:08 EDT
From: Malhavok

P1rate...don't you have something SPECIAL to bring the kid?

I think you do... ;)


Kid'll prolly get a belly ache though. ;x


================================================== ===============================
Subj: ;}
Date: 95-08-13 13:33:56 EDT
From: P1rate

Quietly sipping his Spritzer=99, the Pirate watched Stil come bursting in
through the HellHole entrance.Quietly stretching, the Pirate nonchalantly
stuck his foot out and tryed to trip Stil as he chuckled to himself. It was
all Stil could do to keep from tripping over it and flying headlong into
Malhavoks Throne. Sneering back at the Pirate he made his offering to the
new Hellspawn and it was recieved with enthusiasm.
Pirate had watched all the fuss over the new infant for days now and was
wondering what the big deal was, just another little wayward demon with
potential, he=92d seen many of those come.... and go.

The booming voice of Malhavok echoed throughout the HellHole, =93Pirate!...=94 he
shouted starting the sailor from his reverie, =93What have you to offer this
new addition to our =93Family=94, he said with a slight grin. Slowly the Pirate
got up from his chair and drew his fine curved blade, =93I=92ll offer the runt
death on the tip of me blade!=94 he half shouted drawing the attention of all
in the gathering. Looking somewhat surprised Malhavok looked about the room
at the rest of the expressions, turned back to Pirate and said laughing
=93Could it be that the mighty Pirate is threatened by this young Devil or is
it that Lascie has you playing Daddy and interrupting your killing!?=94
This brought uproarious laughter from the gathered crowd as the Pirate
flushed. Obviously somewhat flustered by the line of questioning Malhavok had
incurred on the sailor, Pirate calmly sheathed his blade and stated in cold
precision =93 I feel threatened by nothing, and as for anyone interrupting my
killing, surely you jest=94.
The Pirate turned and walked out without another word, slamming the portal to
the HellHole with enough force to split one side.
After a few moments of laughter the portal blew open again, this time with
enough force to rend the door from its hinges. Once the smoke cleared the
sight was one that brought steady howls and laughter from within the depths
of the KAAOS Temple.
Pirate stood in the doorway with two still twitching corpses, one in in each
hand, and smiling in satisfaction said,=93Heres the runts offering, I was gonna
save em fer you Mal but since yer insisting I give the rodent a present here
they are.=94 He dragged the still steaming bodies in,leaving a trail of blood
from the entrance to the Throne 6=92 wide. Dropping the bodies in front of the
young Demon, he quietly kneeled down and drew his dagger. He showed the child
the dagger up close, for a moment some in the HellHole thought the sailor
would slice the childs throat from the expression on his face.
After turning the shiny blade several times in front of the childs face the
Pirate grabbed up the head of the first corpse and deftly removed its eyes
with the cruel blade. He held the morsels in front of the childs face, still
impailed on the dagger, the child greedily devoured the tiny tidbits with
great ferver.
Cracking a slight grin the pirate handed the child the dagger and pointed to
the second corpse motioning for the child to repeat what he had done. The
tiny Hellspawn crawled to the second body and began to slap it with the flat
side of the dagger as the ladies of KAAOS exclaimed in unison =93Awwwww, isn=92t
he adorable!.=94
Pirate openly laughed at this and stepped over to the child and placed the
dagger in its hand the correct way. He took the infants hand and repeated the
motion as the childs gleaming red eyes stared at the Pirate, =93Da Da!=94 it
giggled as it watched the dagger do its work. The sailor stepped back and
watched the child sucessfully remove the last eye much to everyones delight.
Pirate met Lascies gaze from across the room and saw her Evil grin, this
child had potential, and as much as the burly sailor hated to admit it, he
knew it for fact. He quickly grinned to Lascie and looked away.
The Pirate turned to Malhavok and the rest of the gathered crowd and said
=93Heres my killins, let the runt have em, ittie bittie govann and ittie bittie

================================================== ===============================
Subj: ;} part Deux.
Date: 95-08-13 13:34:28 EDT
From: P1rate

You=92ll not see the likes a them again, both attempted to take me down in a
deathmatch, both died horribly for it.=94
The HellHole was once again filled with laughter as the Pirate quietly went
back to his seat and resumed sipping his, now warm, Spritizer=99. =93LEGION!!!!



================================================== ===============================
Subj: The dead body game ;}
Date: 95-08-13 15:36:36 EDT

Lascivia watched the demon child gleefully stabbing at the bloody remains of
the ITB faces, and smiled. Two more ITB's dead at the hands of her Pirate
God. Four deathmatches, four dead ITBs. At this rate, the KAAOSers would
soon have no more ITBs to torment.

The evil sorceress slithered over, sat down crosslegged in the blood and
gore, and took the feeding demon babe on her lap. "Now, little one, Auntie
Lascie shall teach you some new words! We shall play the dead body game!"

"Ga goo!" The demon child replied, bloody gore dripping down his chin.

Lascivia took Pirate's wicked dagger from the babe's hands, and began the
game. She carved an ear off ITB Govann's skull, and held it just out of
reach of the demon's bloody little hand.

"What's this?" She smiled, as she danced it about in front of his chubby
face, "Why, it's an ear! Can you say ear?" "Eeeeee" the demon babe cried
gleefully, grabbing at the dancing ear.

"Wonderful!" Lascivia smiled, as she popped the ear into the demon's mouth,
and watched him crunch it and devour it with his sharp little fangs. "Yummy
yummy, yes?"

Next, she cut off the ITB's thumb, and danced the dripping appendage in front
of the child. "Thumb! Can you say thumb?"

"Tum!" the babe squeeled, as it reached for the thumb. Lascivia replied
sweetly, as she popped the thumb into the demon's mouth, "I knew that you

On and on they played, until the body of the ITB was but a mass of bloody
bones, and the demon babe finally seemed full. Its blood smeared chubby head
turned around three times on its neck, and it gave a little burp, then its
little face twisted in a grimace, and it spewed bloody flesh all over the

"Oh poor little demon!" Lascivia murmered, as she took him up and patted his
back, and cleaned off his face. Malhavok growled paternally, "All right! No
more ITB for him! No one can stomach that foul flesh!"

Soon, the little demon had recovered, and was wandering cheerfully among the
Gods and Goddesses, babbling in sing song the new words he had learned. He
crawled over to Pirate, and giggled, "fooot!" as he stabbed Pirate's dagger
into his foot. Pirate laughed heartily, "Har! Ye little rodent!" as he pulled
the dagger out of his foot, then hoisted the demon on his lap and bounced him
on his knee. Taking his PvP crown off his head, the ladder God let the demon
child play with it until he fell asleep.

"I think he needs some toys," Lascivia whispered to Pirate.

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:The
dead body game ;}
Date: 95-08-13 16:44:41 EDT
From: SoulReaper

SoulReaper could hardly contain his laughter at the sight. The child was
working furiously to saw through the God's charred leathery skin, and every
few moments would gurgle out an angry curse and stare at "Da da" with
pleading eyes.

Chuckling, the Reaper summons his scythe with it's meter length blade and
rises from his SOL-skin bed. "Must be my turn to feed.. isn't this why we
keep Drk Aura around?" Grumbling something about DA's batteries, he hides
his KEF-skin trollbag out of the child's reach and tosses the brat to

Reaper leaves the hell hole, drooling at the thought of shortening his
victims- by a head.


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:The dead body game ;}
Date: 95-08-13 17:12:11 EDT
From: Celestia 7

hehhe...wonder who gets to babysit this kid ... rofl

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:The dead body game ;}
Date: 95-08-13 17:52:10 EDT
From: Malhavok

Lascie...just for Celest's sake, you need to teach the young 'un to say

But best have the regurgitaion bucket handy... ;)

"I brought home a monster" ;x

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:The dead body game ;}
Date: 95-08-13 21:05:22 EDT
From: Weredrach

heh! i'll supply the runt's diapers ::tosses sol hatmans hat in corner::
I'll keep the head
now where's that yunman character been hiding?


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Dinner time!!
Date: 95-08-13 21:14:26 EDT
From: P1rate

Filtering through the unwanted rotting flesh that were once adventurers, the
Pirate and his two hunting partners Soulreaper and Weredrac pull out the
tastiest ones.

Sol Adept
Sol Abysss
Sol Asault
Sol Hatman
Sol Lione
Sol Epic

Dragging the still dripping limp forms into the HellHole the trio drop the
carcasses around the Bloodthirsty infant and laugh as it begins to gorge.
"This little rodents got an insatiable appetite Reaps" the Pirate said
Weredrach was overcome by a fit of laughter as the infant reached its tiny
clawed hand up to the jewelled hilt of Pirates dagger, opening and closing
its fat fingers, grabbing at the air like it could reach the sailors blade.
Reaper hoisted the tiny thing up where it could reach the blade and was
rewarded with a nice little slash to his arm by the giggling child.
Laughing at Soulreapers "accident", the Pirate encouraged the little one to
repeat what he had been taught earlier. Weredrach suddenly winced and turned
away drawing the attention of the other 2 KAAOS Gods. "Whats the trouble
Were?" asked the Pirate, "Never seen a kid eatin eyes before?" he laughed.
Weredrach Gagged and stepped away from the child, "The eyes aint got squat ta
do with it ya dolt! Doncha smell that!? Jeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz!! SOMEONE CHANGE
THAT KIDS DIAPER!!!!" But before he could get the final words out of his
mouth, he turned and saw the Pirate and Reaper Disappear into the depths of
the HellHole. Leaving himself standing there alone with the gorging child and
the foul odor of evil baby diapers that needed changing.
The echoes of SoulReaper and Pirate were heard bouncing off of the dark stone
walls as they ran...

"Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Don't ferget ta powder 'im Were.



================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Dinner time!!
Date: 95-08-13 21:31:43 EDT
From: Malhavok

LOL! It may not know "Da-da", but it looks like Were is gonna git the
"ma-ma" name tag after the powderin'! ;x

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Dinner time!!
Date: 95-08-13 23:26:01 EDT
From: Weredrach

Weredrach fumes over this new responsibility. It's bad enough He always gets
stuck with the weakest souls like ff's, tp's and other worthless 2 letter
no-names now i gotta change this runt. Heh! I Know we'll just bypass the
changing thing and hide em under mal's bed! sorta like a stickup in there.
::grabs the kid by the hair:: come on kid ya got work ta do


================================================== ===============================
Subj: 5 Souls! All mine! NOT ;/
Date: 95-08-13 23:28:31 EDT
From: Malhavok

Mal crept silently into the Hell Hole. It was late in the evening and most
of the Gods and Goddesses would be sleeping off a night of rampant violence
and decadence.

The huge oaken doors shut behind him and he grimaced. "Damn it!" he

He tiptoed through the inner foyer, a large magical bag slung over his
shoulder. It was full. The undead souls of UDL Ripper, UDL Diablo, Ldy
Spawn, Naergoth and UDL Troubl, were all tucked neatly inside. It had been a
good night for this KAAOS God.

He crept past the HotTub and glanced at it. "Nope" he whispered, "these are
aaaaall mine". ;}

Mal had almost made it to the base of the stairs which housed his chambers
when he heard a seductive voice to his left. From the shadows stepped the
Hell Hole's newest Goddess, V1xen.

"Where you going, Malsssie?" she cooed softly.

"Ummm...to my chambers...Important work that I must attend to" he said and
took a few steps toward the stairs. V1xen cut him off.

"What's in yer bag, Malsie?" she said. Sarcasm dripped like blood from her
lips as she ran her fingers along the outer fabric of the bag.

"Why this feels like a bag of souls! And you weren't going to share them,
Malsie? Naughty, naughty" she said and smiled deceptively as her fingers ran
along his leg and the sack slung over his shoulder.

"Damn it, Vixie! These are MY souls! All 5 of 'em! UDL Ripper, UDL Diablo,
Ldy Spawn, Naergoth and UDL Troubl all got jumpy on me tonight and I had to
rip their undead souls from their corpses cuz they tried attackin' their God!
And I thoroughly enjoyed it! Like I'm gonna enjoy 'em BY MYSELF!" Malhavok
shouted, as a brief flash of light was all that preceded his exit.

He appeared a moment later at the top of the stairs and had his hand on the
metal door handle shaped like a screaming face, when V1xen, Drow Vampiress,
launched herself through the air and crossed the span of 50 feet in less than
2 seconds. She clasped her hand over Mal's as it was turning the knob.

"Not going to share?", she said as she blew her hot breath into his ear.
Her lower lip came out in a mock-pout.

With a small sigh, Mal resigned himself to the fact he wouldn't be dining
alone tonight. An evil smile stole across his lips as he turned to face

"Why V1xie...whatever would the Dreadlord say?" he whispered into her ear as
he turned the handle to his private chambers and entered. V1xen followed him

"He isn't the one with what I want this evening" she whispered wickedly and
shut the door to Mal's private chambers.

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Dinner time!!
Date: 95-08-14 01:08:21 EDT

Hands on hips, Lascivia grins evilly, watching the furor. The KAAOS Gods,
who could gut a ITB or a UDL and stand that loathesome stench, couldn't
tolerate a little baby demon doo. ;}


The cowering ITB rushes in, makeshift SOL Hatman diapers and pail in hand.
"Yes Mistress Lascivia, right away," he mumbles, as he tries to diaper the
evil tyke.

The Demonchild snarls and claws and bites at him. Finally, bloody and sore,
Legion's deed is done, and he faints dead away.

Lascivia picks up the gurgling little demon. "Time for Auntie Lascie to put
you to bed!" The evil babe claps his hands and smiles his bloody fanged
smile, as his evil little eyes grow red..

Lasacivia softly sings to him a little ditty her evil mother taught to her
when she was but a young evil sorceress,

"A B C D E F G, How we hate the ITB, every night we kill us three, hang the
rest from a tree... Know how happy you will be, when you kill an ITB..."

Lascivia tickled the little demon's chubby chin, as he slashed the air with
his little claws, and bit the air in sleepy joy.. She finished the song,

"Now you know your ITBs. Slash them all and kill them please."

The little demon, exhausted, was quite asleep. Lascivia wondered where to
put him for the night... She had watched Malhavok stealthily creeping by with
what appeared to be a full picnic basket of souls... Perhaps he was hoarding
them for the demon babe.

She tiptoes with the little demon towards Mal's chambers, intent on leaving
him with Mal for the night.

Shhhh ;}


================================================== ===============================
Subj: The Child Learns to Play
Date: 95-08-14 01:39:38 EDT
From: Hedron

Hedron had strolled into the dark central chamber of the KAAOS Hell Hole and
watched all the back and forths with the little crumb hustler. He saw the
offerings and the food and the games and the songs, and all that other drek.

Hedron watched it all, and thought, "Doesn't anyone know what this child
really wants? You'd think the KAAOS Gods would have caught on. Well, it
seems it's been left to me."

With a quick decisive stride Hedron left the room and found a small grotto
deeper in the hell hole. Mumbling to himself and sketching patterns in the
air, Hedron caused a blue green glow to fill the little recess in the stone
hallway. With a subtle flash of dim light, Hedron had disappeared and been
replaced by....

By another child. "Yaas. Hedron knows what this child wants. The False
Prophet of KAAOS knows everything. This child wants to HUNT, not to be fed.
And a hunt it shall have." The evil looking child that Hedron had become
laughed with a chilling evil sound.

Hedron's small child hand reached out and grasped the handle of his twisted
cross, dragging the adult sized weapon to him. With another quiet flash, the
cross disappeared, returning to Hedron's chambers to await the shedding of
his disguise.

"That's taken care of, but I need a weapon... a weapon... hmmm. Well, this
is to be a hunt, so I will play the hunted beast." Light crackled, and the
Child Hedron held a long sharpened tooth, with a tip needle pointed to draw
blood with the merest scratch.

Hedron's tiny form scampered quickly and invisibly down the stairs of the
Hell Hole, deeper and deeper to Malhavok's chambers. Pausing at the door,
Child Hedron heard the sounds of Lascivia laying the child to bed.
"How laughable," thought Hedron. "A demon that needs sleep? Well, I have a
distraction for the babe while the rest of the Hell Hole thinks he sleeps."

As Lascivia left the room, Hedron crept in as she closed the door. He
stalked cautiously up to the resting place of the child, and peered over the
edge of the stone coffin it lay in. The demon child had grown in the merest
hours to resemble a child of age 6 among the humans. All that feeding had
aged it.

As Hedron looked on, the child caught sight of him, and lunged forward with a
slash of its claws. Hedron easily faded back gracefully, and stabbed forward
with his Tooth, thrusting it through the babe's arm and pulling it back out
again. No blood was shed.

The todler leapt forward out of the coffin, lunging once again for its
adversary. Hedron pulled back, and raced into a fissure in the wall of
Malhavok's chambers, working back into the living stone of the Hell Hole,
using his magic to widen the gaps and create an infant sized cooridor, prying
the stones apart with his tooth weapon. The demon child scurried after him,
the lust for blood and the pleasure of the hunt burning bright in its eyes.

"HA HAH!" Hedron laughed as the chase pushed them further into the earth.
"The hunt is on, child! And at the end, you will find that it is Hedron who
has done the hunting, and you shall be mine! And my fellow KAAOS Gods will be
wordless as to who has stolen you," Hedron mumbled to himself as the two of
them disappeared.

"Perhaps the first thing we shall do is cut you open and find that first rat
you ate.......

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:5 Souls! All mine! NOT ;/
Date: 95-08-14 02:57:08 EDT
From: V1XEN

Once inside Malhavok's chambers, Vixen glanced again, slyly, at the writhing
bag of souls he clutched so closely to him. She thought she could get what
she wanted without too much trouble...

Slowly her luminous crimson eyes turned to stare deeply into his. The
vampiress spoke, her melodic, throaty voice accented with the syllabic
overtones of the drow.

"Oh, Mal-ha-vok." Vixen purred teasingly, "Thy chambers are ssoo...
primitive." White fangs bared slightly in a mysterious smile, she
continued, "Wouldn't thee like to vissit my chamberss for the evening? See
the dungeonss where I keep my pet spiderss, and the maless I trap? After
all, thee have never sseen them... None living but my loverr Rellikk and my
slave Vinin have everr seen them...."

The vampiress danced closer, tossing back her billowing long hair, twirling
her crimson veils about her, still eyeing the writhing bag of souls.

Malhavok stood, hypnotised by the fire of the glowing rubies at Vixen's dark
breast, dangling from her ears and wrists, glinting like droplets of blood in
the torchlight. Vixen moved closer, teasing him, holding the huge ruby
dangling at her breast closer to his face, moving it slowly in front of his
reddening eyes.

"You like?" Vixen smilingly teased, as she moved subtly away from his
attempted embrace. "A present from my lover, thy brother, Rellikk. He iss
good to me, yes? Could thou be sso good to me, as he iss?"

Vixen smiled, as she stared into Malhavok's eyes. She leaned closer, fangs
bared, eyeing his thick neck, and the vein pounding there. She saw his
will, his loyalties fading, as his eyes glazed over, and he nodded, yes.

Smiling, Vixen gently pryed his treasure, the writhing bag of souls from his
hand. She playfully whispered in his ear, as she nipped his neck, "I don't
think ssoo... And thee would have much more to do, to prove it.."

A tapping at the door awoke the leader of the Gods from the vampiress'
trance. "Mal?" A husky female voice whispered. "Open the dam door! This
demon child needs a place ta sleep!"

With a low laugh, Vixen, and the bag of souls she clutched in her hand,
dissappeared, into a crimson mist. Mal felt the linger of her pinch on his
hind, and heard the echo of her mocking voice in his mind, "Night, da da..."


Vampiress of Lloth

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:5 Souls! All mine! NOT ;/
Date: 95-08-14 16:39:26 EDT
From: Malhavok

Dang women always stealin' my souls :(

Just guess I'll have to go out and gate me 5 more UDL's at once, once again!!

"And I was hungry damnit, V1xie!" ;p

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Dinner time!!
Date: 95-08-14 16:41:05 EDT
From: Malhavok

}}"A B C D E F G, How we hate the ITB, every night we kill us three, hang the
rest from a tree... Know how happy you will be, when you kill an ITB..."{{{


It's better if you sing it like the real A-B-C song! ROFL!!!!!! ;D

================================================== ===============================
Subj: For the child
Date: 95-08-14 18:52:40 EDT
From: Mau Mu Mu

A figure emerged from the trees across from the hell-hole. His beard hung
low, his eyes were wild, and his figure was wiry. Across his misshapen back
he bore on one shoulder a bag and the other one large cage. He walked across
the hallowed ground toward the hell-hole, care not to fall into one of the
many steming pits surrounding the hole.

The figure stopped straight away as he reached the outside off the hole,
examining the ground around his feet. He picked a small rodent up from the
ground and tossed it toward the hole. It was vaporized in mid-air. He grinned
and set the bag and cage down right before the runes of warding surrounding
the hole. A loud moan sounded from inside the hell-hole. The man cast a
glance over his shoulder and vanished into the night.

Zoranus emerged from the hole, although not to investigate the noises from
outside to deal with, well, err, other buisness. He started for the trees but
his foot hit something, he was about to go onward when he heard a noise from
below. A thumping came from a small iron cage next to foot. He bent down to
investigate the cage slammed foward and bashed into his leg.

Inside the cage was a small imp, a creature of the lower planes, a kind of
lesser demon. He hefted the cage and began inspecting the creature. It was of
common breed, with a large nose, scaled skin, and bristles emerging from its
hide. Upon the cage was inscripted, "For the Child."

A grin sprung upon the gods face and he stormed back into the hole, grabbing
the bag as he walked by. As he walked he examined the contents of the bag (a
talent know only to the gods). Inside were several still pumping hearts, the
glow of lifeforce still surrounding them..

mu mu

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:DemonChild
Date: 95-08-14 22:46:25 EDT
From: Hedron

Child Hedron rushed down the opening throat of stone that swallowed him and
the demon child in darkness. As he rushed around a curve, hearing the
scrabble of the demon child's claws in close chase, he ducked into a crevice
and awaited the child.

"If that slimy little thing dies as easily as this, then so be it. I'll have
no fools coddled by KAAOS," thought Hedron, his spear like tooth held poised
to stab forward. The sounds of the demon thing rushed closer, but just
before it appeared, all sound stopped, and a silence filled with the dueling
of two minds seeking blood filled the crevice.

Hedron smiled as his heart raced a bit, and a smirk

06-22-2004, 11:55 AM
================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:DemonChild
Date: 95-08-14 22:46:25 EDT
From: Hedron

Child Hedron rushed down the opening throat of stone that swallowed him and
the demon child in darkness. As he rushed around a curve, hearing the
scrabble of the demon child's claws in close chase, he ducked into a crevice
and awaited the child.

"If that slimy little thing dies as easily as this, then so be it. I'll have
no fools coddled by KAAOS," thought Hedron, his spear like tooth held poised
to stab forward. The sounds of the demon thing rushed closer, but just
before it appeared, all sound stopped, and a silence filled with the dueling
of two minds seeking blood filled the crevice.

Hedron smiled as his heart raced a bit, and a smirk touched his now tiny
lips. The thing was not as stupid as he had thought.

SUDDENLY the child leaped through the narrowing into range, and Hedron, quick
as lightning, jammed his needle sharp tooth forward for the throat of the

The throat of the child that was not there? With a quick move, depending
totally on instinct, Hedron faded back and whirled the gleaming white tooth
like a club into a low block. The clawed hand of the child was dashed aside
mere inches short of its strike and pinned against a rock as Hedron rolled
over the back of the tiny form which had hunched low to throw its surprise

Hedron came up behind it poised for the death blow but was immediatly forced,
to his surprise, to back away from a dagger-sharp clawed foot as the demon
lashed out from the floor.

Laughing with glee, Hedron turned and fled, unwilling to end the chase so
soon in a single battle. Better to let the demon choose its ground of attack
each time, and see if a single blow could finish things.

Against all expectations, this was turning out to be fun!

"Although," Hedron thought as he raced serptine through this labrynth, "tis a
pity I couldn't leave the child pinned through the throat, tooth driven
through muscle, cartilage, and stone."

"Somehow the thought of it squirming out its death alone down here pleased

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:DemonChild
Date: 95-08-15 02:20:42 EDT

The little demon sits on the floor of the cavern, surrounded by inky
darkness. His eyes glow bright red, as he sheathes and unsheathes his claws.
Pleased he is by Hedron's little game. He squeels laughing, "Da da! Da da!"

A rumbling sound shakes the earth, dislodging a shower of boulders and stones
from the dripping cavern walls. A huge crack rends the floor of the dark
cavern, and a blast of fire and smoke shoots up A huge major demon, black
tentacles sprouting from its giant arms, materializes from the fire, picks up
the demon child, and with its firey red eyes, gazes down almost fondly on it.


"Da da!!!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!" The little tyke squeals.
"Da da, hep me find Hedwon! Play blood, play blood!"

The major demon rolls his eyes. He was not 'da da,' but he was one of
Demonchild's approximately six hundred uncles. His young nephew, part of whom
Doctor Krypto had summoned to the surface, was quite a handful. It seemed
not even the surface gods of KAAOS could keep him amused and quiet for a
decade or so!

The huge demon sighed, and the walls shook.

"VERY WELL!" the huge demon bellowed. "LET US PLAY BLOOD WITH HEDRON."

Slinging the laughing demon babe over his shoulder, the huge Demon
dematerializes into a roaring flame, and the two proceed down the hall, to
search for Hedron...

::demonic grin:::


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:DemonChild
Date: 95-08-15 09:07:50 EDT
From: Doc krypt0

He turned the corner and the sight startled his thoughts to the present.
He had been lost in the past, his thoughts in the Abyss and all the things
he had learned there. If he had not been summoned back, he would surely be
the most powerful creature the Abyss knew. "Graz'zt!" his voice
shook the greater demon from his course. "Krypto" the demon responded.
The two forces stared at one another for a brief second before the silence
was broken by the demon child riding upon Graz'zt. "Da-Da!" he whined.
"You do not belong here, Graz'zt." the great doctor exclaimed. "The child
has summoned me, therefore I do belong and I will stay!" chided the demon.
Suddenly, Hedron appeared from the shadows and all noticed him. "Pway Blood"
cried the child and Graz'zt's eyes glowed bright red!
Doc motioned Hedron back, never losing sight of the Demon child and his
dangerous mount. "Your powers are weaker on the material plane Krypto,
you cannot stop me, you cannot save your friend." Graz'zt was gaining
his courage.
Long ago, upon first going to the Abyss, Krypto had bested this one.
He had gained much fame and position from it and Graz'zt had held him in
contempt ever since.
"My powers are not so weak as you think, Graz'zt" exclaimed Krypto,
"return the child to me!" The demon roared and hurled the small child
across the hall to crash into the wall next to Hedron, the noise of the roar
was deafening. The distraction of the child was planned and Graz'zt used
it to his advantage as acid shot from the end of his famed sword and slammed
into the chest of Krypto. It started eating away at his cloak at once and
found his skin in seconds. Pain pearced his entire body, as the
acid ate its way inward, and he dropped to his knees in agony clutching
his chest. Graz'zt moved in, holding his famed sword ready to finish the
encounter. "You will take my place in the Abyss and it will be I who feeds
on this plane!" a smile creased the demon's face. Krypto rolled to his back
and gathered himself for his only hope, he had to banish the creature. His
mined whirled in pain but he made the necessary movements and chants anyhow,
there was simply no choice. Nothing happened and Graz'zt laughed! He laughed
loudly and roared, "Only the
one who summons Graz'zt can banish him, as was my gift from the Abyss."
Krypto remembered and he lost hope, the acid had burned its
course and he was badly wounded, there was no way he could continue.
He dropped his head to the cold stone and closed his eyes, it was over.
Hedron, no less brave than any warrior stepped in to save his fellow
god. "You will not take him today" he said boldly. Graz'zt roared again and
smiled at the sight of another challenge. Acid once again spewed out
of that dreaded sword but Hedron was ready and the quicker. He side stepped
and returned his own spell that blasted into the suprised demon but hardly
even annoyed it. Hedron's suprise was great and Graz'zt roared
once again before hurling his shield at the stunned warrior. He recovered and
again used his speed to dodge the blow. Graz'zt was done playing and in two
giant leaps stood in front of Hedron. Flail came up in response but was
merely swatted away and massive sword was the return. Hedron
was struck and sword cut deep into his shoulder, sending the god to his
knees. Graz'zt poised for the final blow, and raised his sword to deliver it.

Suddenly, the demon Graz'zt faded, his image disappearing in front of
Hedron's eyes. Relief coursed his veins and he looked towards the demon
child who had cast the banishment. He smiled as he fell unconscious, blood
pouring from his wound. The demon child turned over the fallen body
of Doc Krypto, acid still sizzling from the major wound in his chest.
"Da-Da!" "I learn banwishment!


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Present for demonchild
Date: 95-08-15 15:41:24 EDT
From: Jacalyni

A figure cloaked in grey approaches the Hell Hole and silently enters. The
barely visible figure watches the gods for a few minutes as they play with
the demon child. Stepping into the light the intruder startles the evil group
and amid shouts of alarm and reaching for weapons she pushes her cloak's hood
back from her head. "Don't get so excited Mal," Jacalyni said calmly. I just
wanted to bring the baby a present." She then held up a sack made of some
kind of shimmering material. Mal feeling very secure in his stronghold
surrounded by his guild members motioned Jacie to approach the child. Jacie
walked over to the child and spoke, "I bring you words of wisdom that you
might never hear being raised in such a place. Remember that in all things
there must be a Balance." With that she laid the sack on the ground and
lifting it from the bottom caused the contents to roll out. A hairy bloody
mass rolled across the floor to the child. When it stopped rolling it
revealed P1rate's face frozen in mid scream. The assembled gods were
uncharacteristically silent as they looked on their dead companions head.
Jacie, with a slightly evil grin, explained so all could hear, "You see
demonchild, P1rate was feeling pretty confidant after all his recent
victories. And even when a god thinks that they are invincible the real GODS
have a way of pointing out the error of thinking that way. After all it only
takes one hold spell to make it very difficult to fight a storm giant."
With that Jacie turned, pulled her cloak's hood back over her head and start
to leave. When she reached the door she turned back and spoke, "Doc you will
find his body in Westbridge if you want to try sticking him back together."
and vanished back into the night.

Grey Knight of the Balance

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:DemonChild
Date: 95-08-15 20:29:14 EDT
From: Hedron

Hedron groaned a bit as he fell to his knees, the vanishing sword unpinning
him, and watched through hazed uncomprehending eyes as the demon child
crawled to Krypto's side and turned him over, speaking some words lost to
Hedron's senseless mind.

Hedron, greatly weakened by the transformation he'd put himself through to
fight the demon child on an equal basis, had been blasted by a demon. This
much he knew. Some foul gutless beast had been summoned by the child to its
aid, taking advantage of Hedron's child form.

Slowly, the rest came into hazy remembrance. The name uttered as Krypto and
the demon exchanged words rang through his head. "Graz'zt"

So that was the name of this blow hard demon who thought to visit the plane
of Neverwinter. Hedron, less greviously injurred than Krypto, stood and
began chanting. After moments, a shimmering light burned over his child
body, and restored him to full godhood. Hedron's arm shot outward, spearing
the air and grasping the hilt of his twisted cross as it appeared in the from

"That worthless demon creed will pay for his invasion of the Hell Hole,"
growled out Hedron. "One would have thought that Krypto's teachings would
have lasted longer. Still, I suppose such an empty headed mongrel wouldn't
have much retention."

Hedron reached a gauntled hand down and grasped the head of the Demon Child
who had taken to trying to pull Krypto's heart from the chest cavity the acid
had opened. With a yank, Hedron picked up the now squawling demon thing by
the head, snapped back his arm, and whipped it towards a wall. As it flew
toward the rough surface, Hedron chanted three words, a hole opened, and it
disappeared, transported to another spot.

Hedron turned and spoke to the still form on the ground, "Doc, when you're
quite finished being lazy, you might consider following. There might be
something left to torture by the time you get there. I for one do not intend
to let this go unanswered."

Turning away, a small bottle of potion appeared in Hedron's fist. With a
casual flick of his thumb to remove the seal and an easy toss, the bottle
fell into the smoking hole in Krypto's chest and leaked out to cover the
wound, hissing as it encountered the last of the bubbling acid.

Grasping his twisted cross in two fists, Hedron's powerful arms slammed back
and forward in a sudden untraceable movement, swinging his twisted cross
violently into the stone which parted like butter before it. The blow
revealed a black dark crack into the Abyss itself.

"Demon Child bedamned. Some other fool can amuse it. I'm going Graz'zt

Hedron lunged into the hole, disappearing into the Abyss to make one demon
very very sorry it had skin to be removed, eyes to be plucked out, and bones
to be crushed...

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:DemonChild
Date: 95-08-15 21:29:51 EDT

Like a whispering ghost the massive black spiked-armored covered God appeared
from the vast nothingness of his interdimensional gate. The Son of Bane was
much troubled after his talk in hell with his dad. It appeared that Bane had tried to
intervene in Doc's experiment. And while Bane had limited success interposing a portion of his
lifeforce in the child......Some greater force had resisted Bane's attempt to dominate the

Concerned about "This Greater Power", RELLIKK stopped by his pantry for a
quick snack and immediately flew into a rage. Someone or something had raided
his soul supply.

The once living men hung on iron racks, from curved ice picks piercing the
bases of their skulls. The flesh was gone from their faces, fingers, and toes. Their
bellies had been ripped open. Their bowels hung to the ground. Their hearts had been cut out
of their souless corpses. Carved into their chests were the words, "Da...Da?"

Thinking something had to be done about that kid, RELLIKK's senses picked up
the trace of more living souls.........."What the hell he thought.......who else dares
to invade the abode of the DreadLord of KAAOS?"

RELLIKK stopped his approach and stared, just able to discern this daughter
of Lloth in the torchlight scattered throughout the large chamber. Then he saw what she
was doing and his stomach and throat tightened. Unable to look away......not that he
any thought of doing so...the DreadLord watched his evil lover disrobe, a Goddess very alone
in the flamelit room.

Her pantherish smoothness added sensuousness to her movements and the sight
of her made RELLIKK covet more than the souls he has just lost to the Demonchild or
those souls that laid squirming in the bag next to the marbled bath. Her red lace
teddy had barely concealed a most attractive drow body and RELLIKK clenched his teeth
in anticipation.

As she turned and slipped into her bath, he saw that she wore around her neck
the ruby necklace he had given her so many moons before. The priceless jewels
dangled, winking, between the moving hills of her bare bosom, the bloody red stones flashing
in concert with Vixen's crimson eyes.

Using his Godlike willpower, RELLIKK stayed rooted in place as she shook
out her long hair, as rich and lustrous as silver itself. Her standing with her weight on
one foot unconsciously flouted her supple ebony thigh in a way that would force a
lesser man to close his eyes against the sight.

Turning her head slightly, her deliciously red lips parted as she peered deep
into the shadows RELLIKK thought he was hiding in. "Shall we dance?" she whispered
throatily or shall we feast on this repast so thoughtfully provided by Malhavok?" she
finished with a wink.

Losing all control, pieces of black armor plate flying everywhere, RELLIKK's
last conscious thought was to kick the writhing bag of souls out of his way as his
massive arms encircled his Goddess.

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:DemonChild
Date: 95-08-16 02:47:25 EDT
From: V1XEN

Crimson eyes glowing with a fire as hot as the rubies that shone on her ebony
breast, Vixen exalted in her evil lover's desire. She bared her fangs, threw
back her silver maned head and pressed against the blonde giant of a God, as
he crushed her lithe dark body in his arms. They kissed each other savagely.
The vampiress bit hard into his lip, and his delicious warm blood began to
flow into her greedy red mouth, as he pulled her closer...

...With a start, the evil lovers broke their embrace, at the sound of a loud
ripping noise from high above. The two stared at the ceiling in fascination,
as the stone appeared to rend and part, as easily as thin silk, and a small
form came hurtling through the void. Demonchild, teleported by the enraged
Hedron, landed with a little bounce on the massive carved wooden bed on which
they lay.

"Da da? Ma ma?" The young demon queried, as it looked at Rellikk and Vixen
with a demonic fanged grin. "Play Blood?"

A slight furrow creased Vixen's smooth brow. The drow children she was
accustomed to would never dare interrupt their elders, especially not at such
a moment! The drow vampiress took the Demonchild on her lap and sternly
gazed into his red eyes, as she scolded, "Waela, waela little male!"

Vixen could not help but laugh, the demon thing was so precocious, as he
bared his little fangs and scowled at her in return. She spoke a few words
to him in drow, which, surprisingly, he seemed to understand.

With a wave of her dark hands and a few whispered words, the Demon child
vanished, teleported to Doc's laboratory. Doc had created the little beast,
he should be quite honored by a visit from his troublesome creation. ;}

Vixen gazed at the scowling Dreadlord. Her evil lover had not at all been
pleased at the interruption. She smiled seductively and growled, as she
pounced on him and raked her long nails down his massive chest, drawing

An evil grin lit the warrior's steely grey eyes, as Vixen bit not so
playfully at his massive neck, and purred hotly in his ear, "Lover... Play


Vampiress of Lloth

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Present for demonchild
Date: 95-08-16 03:15:47 EDT

Lascivia flew for the throat of the fleeing Jacalyni, as she ran swiftly up
the stairs out of the Hell Hole, but the Grey Wench of the Balance escaped
her. Smashing her tequila bottles one by one against the wall, Lascivia
snarled, "Ya spineless WENCH! You gonna pay for damagin me babe, and havin
the nerve ta walk in here uninvited!"

As Lascivia picked up the head of her Pirate God from the floor, and was
about to head off to Westbridge to retrieve his body, a strange sight greeted
the Gods and Goddesses of KAAOS. Into the Hell Hole rushed a headless body,
slashing his cutlass, and waving his huge muscled arms... It was the body of
Pirate, back to claim his head!

Grabbing the errant body by the hand, and scooping up the head, Lascivia
headed down to Doc's lab, where she found him amusing the Demonchild with a
large purple reanimated dinosaur corpse.

Ignoring the dancing purple corpse, Lascivia rushed into the lab. "Doc!" the
Goddess grinned hopefully, "If ya could remove those three nasty letters
from him, surely ya can reattach his head???"

The amazing Doc Krypto grinned evilly, as Lascivia set Pirate's head on his
lab table, and led the headless body to him.

Yikes ;}


================================================== ===============================
Subj: The End
Date: 95-08-16 12:30:27 EDT
From: Sylphee

{{With a yank, Hedron picked up the now squawling demon thing by the head,
snapped back his arm, and whipped it towards a wall. As it flew toward the
rough surface, Hedron chanted three words, a hole opened, and it disappeared,
transported to another spot.}} Hedron

{{With a wave of her dark hands and a few whispered words, the Demon child
vanished, teleported to Doc's laboratory. Doc had created the little beast,
he should be quite honored by a visit from his troublesome creation. ;} }}

The mighty Tyr, God of Justice had already taken a personal interest in the
injustice manifest in the Demonchild. With the arrival of Graz'zt, and the
ensuing battle, Tyr's attention was fully on the events in the Hell Hole.
Tyr's avatar was already sent to the Prime Material plane to hand out
justice. When the child dispatched Graz'zt, Tyr knew what he must do. When
the child teleported out of sight of his KAAOS protectors, he knew his
opportunity had come.

With a bright flash and a roar, Tyr, The Even Handed, rushed through a gate
directly from the Seven Heavens, and came to a stop standing before the
Demonchild in Doc's laboratory. Even this child could not resist the power
of Tyr himself... and all his protectors, both from KAAOS and beyond, were
disabled or temporarily out of sight. Tyr's Justice came swiftly and
unmercifully. With a sudden fury, Tyr cleft the child nearly in two with
powerful stoke of his sword. Then with all his strength, he drove his sword
directly through the Demonchild's heart, leaving the child pinned to the
ground as the last bit of life drained from its body.

But Tyr did not stop there... more was at stake here than a simple
retribution or a strike against evil. Tyr summoned the magical powers that
only a Greater God could muster, and attacked what remained of the Demonchild
with his own hands. He crushed not only the life, but the very spirit from
the child. Tyr crushed the tiny child until its very soul was destroyed, and
what little remained of its corporeal body disappeared in ethereal flames.

Tyr pulled his sword from the stone and held it aloft. In a booming voice
that seemed to carry forth for miles, he made his pronouncement:

"The Demonchild is no more!" roared through the hellhole and out across the

Then a pause and Tyr triumphantly uttered his parting shot in the same

"Justice is done!!"

With that he reopened the gate and in a flash returned to the Seven Heavens,
even before the echos of his voice had died down. Only traces of the child's
scuffle were left behind to show that it had ever existed.

================================================== ===============================
Subj: OOC
Date: 95-08-16 12:32:40 EDT
From: Sylphee


My last post deserves an explanation. First, let me say that I didn't want
to write this post. I tried everything I could to avoid writing it. I'm
sorry for all those who were merely playing along with a story... but this
particular story must end immediately.

This story began when Malhavok posted that he kidnapped Sylphee's child at
the birth. I have been protesting the story continuously since then, but
Malhavok seems to have used my protests as a guide to how to turn the story
to most offend me. It moved to the KAAOS folder with a Doc krypt0 post and
with Lasc1via turning my child into a little demon. These players knew
_before_ their posts that I objected. If they had started writing about some
Harpell kid, I'd have no reason to object. But when they step into the
middle of my ongoing RP and start writing things about MY character, that's a
different situation.

These players knew even _before_ the story started that I objected. Their
solution was to send email suggesting that they would consider my various
proposals, while using the delay to push the story along. I've offered every
IC option I could think of... we offered to play along, both I and many
knights of KORT were willing to roleplay various fights, a rescue,
whatever.... and really, it would be soooo easy to return, reject, or even
kill my child and just go find another victim instead of abusing MY
character... but Mal and Lasc would not consider even the slightest
compromise or cooperation... they just ignored my protests. The reason it's
taken so long for me (or Tyr) to step in like this is that I kept assuming
these PLAYERS would show at least a shred of decency OOC, despite their
CHARACTERS being KAAOS. My mistake.

This is my message to Malhavok and Lasc1via:

Writing whatever you want about another player's character without their
consent or cooperation, despite their protests, and without giving them even
the slightest chance to affect the story, is NOT good roleplaying. And
deceiving other players OOC while continuing your plot is not a way to
prevent protests... it only makes the situation worse.

My message to anyone who only added to the story:

I'm sorry that Mal and Lascie led you into this, and that it continued so
long. But continuing now will only make a bad situation worse. Why not
start a new, similar story?... I'm sure your part of the story would work
just as well without having to involve MY character.

NWN Player

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Sylphee the self righteous.
Date: 95-08-16 16:40:06 EDT
From: P1rate

First off Sylphee,
speaking for myself.
Mal and Lascie didn't "lead" me into anything, I thought it was a fun RP and
and something that KAAOS was having fun with.
I think its a complete self righteous load of Yak Manure, what you just said
and did, who are you to interfere with our RP? Fine you talked to Mal and
Lascie, you didn't talk to anyone else did you?
This basically tells me what my suspicions have been all along, if things
don't go just the way a goody wants them to they throw a temper tantrum and
do something like this.
Fine, you keep your stuffy Hasts thou's and thees and your "Justice".
I've about had enough of this kind of garbage from people who don't think
things are being done the way they want them too, your no better than
Nedylene who discounts things she doesn't like as "Oh, it was alll a BIIIG
Dream, it didn't happen."
In the future keep your RP to yourself. You don't like the way we RP, fine,
I'll just come hunt you all down and kill you as I've always done. We'll just
skip the RP.


Goodies make me sick, buncha whiners.

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Sylphee the self righteous.
Date: 95-08-16 17:11:04 EDT



I have to agree.


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:OOC
Date: 95-08-16 17:19:58 EDT
From: Celestia 7

Hey Mal ... {{eg}} leave Sylph alone ... I HOPE your human OOC ...
hehe... Ill have akid fer ya to play with ... but you prolly wouldnt want it
even if ya did ... youll have to beat Ego to it !!!

Celestia 7 OOC Caring person regardless what ANYONE says

================================================== ===============================
Date: 95-08-16 17:29:08 EDT

:::pulling bits of its dismembered corpse together:::

{{Writing whatever you want about another player's character without their
consent or cooperation.. and without giving them even the slightest chance to
affect the story, is NOT good roleplaying.}} Sylphee

Oh? And what did YOU just do to ME, you hypocrit??

I'm NOT "YOUR" character, and I too am a NWN player. YOU wrote what you
wanted about me without my consnt, you killed me.not too convincinlgy either.

. Who do you think you are? And why are you so egomaniacal as to try to end a
really interesting roleplaying that YOU were not even involved in because YOU
personally didn't like it? None of you your KORTS were even involved in this
story and neither was "your" child.

"Your" child is DEAD. Doc summoned me a demon, I live.

Maybe I'll go fetch Grazzt and Bane and come to the KORT keep and kill YOU.


================================================== ===============================
Date: 95-08-16 19:52:24 EDT


and now one of my favorite quotes:
"Evil is... a moral entity and not a created one, an eternal and not a
perishable entity: it existed before the world: it constituted the
monstruous, the execrable being who was also to fashion such a hideous world.
It will hence exist after the creatures which people this world."
Marquis de Sade

Ya damn goodies can take that to the bank! Evil is here to stay, and not even
the worthless god Tyr can destroy us!

WalkNDeath - to all who are not GOC
retired GM CEO of the NRC

================================================== ===============================
Date: 95-08-16 21:15:17 EDT

As the mighty god of balance makes his exit from the Hell Hole's
infamous lab, a figure detaches itself from the shadows. The tall figure
reeked of an evil that only most demented of KAAOS could surpass. Glancing
around in disgust, the Purple and black clad Greater GOD of Murder and Death
laughed a hearty laugh that echoed within the Hell Holes many caverns. The
fool he can't destroy what he didn't summon, Tyr you have never been known
for your Intellect! You may have destroyed the body of the DEMONCHILD, but
you have not removed its presense from this room, not by a long shot fool!
Again Lord Bhaal Greater God of Assassins and Murder glances around,
searching. Ah there is what I need, with this statement the God kneels and
reaches under Doc's favorite gurney, removing the gory piece of organ from
its former home. Standing Bhaal places the blood soaked organ onto the gurney
with a satified smirk. Stepping back the Murder Lord reaches into his cloak
and removes his Withering Dagger. With the dagger in his black gloved left
hand the God starts speaking in the tongue of power...

""""""""""Ya , Bog Myortveh, skazhy vcex zloix , dai etovo mokroye troop,
bwevshee DEMONCHILD chorne-bogovo dyx!!!!!!!! """""""""""""""

With that the Dread God's Withering Dagger flashes towards his own right
eye, plucking it out with a flash of his blade! Leaving a gaping empty socket
in its place. Energy courses through the room, leaping from the God to the
organ on the table. The burnt smell of cooking meat fills the room, as well
as the scent of the fundamentally arcane evil of the Soul of The Demonchild.
Stepping forward the Dread God places the part of soul attached to the
Dagger of Withering upon the Demonchild's organ. With a loud hisss and
popping noise the two meld, leaving in its place a single pulsating faceted
blood red ruby. Grasping the Gem Bhaal raises it up into the air once again
speaking the Arcane words of power!

MAEEX!!!!!!!!!!! """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

Accompanied by the evil laughter of the god of Murder, A sick,
popping sound heralds the resurrection of the DEMONCHILD,

SWORD of EVIL yet to come......





Bhaal steps up to the gurney and places the strobing gem onto its surface.
Stepping back he watches as the gem starts growing. Looking on with grim
satifaction Lord Bhaal laughs again, Now those fools of the Balance and good
will have something to fear!.. As Lord Bhaal passes his hand in the air
uttering magical phrases he see's that the gems growth was already quite
rapid. He could see the head forming around the gem and the body spouting
from the undulating spinal cord. Finishing his magical phrase the God of
Murder steps into the nothingness, contemplating the results of his handiwork
this foul night........


heh....wonder what there gonna make of that gem stuck in his forehead
pulsating with an unholy light... }'^}~

P.S: The magical words of power are actually slang Russian{slang since the us
keyboard can not duplicate Cyrhyllic letters and also the words are in
phonetics so it could be prounced semi correctly}...}'} I think that NW
Arioch was the only person around here that I knew that could read this ;}

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Is this yours?
Date: 95-08-16 22:35:14 EDT
From: Sir Redrum

::knocks on Kaaos HQ door::
{{Guild Minion answers door}}

Hey, I found this kid in the woods, sitting in a mud puddle trying to make
his own spritzer .... noticed he ain't got any hair on his head, so figured
this is where he lives. Here ya go.

COR! ;)

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Is this yours?
Date: 95-08-16 23:02:29 EDT

Translated, that means "yer penpal chews skol, wuss" ;}



================================================== ===============================
Subj: 1st Edition Dm's guide.
Date: 95-08-17 00:10:26 EDT
From: P1rate

Yeeesh, I gotta quit quoting ....... here goes, from the 1st edition AD&D
Dungeon Masters guide.... and I quote...


If the supernatural powers of the various outer planes could and would
continuously and constantly involve themselves with the affairs of the
millions upon the prime material plane,they would not only be so busy as to
never get rest or relaxation, but these dieties would be virtually handling
there own affairs and confronting each other regularly and often. If an
entreaty for aid is heard one time in 100, surely each and every diety in the
multiuniverse would be as busy as a switchboard operator during a natural
disaster. Even giving each diety a nominal amount of servants able to supply
aid to desparate adventurers, the situation would be frenzied at best.
Add to this the effects of various spells-commune, contact other plane, gate.
It is obvious that intervention by a diety is no trifling matter, and it is
not to be allowed on a whim, even if characters are in extremis!

This is not to dictate that dieties will never come to characters. Serving
some diety is an integral part of AD&D. The mighty evil gods, demons, and
devils are prone to appear simply if their name is spoken-provided they stand
the possiblility of gaining converts to their cause. The forces of good might
send some powerful creature of like alignment to aid characters on a mission
in their behalf. Certainly in the case of some contest between opposing
dieties all sorts of intervention will take place-but always so as not to
cause the dieties themselves not to be forced into direct confrontation!

Dieties will not intervene on the planes which are the habitation of other
dieties, i.e., the outer planes. They will never venture to involve
themselves in the positive and negative material planes. If there are
Elemental gods, the dieties will NOT go there. "

************************************************** ********************************

So you see, its not that simple to call your god of justice, we're going to
roll with it Sylph, but next time you want to do something in our RP, try to
think of something thats a bit less vindictive on an OOC level and a bit more
believable as far as Role Play.

This story is far from over.

KAAOS! Have a "nice" day :)

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Thanks Reddy ;}
Date: 95-08-17 00:33:44 EDT

"Reddy always was the thoughtful type" Lascivia murmered to Malhavok, as the
two picked the last bit of flesh off the bones of the muddy human child Sir
Redrum had delivered to the Hell Hole door. "But, I didn't know he had
started catering," Mal snickered.

"SHARE THAT SOUL!" Came the cry from the Gods and Goddesses who had been too
late to partake in the kill.

Lascivia washed the soul down with a swig of tequila.

::burp::: Mal grinned, and picked his large glittering teeth with a bone
from the dead child's finger.

Ahhhh... The life of the Gods



================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Sylphee the self righteous.
Date: 95-08-17 00:43:15 EDT
From: SoulReaper

OOC? Uh sure.

I thought your post was poorly thought out, weakly written, and done without
a shred of effort to pretend to sound as if it was believable even in fantasy

And of course, the quote from P1rate pretty much settled that.

Nothing stopping us from writing a story where Sylphee dies and then spending
the next few months nagging you to delete...

But that would be stupid, eh?

Harvester of Souls

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Is this yours?
Date: 95-08-17 00:57:29 EDT
From: Zoranus

Ya ponemal chto te skalzal wuss'ski

As the official translator, I shall transcribe what REL is meaning to say:

"may your flail miss your opponent, and stike yourself in the testicles"

Multi-linguist extraordinaire

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Is this yours?
Date: 95-08-17 01:43:24 EDT
From: Ego Prime

::Looks through translation guide........hmmmmmmmm::
"Mine says something different".......It reads:.....
Put a shoe box on yer lap and have a puppet show

Curator of Sin

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Yes, RELL1KK.....
Date: 95-08-17 02:09:20 EDT

I still think thats one of the best posts I've ever read. True insight into
the minds and home-lives of our beloved KAAOS gods;}

Seruphin ap Morokrist
Dur Goroth ap du Dovin

================================================== ===============================
Date: 95-08-17 02:18:07 EDT

Cant you just do one of them "Choose Your Own Adventure" type o' gigs? For
those of you who are a bit older than me {Looks at P1rate} those are the
books where ya choose what happens next and turn to the proper page. KAAOS
did the proper thing {Sorry, guys, but ya did ;p} in bringing it into the
KAAOS folder. You, Sylphee, could just as easily carry on your roleplay in
the KORT folder and ignore the KAAOS storyline just as they will yours. Then
let the reader decide which ending they like better;} I like choice, choice
is good, and being "a particularly evil roleplaying" person (to quote
Rellikk) I think I like the horrid little tyke;}

Seruphin ap Morokrist
Dur Goroth ap du Dovin

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Sylphee the self righteous.
Date: 95-08-17 03:06:43 EDT
From: Black Dye

You can't make all of the people happy all of the time.
Tis a sad day when we all take this RP and turn it into personal OOC attacks.
Having been on the other side and been attacked OOC I know how that feels.
I will say this once....PEOPLE GET A GRIP....This is RP....ie..Fantasy..
I don't know what was said by either parties in E-mail, but I(can't believe
once again that I am gonna agree with Kaaos) gotta side here with what P1 and
Rel said....If they had posted all of this in the Kort folder I could
understand Sylph's anger..I can even understand her frustration, but she
could have just ignored what was goin on in here and played out the story the
way she wanted to in the Kort Folder....
But the bottom line is that no matter how we all may feel about a particular
RP storyline, lets not forget it is all just RP.....
The OOC attacks must stop.....
Can't we all just get along{G}

Besides I for one enjoyed all the posts on about the DemonChild....
Well written and was a joy to read....

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Dye
Date: 95-08-17 08:15:08 EDT
From: ITB Dawg

Dye, what the hell you doin??? Openly worshippin Kwussies has got to be
against yer guilds wishes, yet you do it constantly. Then again, since when
has anyone considered Mask a guild anyway??? Do us all a favor and delete
you wuss!!!

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Reddy catering?
Date: 95-08-17 09:39:30 EDT
From: P1rate

{Head silently watches on as Lasc and Mal devour the child, eyes roll and
lips attempt to form words but no sounds escape.}

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Hedron the Abyss and Pirate
Date: 95-08-17 10:43:37 EDT
From: Doc krypt0

"Hedron!" Krypto screamed. "He will have ten score Babau," the
doctor muttered as Hedron disappeared through the gate. Quickly the sore
doctor snatched up the Demon Child, who at this point remained nameless.
Hustling down a long stone corridor lined with empty prickets the doctor
dragged the child along. Upon reaching the massive Iron door to his lab he
dropped the child to land with a thump on it's now partly scaly head. "Go
find Auntie Angel, it is time you learn lust."
"Wust, Wheeeeeeee" said the happy child. The doctor shook his head,
"The brat said Wheeee" laughing he entered his lab.

He entered and gave a series of snaps at which the electric spiders
spewed the electricity which powered his entire lab. There was work do be
done, Hedron was in danger. With that thought in rushed Lascivia, holding
the head of Pirate and walking next to the body. "How long?" the doctor
asked. "Recent" hissed the goddess, as she gazed at her lover. "Well,"
the doctor began "did you like the way he looked?" Her stare was cold
and the doctor laughed. Pointing to the corners of the ceiling in his lab
the doctor kept the frozen heads of his DM victims, " How about ole'
Raistlindr there or itb Poison" the doctor laughed " or we could perform
a swap with Mal, half the work is done." Lascivia spawned her whip and
cracked it in the air twice and turned to Doc, " the third time will be yer
hide." Doc's smile went south and thoughts of Hedron climbed back into
his mind, " Leave us Las, I will have your Champion back shortly and if
you mind that whip, there will be minimal notice by your eyes."

The fireplace cackled as the doctor dug out the gruesome flesh, mauled
and charred as it lay in the eye socket. He scooped out the
slop with his finger and smiled with delight at the taste, as he licked clean
his finger. Eyeball soup he thought on his second scoop of eye slop.
Upon finishing his meal and cleaning the empty socket the doctor sprinted
across his lab with unseeing speed to one of many bookcases
that lined the eastern wall. Pulling out several books he reached behind
to retrieve a small wooden case with a tiny lock. Carefully, he pulled it out
and cradled it. Slowly he walked back to the Pirate that lay on his table,
guarding the little box ever so carefully. "You will prosper from your trip
to my table, as all do" the doctor whispered as he opened the box.
Inside was a was a golden marble and a golden eye patch. Carefully the
doctor dropped the magical eye into place and the surgical procedure had
begun. The golden eye glowed bright as the doctor worked his magix
on the sailor. He growled as the tedious process of reattaching the head
started to wear on him, and he decided he would conserve his energy.
Flopping into a large beanbag he wiggled his fingers and Pirate started
sewing his own head together. Upon completion Doc tossed the Pirate
the eyepatch and once worn it erased any trace of scar. Pirate turned his
head from right to left and shook his head with approval, "Nice Doc."
"It is not for free that you recieve my gifts" exclaimed Doc and with that
he wiggled his fingers once again and the gate to the abyss opened.
"Were going to get Hedron." Doc finished. The mighty Pirate smiled
with delight and cleared his throat as he dived through the gate,
"Wheeeeeeeeeeeee." The powerful doctor stepped in behind him.


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Sylphee the self righteous.
Date: 95-08-17 11:02:44 EDT
From: Sir Tanis

All I can say Pirate is who are YOU to interfere with mine and sylphee's rp,
that goes for you also Mal. You were told not go with this story line, if
you really wanted to that badly you could have talked with us. The way you
did it, it makes everyone think the child is still alive. We could have
worked something out like a grave robbery thing, but no you had to what you
felt you should do. Me and sylphee have another rp we are trying to do right
now. We're already behind a month or so, and what would this story of yours
do? It certainly will not speed it up! Oh and one other thing the child was
born a girl, I guess Doc and Mal like to play with little boys more than
girls, huh? ;/

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Is this yours?
Date: 95-08-17 11:14:56 EDT

{chuckle} Ya wuuski? Y tebya nyet yaiz...{smirk} though actually thats not
true of you Rel..you have more then enough of those ;}..hehe



Ya ponemal chto te skalzal wuss'ski


Or sumthing like that.......its been 8 years. {Grin}

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Just for the record.
Date: 95-08-17 13:27:59 EDT

Tanis, what Sylphee did was wrong. She didn't like the turn the roleplay was
taking so she tried to end it. The rolplay was not done on your boards and
should have no effect on your thoughts. I've watched this story progress in
the recent days and to be 100% honest, it was GREAT!

Doc, P1rate, Las, Mal, and everyone else that has been working on this, you
have done a great job in playing this, please don't stop now, we're all
enjoying it immensly!
Just because there are a few hecklers in the audience doesn't mean the show
has to end does it?

Tanis, Sylphee, if your so far behind on your roleplay why do you spend so
much time worrying about the roleplay of other folks? Seems to me that your
time would be better spent worrying about what you claim to be doing instead
of trying to spoil someone elses story. {Shrugs}

At this rate the KAAOS groups claim to be the best roleplayers in NW is fast
becoming fact. They already seem to have PVP wrapped up, are the Good people
of NW going to complain everytime the Evils of NW best them at something?
That seems to be the trend doesn't it. Well I'm a Goody and I've been here
for over 3 years, IMHO they've earned it. Now lets see some of my Good
brothers and sisters out there best KAAOS in PvP and roleplay by using a
tactic besides complaints and jeers. Another disturbing trend among my
brethren these days, and it makes me sad to see the once proud legions of
Good resort to the tactics of Evils to get a point across or to make a

The Wandering Paladin

{Can't believe I'm agreeing with Evils :X}

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Is this yours?
Date: 95-08-17 14:43:33 EDT
From: Zoranus

{chuckle} Ya wuuski? Y tebya nyet yaiz...{smirk} though actually thats not
true of you Rel..you have more then enough of those ;}..hehe

Official meaning:

"My testicles are no more, can I borrow yours?"

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Dye
Date: 95-08-17 15:51:58 EDT
From: Black Dye

Dawg Since it was in the OOC I would hardly call it worship. You need to
learn when its time to be IC and OOC....
So back to being IC.....
Dawg ya yutz go ahead and insult the Masks...Since I quit the Masks I don't
care what ya say bout them anymore. Then again I always knew ya wished to be
a Mask. Since you couldn't get in you Married one.
Dawg your a Wuss....anytime ya want to fight just give me a bark.....
Till that time just envy me from a far.

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Sylphee the self righteous.
Date: 95-08-17 17:03:29 EDT
From: StilB0rn



Worship da worship!!


================================================== ===============================
Date: 95-08-17 17:15:42 EDT
From: Malhavok

Heh...this got pretty out of hand, pretty fast. I didn't intend to tick off
Sylphee and her boyfriend, Tanis, with the story. I brought the posts over
to the KAAOS folder for two reasons. 1) We hadn't done a good RP in a while
and needed one. 2) To keep the more "sensitive" members of the NW community
from getting all bent outta shape. Face it, the White Mages don't read the
KAAOS folder.

So now here we stand...the demon child's dead...no wait, he's back on a table
in Doc's Lab...no wait, he's dead again. No wait! er...

We ARE going to continue the demonchild postings. However, we'll make no
more mention of it's origins, as to appease certain individuals. If ya don't
like it...don't read it ;p

Now just WHERE is our DemonChild?!? I bet Slayve know's..

(Worship the "Crytpic Ending") Hehehe! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!

================================================== ===============================
Date: 95-08-17 18:06:15 EDT

{{{{{Face it, the White Mages don't read the KAAOS folder.}}}}

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What ya talking about? Some of my most devoted fans
are White Mages! Heh! Heh!

BTW........didn't I attend Tanis's furneral recently? {Grin}


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Lil Demon
Date: 95-08-17 19:10:54 EDT
From: Lil Fey

"Thanks fer comin ta play, lil demon," I called after my new friend as
he/she chewed his/her way through the good folk of Neverwinter on his/her way
back to the hellhole.
I turned back to the my nursery, the cemetary which comprised the gardens of
the Castle of Bones. Suddenly it seemed too confining, too limiting for my
growing consciousness. I had devoured the souls of the truly dead buried
here, absorbed the knowledge they had possessed. I needed more.... But
where to begin?
I had died before birth. I knew only the experiences I had shared with my
mother, the fey one, during my brief life within her womb, but those memories
were confusing at best. My visit with the lil KAAOS kiddie had reminded me
of my other parent, too, for my father was the god of insanity and
insobriety. I had no memory of him at all. I hated him, though. And I
hated my mother.
Because of their chaotic nature, I had never been born. They would both pay
for that someday. But I had to grow stronger. I needed to learn more. I
grinned. I had learned how to do that. I knew how to drain knowledge from
the living. That moment of pure ecstacy, when a soul yields its essence,
surrenders its entire being, and all that soul knows flows to me, becomes
I left the graveyard and floated past the castle gate. I paused. I was
part of the undead of Neverwinter, a lil ghostie. It was a fact not to be
denied. My own kind dwelt within those castle walls. I shared my mother's
memories of many of them. Part of me longed to join them. But if they knew
my hatred towards the fey one.... On the other hand, I thought, as I melted
away into the embrace of the night, I need never tell them that.

================================================== ===============================
Date: 95-08-17 20:32:04 EDT
From: SoulKisser

Sheesh, rip the brat in half. Give one half to the whiners and we'll keep
the other half. The get what they had and we keep what we stole!

"Doc!! Get your *** in the lab you have work to do!" ;}

SoulKisser ;x

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:DemonChild
Date: 95-08-17 23:02:43 EDT

Lascivia watched Lord Bhaal's interesting work from a corner of Doc's lab...
After the God of Murder and Deceit departed, in a blast of fire and smoke,
she walked over to Doc's grisly bloodstained gurney, to see what Lord Bhaal
had done.

The Demonchild, but a mere worm of a thing, continued to grow. The bloody
demon fetus squirmed and mewled and made all sorts of interesting demonic
sounds, as it gained strength, and grew. The glowing red jewel on its
forehead pulsed, as the bloody mass regained its strength, reforming,

Lascivia poured some tequila down Demonchild's gaping mouth. "By Bane and
Bhaal! Come on dammit, live!" She howled. Then she threw down her bottle,
and cast spells of her own on the creature. "LIVE, YOU LITTLE WORM! LIVE!"


================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re:Just for the record.
Date: 95-08-18 10:46:36 EDT
From: Daloloth

This rp wasn't started on this board the baby was kidnapped and taken to
doc's lab on the Kort board, They way doc took the baby doesn't let anyone
know whether the baby died or not. So I guess we should just say well, the
wolves got it! Yeah, right!

================================================== ===============================
Date: 95-08-18 22:20:17 EDT
From: Graller

After watching Lasc try to drown the Demonchild in Tequila pickled with the
most heinous goodies in the realm. Graller advised her to try something more
potent....."Give the kid a bath in the Hot Tub, and don't forget to dip
everything including his heel in it, our Demonspawn cannot afford an
Achille's heel."


================================================== ===============================
Date: 95-08-19 00:45:21 EDT

"Hmmmm," Lascivia ponders, as she watches the evil mass coalesce, and writhe,
striving to regain his shape and form. "Perhaps the steaming juices of evil
in the Hot Tub just might speed the process, Graller.."

She grabs the writhing demon fetus, carries him to the deadly pool, and dunks
him in the fetid swirling bloody waters.

"I baptise thee in the name of Bane, Bhaal, and all the evil Gods of KAAOS!



================================================== ===============================
Subj: A dip in the Hot Tub
Date: 95-08-19 22:45:47 EDT
From: Kr0angel

Angel swayed into the Hell Hole in the wee hours of the morning.
Her hunting had been filling. Her gaze sweep over the vacant room.
Tis not often the hall was so quite. She wiped the rich red blood
from her lips and rubbed her now full tummy. "Ahhh, I think I shall
relax in the Tub." Angel glided over to the hut tub her hips swaying.
"Legion!! You lazy maggot bring me a spritzer!!! NOW!!!" she bellowed.
Angel striped off her crimsom soaked cloak and slid into the bobbling
Angel closer her eyes and stretched her long pale legs in the soothing
waters. HEr foot came in contact with a lump at the bottom of the tub.
gritting her teeth she reached down to see what "toy" had been left in
the tub for her to play with. Her fingers wrapped around a smallish
limb."HMMMM" SHe pulled it toward the surface. To her dismay it squirmed
away. Her hand searched downward again.....

Bubbles began to surface and the waters began to swirl.
"Hmmm, Which God has passed out in the Tub this time"

Suddenly the waters splash over the side of the tub.
A echoing child's laughter was heard.
"Aunty Angelllll!" the demonic child shouted with glee as
he surfaced from the depths of the hot Tub.
A wicked grin split Angel's face. How darlin' the little tike looked
dripping wet from head to claw. "So this is where you have been hiddin'.
Tisk Tisk Aunty ANgel has been looking for you. Come give me a hug, Demonic.
and I shall give you na little snack." Angel opened her arms to the tike.
He slithered toward her. Wrapping his arms around her neck.
"Uncyy Doc say you show mees Wusty, AUnty Angelll."
Angels laughter echoed though the HEll Hole.
"Oh He did, did he?" Angel asked as she handed Demonic a little goodie
child's head. " We will talk about it after you snack and Nap."

The demon child pouted for a moment then cracked the little skull
open on the side of the tub, and slurped noisely. When he had finish
he wiped his jaw with you back of his clawed hand.
"I Sleep in Aunty Angellll's coffin???" his little eyes glowing red
as he rubbed them sleepily.

"Yes ,Demonic, you may sleep in me coffin'"

Hand in claw, they left the hot tub and headed for Angel's chambers.

Mistress of the NIght

================================================== ===============================
Subj: CodeChill's Choice, 1
Date: 95-08-19 23:32:25 EDT
From: CodeChill

CodeChill, a former hacker currently working as a freelance security code
analyst, never intended to witness the infant's murder. Grabber poised, he
only wanted to capture a few juicy tidbits before submitting his final
proposal to NW staff. Frozen with shock, he watched the grizzly scene play
out as the innocent babe was roughly torn from its mother's body. Dazed
admidst the carnage, he noticed tiny speckles of light in the remote corners
of the screen capture. "Why, " he thought, "it's the remnants of the baby's

CodeChill sprang into action. As the evil guildmaster began to summon dark
forces, CodeChill played his ace. He grinned to himself he watched the
calling forth of demons and dark gods...but CodeChill alone knew the true
source of power in the realms. Pounding his keyboard furiously CodeChill
contacted the mst formidable master of all...Stratsim!!!

"Help me save the poor baby's soul, oh Mighty One, Creator of us all!", he

Stratsim, having long forgotten Neverwinter and moved on to greener pastures,
was busily working out the kinks of a particularly vexing Thunderscape combat
bug. He turned and glared at the quavering CodeChill.

"You must help", begged Code Chill, "or the poor infant's soul will be lost!"

================================================== ===============================
Subj: CodeChill's Choice, 2
Date: 95-08-19 23:41:18 EDT
From: CodeChill

Stratsim appeared bored watching the unfolding events. CodeChill's heart
sank...but he saw a glimmer of interest appear in Stratsim's eyes. "This guy
is Chief God of the realms and he can't even tell the kid is a girl!", he

CodeChill smiled in agreement. He too had noticed this absurdity and
frankly, it made him wonder about certain aspects of life in the ill reputed

In a perly flash, Stratsim worked magic. He created five beautiful
containers for the baby's soul, and gave CodeChill the following

"The child's soul will be safe and dormant as long as it remains in one of
these containers. You must search for its mother or father. Now this is the
important part. I have written a wonderful event procedure, but it's a
little buggy. As soon as the father or mother come within five squares of
the container, it will turn into an adorable and unique little icon. The
baby will fully be restored to life. There's a bug I can't seem to get out.
I'll try working on it. Right now, the procedure will only work if the
mother is in the presence of Abe Nevill. Don't ask me why."

CodeChill thanked Stratsim profusely. He carefully picked up the containers
and hid them in a safe place. Then he set out to find the child's mother.
He had a feeling the Abe Nevill thing was going to be a big problem.

A Temporary Screen

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Re: CodeChill's Choice, 2
Date: 95-08-20 00:42:32 EDT
From: Slayve

Intriguing. {Grin}

Yet, I too, have gazed on the Demonchild. And it appeared to be male. I
believe one of the unfortunate side-effects of Doc Krypto's ressurection
"process" is you know what you have initially -

But it's a guessing game as to what comes out.


Demon God of KAAOS

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Graz'zt returns.
Date: 95-08-21 12:28:46 EDT
From: P1rate

The Demon waited patiently, its defeat was all powerful and encompassing and
it's only hope of survival now was to defeat the KAAOS Gods. He knew now the
power of KAAOS and after a battle that would have rent the clouds from the
sky he was forced back into his world by the child=92s command. Surely the
demon could have destroyed all present with brute force and magic, but the child=92s
timing was slightly faster than the demons actions. As Hedron tried to catch
his breath Doc opened the black dimensional split that would carry he and the
Pirate into the Abyss in search of this demon.
A long narrow gray path in a sea of blackness was all the pair could make
out, screaming souls flittered past in eternal agony as the pair timelessly
drifted on the trail. Bursting out in laughter the Pirate grabbed Doc and
pointed to one of the louder wailing souls and whispered "Recognize him? Its
Gawain! So now we know where the whiner went" chuckled the Pirate as Doc
walked on. "We have to be quick in here or we risk his fate ourselves
sailor." Doc calmly noted as he continued.
Spitting at the wailing spirit the Pirate continued behind Doc, the path
seemed endless. "How do you know where we're going?" asked the Pirate when
suddenly the black haze burst into an explosion of red. The landscape was
barren, charred skeletons of what were once trees dotted the scene. A hot
wind whipped the dust of the dry plains into small cyclones, there was light,
but no sun could be seen. The sky, an eerie red haze, would not yield what
illuminated this place.
Drawing his weapon the sailor looked to see what Docs reaction would be.
Without surprise or emotion Doc calmly said "We are here and you'd do well to
put that thing away, nothing here can be intimidated or harmed by that
blade." "Yea well it makes me feel better to have it in my hand." Sneered the
Pirate. "If you want something in your hands sailor, get that spellbook
ready, that=92s the only thing that can possibly help you down here. Unless you
prefer to die with your hands in your pockets" chuckled Doc.
Conceding to Docs wisdom the Pirate mentally devoured the spells he had
suggested as they walked the hot expanse of the red landscape.

Graz'zt clutched the twisted cross as a fanged grin formed. "Now that I have
this, I can return anytime I pleasse." He had searched for the Twisted cross
of of the False Prophet for what seemed eons, it was finally his. He would
have revenge on the beings that tried to banish him, time was an unknown
thing to Graz'zt, all he knew was dealing pain suffering and getting
vengeance on those who would cross him. And with the cross, he would deal his
trade wholesale. Grabbing the cross with both clawed hands he thrust it to
the sky and and looked to the heavens as he screamed, "IT IS
The walls of his palace shook at his mighty voice, stones in the walls
cracked at his rage. The demon was hell incarnate, and he was going to
Neverwinter to seek those who would try to banish him. "With this cross none
can send me back!"

Doc stopped for a moment and listened, he put his hand up for Pirate to
listen as well.. "We're close.." he whispered. "Close to what!?" exclaimed
the Pirate as Doc suddenly turned with a look of shock in his eyes. This was
unsettling to the sailor, nothing EVER surprised the Doctor of KAAOS. "WHAT!?
WHAT!?" He half shouted. "He has the damned cross! Don't you know what that
means!?" Doc asked incredulously. Pirate looked on waiting for the
explanation, hoping he wouldn't have to say that he didn't know. "With that
cross he can travel the planes, with that cross, he can go back to the
HellHole! With that damned cross, we cannot banish that thing!!!!!" Doc

06-22-2004, 11:56 AM
Doc stopped for a moment and listened, he put his hand up for Pirate to
listen as well.. "We're close.." he whispered. "Close to what!?" exclaimed
the Pirate as Doc suddenly turned with a look of shock in his eyes. This was
unsettling to the sailor, nothing EVER surprised the Doctor of KAAOS. "WHAT!?
WHAT!?" He half shouted. "He has the damned cross! Don't you know what that
means!?" Doc asked incredulously. Pirate looked on waiting for the
explanation, hoping he wouldn't have to say that he didn't know. "With that
cross he can travel the planes, with that cross, he can go back to the
HellHole! With that damned cross, we cannot banish that thing!!!!!" Doc was
at a loss, he sat in the swirling sands for a moment to think of this
dilemma. "Why can't we just kill the thing Doc?" Pirate asked. "FOOL!!!!
Unless we defeat it here, in its own realm, we can NOT sever its chord!!"
"No, there has to be another way....."
================================================== ===============================
Subj: Graz'zt
Date: 95-08-21 12:29:00 EDT
From: P1rate

" Quickly Doc stood and said "Grab your gear sailor, we're headed back."
Without another word Doc waved his hands and the pair were back on the gray
bridge running to the small light that was home.

Graz'zt appeared in the Square of Neverwinter, it was night and everyone
slept as the great demon silently took the form of a little girl in a blue
lace dress, with a twisted cross hanging from its neck.........The child
began to cry in the streets.. "Mommy, Daddy!" as a lone figure emerged from
the Palace known as Nashers.

The wolves in the distance howled, they knew.

================================================== ===============================
Subj: Tres'
Date: 95-08-21 12:50:43 EDT
From: P1rate

Doc raced off to his lab while Pirate stood watching. The fool Legion, with
silver platter in hand, delivered a Spritzer to the furiously working Doc
only to have it slapped away,"FOOL!! DISTURB ME AGAIN AND I'LL BE USING YOU
FOR EXPERIMENTS!!!" Doc shouted into the cowering ITB's face. Pirate laughed
the ITB scurried down the stone passages with his dented tray tucked under
his right arm. Moments later he returned with a fresh cool spritzer for the
sailor. "Whats happened while Doc and I were away fool?" demanded the Pirate
as he gulped the refreshing mix. "M..Master, Slayves brother is coming from
the abyss mighty one" the servant stammered. "H..he wishes to become one of
us, lord." With that the Pirate backhanded the poor servant and sent him
flying into the stone wall. "You IMBECILE!! One of US!? US!!!!???? How dare
your refer to yourself as a part of KAAOS!? You only SERVE US!!"
The Pirate picked the servant up and heaved him into the rolling waters of
the Hottub. Sputtering, the ITB slave found the surface of the tub and looked
towards the Pirate in time to see his platter flying into his face. With a
reverberating clang the tray struck him soundly, and the slave slipped back
into the waters with his tray imbedded in his teeth.

Ohhhhh, I MUST meet this devil! {Grin}
Thinking to himself the Pirate laughed at how easily he was able to enrage
some of the "Groups" in this town. Anyone who had such an ability as this
would surely be a welcome addition to the already more than talented ranks of
KAAOS. Pirate grinned in satisfaction at the thought of having another around
that would join him in his rants of oppression and berating. "Another with

the talent for lighting fuses eh?"
His golden eye seemed to glint with a magical energy as a thought struck his
mind and he raced towards Slayves quarters........

"Du Mortere!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!! " Shouted the Pirate down the seemingly
endless stone corridor. His voice banged off of the walls and filled the
stone structure, his reply was a cacophany of hoots and wails from creatures
and servants hiding in the dark cracks and recesses of the infamous HellHole.
The sleepy voice of Kroangel could be heard advising, "Ohhhh
Piiiiiiirate...................SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!" as the burly sailor
ran past her chambers shouting for Slayve. Upon reaching the door of the
slumbering Slayve the sailor banged its hinges with the handle of his flail,
the sound of metal on metal reverberating throughout the HellHole would
surely wake everyone, but he was beyond caring, he had a plan. "WAKE
UP!!!!!!" He shouted as the hinges slowly began to give way under the mighty
blows of the sailor. The door slowly creeked just as the Pirate was
preparing the components for the Fireball that would have surely blasted the
stone headers away from the door as well as disintergrating the hard wood of
the portal seal.
Pirate peered inside to see Slayve lazily picking his teeth while staring
into the now empty eyes of a skull he held in his hand. Half reclined, Slayve
tossed the bloody tattered remnants of a fine silken dress aside and whipped
the skull to the Pirate. Not expecting this the Pirate nearly dropped it.
Slayve grinned evilly and muttered "If you get the korters while they are
still young, they are quite amusing as well as tasty."
"Thanks for saving me some ya skirv!" Bellowed the sailor, That aint why I'm
here, I think you know the reason for my visit." Tossing the bloody still
steaming skull back to its owner the Pirate found a chair in the dark chamber
and began to weave his plan.

As the infant approached the still open door to Slayves quarters, the portal
slammed shut and a bolt could be heard dropping inside. All the infant heard
was Pirates still half booming voice saying.."Your brother and I must
meet......" and Slayves reply requesting quieter tones.

The Wolves wailed outside, nobody noticed.


================================================== ===============================
Subj: .....
Date: 95-08-21 14:45:21 EDT
From: P1rate

Slayve grinned through bloody fangs as Pirate talked, his treachery and
deciet amazed even the veteran Slayve at times. He pretended to listen
without much interest to Pirates plan as he nonchalantly flicked pieces of
bone into a giant smoldering brazier. Slayve rarely ever showed emotion,
short of hatred, he preferred to let those around him wonder what his mood
might be at any given time. An old timer in KAAOS, he liked the mystery that
surrounded him.
Slayve fiegned boredom as the Pirate stopped speaking for a moment, he
pointed to the now full brazier and spit in it as he spoke in an arcane
tongue. The brass fixture erupted into searing white flame that seemed to
rush out of it as if being pushed by hurricane winds, the only sounds
escaping were those of souls in eternal agony. The Pirates golden eye
flashed. Reeling back into his chair the sailor grabbed his throbbing temples
and growled in pain, he heard the scream of souls and the cry of wolves and
he saw Hedron strapped to a huge replica of the twisted cross. In the instant
the vision came it had disappeared, his head swimming the Pirate opened his
eyes to see Slayve still sitting reclined in his massive chair. "What did you
"He has Heddy....."
Slayve grinned "Who has Heddy?"
The Pirates face filled with anger now.. "Graz'zt has him!"

Slayve and the the sailor heard the wolves ..... and knew.